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    Log 1196 - Uninhibited

    by , 08-08-2018 at 01:57 AM (557 Views)
    Created Tuesday 07 August 2018

    Got the WILD loop to note, along with a few scraps. Can't say I'm comfortable about posting up the last segment, but whatever.

    Scrap Group 1
    Playing the classic Tales of Phantasia.

    In a bedroom within an unknown apartment suite. There's this teenaged girl there who was overtly timid for her age. Even just the sight of my beard frightened her, causing her to hide under a sheet. Me and someone else later discover she suffered from amnesia.

    Dream 1 - Uninhibited

    Scene 1 - Guess I Need an Actual Reason to Call Next Time...

    WILD transition in bed. Brief hand rubbing. Once again, my covers left me almost entirely blind, and I was, for whatever reason, incapable of removing them. I called my guide, E, via Codec to help out. But, instead of ridding the covers, she instead fastened it further over me. What's more, she kept me held in an uncomfortable embrace. Her grip was too strong to slip away from, let alone to even drag her with me elsewhere. I demanded this stop, though my guide found far too much amusement at my own expense to even consider that. Transition.

    Scene 2 - Banana Oatmeal
    Lucidity lost. The visuals were blurred. I was in the living room at home, daylight peeking in. Dad was in the kitchen making breakfast. On a closer look, I find he was preparing banana oatmeal (not something I've ever seen him cook). He offered me some, but I declined; the fruits weren't ripe enough for my taste. Later, I spontaneously rubbed my hands. This brought awareness again, if briefly. Transition.

    Scene 3 - Unexpected Hands
    Practically blind again. I falsely awaken in bed. By thought, I rubbed my hands. Feeling myself doing such let me regain awareness. Once again, I called E. Soon, I felt four hands... uh, groping me. Although this wasn't the first time she had that many arms (let alone was that forward), I still got a bit startled. Anyway, she soon begins playing tricks on me, pinching and pulling me at a moment's notice. I then rolled off the bed into the void, though I lacked the strength to take her with me. Warp.

    Scene 4 - Nommed!
    The visuals were blurred. I was suspended in midair over a tropical landscape, waterfall below, and a dawn sky above. I glance back, to find that my guide, now gigantic (at least 30ft. tall), was actually holding me close to herself. She drew me closer to eye level, only to begin gnawing on my left arm and shoulder. Again, not anything new, yet I still became highly unnerved. I pleaded with her to at least not make this too painful. Her chewing felt like it'd broken me, but there wasn't any pain. Transition.

    Scene 5 - I'm Not Deadpool! I'm My Original Character, Bledpool!
    The visuals were slightly blurred. Lucidity lost. Spectator mode. This was supposedly an episode of 'Futurama'. It starts with a customer service rep, a fat, obnoxious wise ass of a man, on his phone in his cubicle. The person on the other line lost their patience, and hung up. Just then, a talking moose barged into the office, and confronted the guy. The beast shows visions of a most unfortunate future, all brought about by the man's snark. And so, the man promises to behave, and runs off.

    But then, while going down a stairway, the worker was assaulted by a man in a white superhero costume, a figure that appeared as a Deadpool ripoff. Indeed, this character even shared the real thing's penchant for comedic lunacy. In a flash, the fat man is left gravely wounded. While bleeding out, he notices a fellow co-worker, a blonde woman with whom he's infactuated. The man tells her not to look, to run for safety. But, the woman just gives him a hateful glare. She then reveals having hired that 'hero' to kill the belarded man. Turned out the guy was a stalker, and had (despite his best efforts to hide it) previously ruined her chances with a potential soulmate.

    Cut to an urban neighborhood. Things appeared in live-action. I'm now given the role of the above antihero (or someone like him). My brother, Ivo, who was wearing glasses, was also with me. Soon, a guy on a bike passes by, and hurls insults at us. In turn, I call a downdraft to knock that douche into the ground. For good, cathartic measure, I blasted him again. Ivo called me out for using excessive, and possibly lethal, force. We argue about this throughout the town, then inside a mall. As we went up an elevator, "I" (only acting 'in character') outright told him of "my" lack of any empathy.

    Cut to a highschool courtyard/dining area. "I" (again, 'in character') had a teacher, a woman with greying brown hair, at gun point, and demanded a ransom. Surprisingly, the other students welcomed the chance to see that woman dead. Even "I" thought that was cold. Many of those kids even went out of their way to kidnap the principal, a man that looked and sounded like a live-action Principal Skinner, and brought him before me. "I" repeated my demands, but the principal remained steadfast. He admonished the students and "I" for acting on such madness.

    Don't recall how this ends.
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    1. DarkestDarkness's Avatar
      A small question, mostly curious for my own reasons, if you could answer it;

      Why does (or why do you think) E becomes that size often? (as I understand it anyway)

      Also, why did you not feel comfortable about posting the last segment? It didn't seem particularly bad or embarrassing or anything to me.
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    2. RelicWraith's Avatar
      Hey, thanks for the reply!

      1. Eheheheh... There's plenty of reasons for that. Part of it's cause I often shrink myself whenever possible (and remember to do so).

      2. I just didn't like waking up knowing that I acted like a complete sociopath (whether part of a 'performance' or otherwise), even if this was just a dream. Kinda disturbs me.
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      Updated 08-08-2018 at 03:07 AM by FireFlyMan
    3. DarkestDarkness's Avatar
      Hey, thanks for the reply!

      1. Eheheheh... There's plenty of reasons for that. Part of it's cause I often shrink myself whenever possible (and remember to do so).

      2. I just didn't like waking up knowing that I acted like a complete sociopath (whether part of a 'performance' and otherwise), even if this was just a dream. Kinda disturbs me.
      1. I kind of figured there might be plenty of reasons for it. I can think of some obvious ones that are probably not fine to say out loud.

      2. I suppose I can see what you mean, since you had been "feeling" that way, perhaps vividly. I would say you shouldn't feel too bad about it. Definitely have a personal boundary on what is ok and not ok to do, of course, but at the end of the day, I personally think dreaming is about exploration. What if I actually was a full-blown sociopath? I would still write down weird dreams like that and post them here, because at the end of the day it was a dream and didn't hurt anyone but maybe me.

      In all honesty I have some of the most random "anarchist" type thoughts often, and for no good reason - considering I like to be nice to people and not ruin someone's life. But there's probably a part of me that goes "what if we DID ruin their life instead of making it better". It's very strange, since it goes against my nature. But one mustn't be too kind all the time; I suppose that's something I've learned in life...
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    4. DarkestDarkness's Avatar
      Oh and I always feel like commenting on some specific stuff, but I'm just not always sure on how to do it or if it's actually appropriate for me to ask people certain things.
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    5. RelicWraith's Avatar
      Heh, no biggie. If I didn't want to discuss it, I wouldn't have posted this up in the first place!

      Anyway, I suppose that's one way to look at things. I myself am disturbed of the prospect of allowing my mind to become too fluid. Open, yes, but also with rigid limits that should never be crossed. Dunno. Guess I'm just paranoid that way.
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