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    Log 1163 - Unusual Sense of Fulfillment

    by , 07-06-2018 at 03:31 AM (557 Views)
    Created Thursday 05 July 2018

    Got a decent DILD and two fragments to note. I probably could've remembered more of the last fragment, if I wasn't so distracted.

    Scrap Group 1
    At home. I was 'daydreaming' about my guide, E. Suddenly, I was in the shower with her as a tiny figure, almost accidentally getting myself squashed. That cat then woke me up.

    Dream 1 - Unusual Sense of Fulfillment

    Scene 1 - Happiness Without Success (and Some Bumps)
    The visuals were dim. I falsely awaken in bed in the middle of the night. Got up and went to the lounge, where I realized the dream. But, I was too exhausted to continue, and dropped dead on the floor.

    Rewind with rapid awareness. I get up and head to the front door. Tried just walking right through, but couldn't. Things were hazing up. I pretty much banged my head on the door for half a minute before I simply opened it. Upon taking one step outside, I began to thoroughly rub my hands/the environment, going on for a minute for absolute certainty. This gave me extreme clarity and stability within this state.

    I slowly walk out of the complex. While sightseeing, I attempted various personal tasks/stunts. No luck with any of them, save for unexpectedly finding that I was then fully dressed in casual wear. And yet, I felt oddly content, perhaps even fulfilled. After a simple 5-minute stroll through part of the block, I decided to head back home and go straight to bed.

    Home again. Awareness lost. I rummaged around in the kitchen, when I heard someone knocking on the door. My brother, Theseus appeared from upstairs to answer. There, I overheard him loudly arguing with supposed neighbor's of ours. I ignored most of this. Later, I walk out the place again. Seeing myself in underwear granted me awareness. That's when my 'neighbors' directed their gripes at me. They complained that my previous walk frightened their grandson, of whom was playing outside. Why a kid would be doing such in the middle of the night is beyond me. Anyway, I assured them the impossibility of such, what with it being my dream, and all, and headed back inside. They responded with nasty insinuations of my character, greatly upsetting me.

    Things get unclear. Lost lucidity. I complain about the above with my siblings. This looped back, along with part of the stroll. There's thoughts of having revenge against those neighbors, if not acting out on such. Unknown transition. Possible reentry.

    Scene 2 - Come Fly With Me
    Similar visuals as above. I was walking around the neighborhood, this time accompanied with my brother, Adrian. Soon, I noticed the last parts of "Come Fly With Me" sounding in the backward, instantly resparking awareness. Per the song's title, I grabbed my bro, then flew us past the trees and far above into the night sky. Not too clear on other things. I know I head west, and probably mention a trip to the water park. Unknown transition.

    Scene 3 - "Showing Off to Grandma"
    The visuals were brighter but slightly blurrier. I was in a forested area, hurrying through a daytime thunderstorm. Adrian was with me yet again. Soon, we arrived at the side entrance of a mansion, supposedly a place we occupied. We take a moment to take off and rinse our outer garments before entering. Something about this retriggers awareness.

    We look around the place, passing an entire banquet hall, as well as a space filled with mannequins in fancy late 19th century wear. Then, while turning a corner, I met up with my long deceased great grandma, who appeared far more active and in better health than I'd ever seen her. This gets me to float around in a meditative pose, though with some difficulty. Mom then appeared, and feigns outrage at my "showing off to grandma". The dream collapsed soon after.

    Scrap Group 2
    Playing through and reviewing a CPS2 Marvel game. Marvel Super Heroes, maybe?

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