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    Log 1171 - Oblivious Interloper and Other Assorted Stories

    by , 07-14-2018 at 12:31 AM (184 Views)
    Created Friday 13 July 2018

    Got some things to note, if incomplete recollection of such.

    Scrap Group 1
    At a school. I floated around for mundane reasons.

    Dream 1 - End of the Ecumenical Temple

    The visuals were a bit blurred. I was in a supermarket with my brother and sister. I wander out of the place through one of several side exits, most of which were blocked by the store's shelves.

    Next, I made my way through city streets, an area near the courts, if all the people in formal wear and in judge's robes were any indication. I myself was wearing the latter, yet still knew better than to think I was suited for such a role. Anyway, I float above a transit bridge and over the other side of a building. Near that was a smaller, antiquated structure, a place that I'd supposedly (co)owned. This was known as an 'Ecumenical Temple', a multi-religious establishment shared by a Protestant denomination, Eastern Orthodox Christians, and, I believe, Modern Orthodox Jews.

    Apparently, I belonged in some fancy schmancy intellectual cabal, to whom I pitched the idea of starting said religious site as part of a social experiment. From its inception, the temple gained city-wide acclaim as a monument to tolerance and multiculturalism, not to mention the influx of membership. Thus, it came to a big surprise when the clergy, just over a year since this began, unanimously agreed to abandoning the place. They never explained why, though if I had to guess, they probably secretly resented each other.

    I later regrouped with the cabal, the meeting taking place in a cozy lounge. One member was a short, balding man. Another looked very similar, or perhaps even was, S. Epatha Merkenson. We discussed what we'd do with the building. There was talk of converting it into a 'Public Center for Philosophical Learning', which, as I understood, was really more of a nuanced library. I opted we add Mathematics into the mix of subjects. The whole pitch fell flat on the basis of several other members looking for "something more practical".

    I woke up soon afterwards. Unwitting dream transition while recalling the above.

    Dream 2 - Oblivious Interloper

    The visuals were a bit blurred. I was floating over a suburban neighborhood during dusk. Thought this was just a daydream initially, but I caught on soon enough.

    I barged into a random 1-story house. There dwelled a typical nuclear family, all lounging around, not taking any notice of me at all. Off in the corner, a small boy was playing pretend by himself. He hides in the AC closet, only to find he wasn't alone. Out appeared a slim, fair skinned, black haired young woman in her early twenties, dressed only in a tanktop and boy shorts. She smiles reassuringly to the startled child, whom gazed warily at her. Once he was more or less calmed, the girl hurried off to a nearby room. I fly in after her.

    Inside was an unkempt bedroom, mattress and random junk on the floor. The girl was rummaging around unheeded, seemingly out of curiosity rather than covetousness. Before she could spot me, I shrunk myself, intending to go to an inch high, but only getting down to about 12 inches or so. I stood still and observed, waiting to find out just what this girl's deal was. Just when I thought I'd gone unnoticed, the giant suddenly kneeled down and took hold of me. Given her mischievous smile, she seemed to already know I was there the whole time. I somehow slipped out of her grasp, and ran off. Once again, I'd assumed I was in the clear, only for her to press me down on the floor. The dream collapsed seconds later.

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