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    Log 1188 - School Pantry Warehouse Raid

    by , 07-31-2018 at 02:23 AM (227 Views)
    Created Monday 30 July 2018

    Got a DILD and brief WILD to note, along with a bunch of fragments.

    Scrap Group 1
    At a picnic with family?

    In a laundromat, I think? There was an pld Mortal Kombat arcade cabinet.

    At a courtyard in a city/urban area. I spot some jerk from way back in middle school, who was hurling around insults at people like a madman. I ignore this at first. I then stopped, shrugged, and made his head asplode for the heck of it.

    Dream 1 - School Pantry Warehouse Raid

    The visuals were slightly blurred. I was walking through the hallways of a middle school, a place very similar to the one I attended way back when, only significantly larger.

    Unknown occurrences. Something about getting lost on my way to class, and some reference to Sonic the Hedgehog.

    Cut to a crowded antechamber. I was on my way to my next class. On impulse, I decided to take a detour to the lunchroom. The idea was for me to sneak into the prep area, snag a lunch, eat quickly, then hurry back to where I was supposed to be. Biggest hurdle was the students clustered around the area. And so, I used Ashura Warped, allowing me to both phase and glide through such obstructions.

    In half a minute, I arrived at the cafeteria, a much wider space than anticipated. The place was also undergoing renovations, which explained why several faculty members were overseeing the place at that moment. Thus, between subsequent warps, I became invisible via trembling in place. Such transparency only lasted for so long, requiring frequent reuse. I also rubbed my hands, sensing my actions were destabilizing the environment. Reflecting on such finally got me lucid. Couldn't think of anything better to do. Besides, gliding and cloaking myself as I did was amusing enough. So, I continued with the above plan.

    Next, I phased straight across the lunchroom and through the door into the kitchen. Things did indeed start hazing up. Nothing more hand-rubbing couldn't fix. The surroundings warped in view, first into the likeness of a grocery store, then settling into a food + kitchen supply warehouse. There didn't seem to be any ready-to-eat food in sight. I sifted through a wide area, most of which contained transparent bags filled with recycled disposable plates and eating utensils. Later on, Nappa and (Saiyan Saga) Vegeta from Dragon Ball Z randomly popped out of nowhere. Both of them were likewise browsing through the place. But, Nappa quickly lost his patience. To vent, he toppled piles of boxes and bags. He would've done likewise with the shelves, if I hadn't said something about that.

    Minutes go by. In the end, I could only find several bags of cereal. Better than nothing. I was about to try some, only for the dream to collapse.

    Scrap Group 2
    WILD transition in an unknown bedroom. Covers were obstructing most of my view, but I couldn't take them off. I closed my eyes, and flew around blindly. Then, I started visualizing my guide, E, being ahead of me, but only got a faint image. The dream then collapsed.

    In an unknown home. Unnatural things occur.

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