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    Log 1177 - Curiosity Calling

    by , 07-20-2018 at 02:22 AM (134 Views)
    Created Thursday 19 July 2018

    Got a WILD today, if after quite a few roadblocks in my attempts to induce it. There were plenty of other things after that, but they were too incomprehensible for me to even recall.

    Dream 1 - Curiosity Calling

    WILD transition in bed. Rubbed my hands to confirm. I wait out a transition for a few minutes, and even spin on my back to accelerate such, but nothing of the sort happens.

    Remembering the contest, I imagine the sound of rushing waters, certain this would create some whimsical being. To much alarm, the yells of a horrible, guttural voice accompanied the noise, shouting furiously at me in a fell language. Quite startling at first, though after a few minutes, this merely became an annoyance. I phase through the mattress and into the void, though even that wasn't enough to get rid of that rambling. Willfully waking up put an end to that.

    Immediate reentry. Overheard somone having... bowel distress in the bathroom nearby. At the time, I wasn't sure if this was real or not (it wasn't), but I ignored it all the same.

    Anyway, after a minute or two of down time, I tried manifesting another creature. I imagined the cries of a crow, if for the sake of sparking curiosity and wanderlust. Such cawing sounded quickly, and soon after, I caught sight of the like bird landing on my shoulder. Suddenly, the creature grew and morphed into a harpy, light skinned woman from the waist up, the excessively oversized legs and feet of a crow below, and similarly large feathery wings adjoined on her otherwise human arms.

    As I lingered in awe, the harpy snatched me up into her claws by my flank. Before I knew it, she'd already carried me far away into the emptiness. I asked what she had planned for me, more out of intrigue than any sort of concern. The bird-woman merely echoed what I said while giggling.

    The dream was then dissolved.
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