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    Dream Logs DWN-12

    Log 1174 - Atypical Transport Transits and Other Assorted Stories

    by , 07-17-2018 at 03:42 AM (192 Views)
    Created Monday 16 July 2018

    Got some non-LDs to note.

    Dream 1 - Winter Family Gathering and Old Job Again

    The visuals were a bit blurred. I was at a large picnic area in a forest clearing during a cold winter day. Many extended family members were about. In particular was uncle Valentin, dressed in a wool coat and hat, who appeared much older than when I last saw him. My brother, Conrad, who was nearby, also noticed this, claiming this made him look like a "wise man".

    Cut to the streets of an unknown urban area at dusk. Uncle Valentin, my sister Francine, my pal Harold, an unknown supposed acquaintance and I were walking around. Save for uncle Valentin and I, the rest of the group split to play board games. I noticed my hair was a total mess, having thick dust in between. Woulda taken hours to clean that off.

    Later, I'd arrived in my old job at the gas station. The interior looked quite different. In contrast, the co-workers I spotted looked almost exactly the same, of whom included Salvador and Erving, about the only difference being the latter missing his moustache. Anyway, I gave an awkward greeting to them. I also found that I was already in uniform. As such, I went to sign myself up in the log-in binder. I 'remembered' having powers, prompting me to telekinetically drag said binder to me. But, my clumsy handling of such caused the binder to fall to the floor in pieces. What's more, I see I was scheduled for much later than anticipated. Erving chided me for not calling earlier to verify this.

    Think I was slowly figuring the dream out. Pity the cat decided to wake me up...

    Scrap Group 1
    Passing through a suburban area at daytime. I seat myself on one of several seats randomly placed there, a few of which were those from home, and browse the web on my laptop. Francine showed up, curious as to what I was doing. Later on, I spot my niece Adina passing by unattended. Then, Jim Gaffigan spontaneously appeared, walking a large and small dog. The animals accosted my niece, and the bigger one even seemed to bite her. I woulda attacked the dogs outright, if Jim hadn't convinced me that no harm was done or meant.

    Dream 2 - Atypical Transport Transits

    Scene 1 - Car-Bomb and Brawls
    The visuals were a bit dim and blurred. I was in a crowded subway station. Just then, Batman and Bane (as depicted in the Nolan-verse) appeared out of nowhere, both locked in combat.

    While that was happening, an out-of-control silver luxury sedan swerved right into the tracks. A woman was trapped inside in the driver's seat, and in the passanger's seat was a package. Figured a bomb must've been there. 'Knowing' I had powers, I dragged the woman out of the vehicle through telekinesis, if perhaps less than gently.

    I then started lifting the car out to safety, when a live action version of Superman appeared, followed by Lex Luthor in kryptonite-powered armor. Their ensuing brawl was causing a lot of noise and property damage, lapsing my concentration. I stepped in between the two, insisting they cease until I dealt with the bomb. Luthor glared at me from behind his helmet's yellow visors, then wolloped me square beneath my chin.

    Unknown transition.

    Scene 2 - Not Your Usual Trip to the Airport
    Similar visuals. I was a passenger in an airliner. There was a shower out in the open for all to use. I myself didn't even bat an eye to doing such, though it seemed I used up all the hot water, causing a bit of an uproar.

    Cut to the airport. I collect my luggage with other supposed friends that were (apparently) aboard as well. One of them spots ads for pit fighting and a target shooting competition, the prize being a vintage rifle. They urged me to enter, claiming that my powers would give me an advantage, though I wasn't interested.

    Skip ahead to a crowded checkpoint. Harold and Conrad were now with me. The former gets in a conversation with a guard lady, an easygoing stubby woman in her thirties with tanned skin and dark hair. I thought of using my powers to prank her, all on a lark. Before I could go on with that, the dream collapsed suddenly.

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