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    Log 1216 - Silly Time Tampering

    by , 08-28-2018 at 01:53 AM (141 Views)
    Created Monday 27 August 2018

    One dream today.

    Dream 1 - Silly Time Tampering

    Scene 1 - Over-Rewarded For Charity
    The visuals were slightly blurred. I was in an unknown apartment suite, its furniture and constructions mostly colored/painted white. Supposedly this was Helen's (a friend's mom's) place. Various of her friends were about, all of them lawyers, doctors, and of other renowned professions. They spoke of some charity drive they've started to help needy children overseas. When asked about that, I muttered some half-hearted condolences. This, somehow, was interpreted as my offering to donate $20 bucks. Woulda certainly look bad to back out, so I (reluctantly) parted with such money. Even so, Helen rewarded me with a $40+ gift card to a supermarket. Talk about being over-rewarded... Unknown transition.

    Scene 2 - No Time To Be Late
    Similar visuals. I was wandering around in a mall, or more likely a huge megastore complex. While crossing through a narrow hallway, I was accosted by a little girl, light skinned and with long black hair, and no older than 8 years of age. I figured she was the daughter of a (supposed) cousin or acquaintance. She was a real bossy type, outright demanding that I attend some pageant in which she was competing. Sure would be silly for a guy like me to get coerced by a child, only, that's exactly what happened...

    Later, I entered a grocery area. Good reason as any to use that gift card above. While perusing something or other, I stumbled into a condiment shelf, causing a jar of mustard to tip over. Helen suddenly appeared, making a scene herself, as if trying to deflect attention away from the accident. Quite embarrassing for a bunch of reasons. So, I turned back time via holding my breath. The jar didn't break, though an employee did briefly turn up to investigate anyway.

    Cut to my walking through the hallway again, where I remembered that I was late for the pageant. I rushed to a banquet hall, the place where the event was being hosted. But, I got there too late: the contest was over. Boy, was that girl bitter. I turned back time again, but not before floating up on a corner; wanted to avoid getting "time fragged" or somesuch.

    Anyway, cut to the beginning of the pageant. This begins with all the contestants making a swimming display, the pool opening up out of nowhere. After that was a round of song and dance. Of course, as they were just kids, these were all amateurish performances at best. Quite boring.

    Not sure how this ended.

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