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    Dream Logs DWN-12

    Log 1192 - Shining Guardian

    by , 08-03-2018 at 11:27 PM (180 Views)
    Created Friday 03 August 2018

    Pretty rough night. But in the end, it was totally worth it.

    Dream 1 - Blind Frustration

    WILD transition in bed. As usual, I was completely blind, even after minutes of waiting. I try to summon my guide, E, on the spot. And indeed, I do sense her presence nearby. She whispers something, but I couldn't discern anything between her giggling. Just then, she jumps on me, and starts nibbling on my shoulder and neck. Probably coulda been fun, but I was too frustrated from 2+ hours of insomnia to think of that. I fretted on about wanting a transition, but she didn't pay attention. So, after rubbing my hands, I rolled us both into the void, where I flew around sightlessly for about a minute. Then, I shut my eyes further, intending to have visuals form, but nothing of the sort occurs.

    The dream collapsed a minute later. Shaky DEILD transition two minutes later.

    Dream 2 - Shining Guardian

    Scene 1 - Blind Irritation
    Similar circumstances to above, guide and void and all. But, when I tried visualizing, I instead sensed E growing gigantic. She then took hold of me, and nipped at my side. Again, I was too annoyed to put much thought on this... Various brief reawakenings. Transition.

    Scene 2 - Not Quite Her
    The visuals were very blurred and dim, but clarified over time. An ocean and clear twilight sky begins forming faintly in view. More hand rubbing to anchor myself. I then flew over this landless environment. After a two minutes or so, I think to summon my guide more properly, commanding her to surface from beneath the depths. Soon, a massive figure arose, appearing as a giant, many armed naga, her hair, skin and eyes all deathly white. While E has taken similar forms before, I knew it wasn't her. I made a more thorough search for my guide, but aside from the water, sky, and the giantess, there was nothing else there.

    Next, I try assuming the Spellforged Guardian form. I tensed up and yelled loud as I could, but nothing seemed to happen. Immediate transition.

    Scene 3 - Iron Guardian
    The visuals were a bit dim. I was flying in space. A titanic alien mega spaceship was plainly roaming ahead of me, lights blinking and streaming from tubes surrounding its surface. In turn, innumerable smaller crafts were orbiting around this vast structure. I look at myself, and found that I'd changed into an Iron-Man armor. Not quite what I wanted, but no complaints here.

    Soon, I took fire from the smaller ships. I responded in kind, firing a stream of energy orbs from each of my hands, red colored in the left, and blue in the right. At times, I fired simultaneously, and at other points, I alternated between each weapons. Generally, I focused fire on the mothership, especially its exposed circuitry, all while I evaded its escorts. When I needed a bigger bang, I charged my shots, each of which took form as black, electrified orbs. Moreover, various soundbytes from the Marvel vs. Capcom games blared out sporadically for some reason. Transition.

    Scene 4 - Hot Coldman
    The visuals were dim. I immediately landed in the streets of an unknown city at night time, street lamps providing some visibility. Several family members were around, of whom I could identify my nephew and probably one or both of my brothers. I followed the group on foot through a tunnel, then up to higher ground. Below was the outskirts of a suburbs. A few were asking me questions, but I think I ignored them.

    I recall the competition. With a flourish, I conjure a large ice spike from the ground. I then surround myself in a thin sheet of ice, and accompany that with frigid wind. My dream body reactively heats up, steam bursting from the unmeltable frost around me. I could hardly feel anything from that instant onward.

    The dream began to collapse some time later. More hand rubbing. Unknown occurrences. Unknown transition.

    Scene 5 - Because I'm Shiny!
    The visuals were very dim. I was standing in a windowless room in an unknown apartment suite. Empty, save for a CRT TV set beside me, its screen flickering on and off. Obnoxious alt-rock music was sounding nearby.

    Once again, I try changing into a Spellforged Guardian. But, no matter how much I yelled or forced myself, nothing seemed to happen. Frustrated, stopped everything for a moment, to then find that I was becoming transparent. I realized my not breathing was causing this. So, I held my breath until I was fully invisible. Then, I tensed up once more, imagining I would reappear in an iridescent form. I did indeed return, only now, I was radiating in, and made entirely of, near-blinding white light.

    I did not delay to try out this new form, rocketing instantaneously up above the stratosphere. Next, I charged as much energy as I could, which condensed itself into a tiny, glowing bead, and fired it down to the Earth. My viewpoint follows the projectile as it goes through the twilight sky and descends towards a large, barren, craggy island in the middle of the ocean. The bead suddenly arced horizontally before plowing itself into the landmass. Great quantities of foam awkwardly spewed out. Eventually, an explosion rocked the land, sinking much of it, and fragmenting what little remained.

    Suddenly, a colossal figure rose from the depths. This appeared as the giant form of Ursula from The Little Mermaid, cackling madly, depicted here in realistic CGI. Then, an even more gigantic Ursula surfaced, who snatched up her frightened, smaller counterpart, and ecstatically gobbled her up. With slight alterations, this happens again, and again, and again, with no end in sight. Uh, yeah, gettin' weird...

    I lost focus. The dream soon collapsed, and I woke up.
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