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    Log 1219 - Cold Hotman vs The Cannibal Witches and Other Assorted Stories

    by , 08-31-2018 at 01:16 AM (170 Views)
    Created Thursday 30 August 2018

    Got an LD loop to note. There's also a few fragments, although technically, they're actually several from yesterday morning that I forgot to record then.

    Scrap Group 1
    Watching and commenting on that JoJo's Bizarre Adventure fighting game with my bro.

    In the bathroom, combing my hair. I noticed perfect squares and other unlikely shapes have been combed onto my scalp.

    Dream 1 - Man on Fire

    The visuals were mostly clear. I was walking around in a city's industrial area during a cloudy day. Eventually, I gained sudden awareness. Took about half a minute rubbing my hands. After that, I ran down the sidewalk, and, when gaining sufficient speeds, flew in the same direction, hovering inches above the pavement. I soon arrived near a metropolitan area. Just then, a violently explosive auto accident occurred nearby. The streets, the vehicles, and even myself were immediately engulfed in flames. Still, this didn't really bother me. I breathed towards an unfazed area of town, spreading a stream of the fire surrounding me in that area.

    Lost awareness. More unknown occurrences until the dream collapsed. DEILD attempt. Unwitting transition about three minutes later.

    Dream 2 - Frigid Moon

    The visuals were mostly clear. I was at the lot beside my house, heading towards my home's backyard, sun high in a scorching, cloudless afternoon. Again, I gained sudden awareness. I drewing a rapier out of nowhere, which I used to conjure and shatter crescent ice formations with each swipe I took. I then felt out the now dead grass and exposed dirt beneath me, now tepid in touch, as opposed to the sweltering air around me.

    The dream collapsed soon after.
    Another DEILD attempt, which I also let slip.

    Dream 3 - Cold Hotman vs. The Cannibal Witches

    The visuals were a bit blurred. I falsely awaken in the floor of the master bedroom. Got aware within seconds.

    Just then, various figures began gnawing on my limbs and chest. I tried imagining this was all just a misunderstanding on my part, that I was actually getting an atypical massage or something, and had nothing to be afraid of. But, on a closer look, I found these figures around me were actually terrible witches, impossibly ancient, wrinkled beings dressed in rags. Each of them tore deeply into my flesh with their foul teeth and clawed hands. As disturbing as this was, none of these injuries actually felt painful.

    Reactively, I changed my skin into diamond. I then stood up, struggling to keep these creatures from pinning me back to the ground. Taking a deep breath, I called out for an inferno. Time stood still for a moment, while the background dimmed out of view. An orb of fire soon surrounded me, smaller gouts of flame arcing on its surface. Once time and the surroundings returned, I found that all but one of the witches were dead, burned down to charred skeletons. Meanwhile, the live hag's right leg had been incinerated completely.

    I shoved the amputated crone away, causing her to stumble to the floor. Then, I wrenched a smoldering skull nearby. Recalling the contest, I encased the skull in an ice crystal, which I then chucked at the monstrous old woman. Upon contact, the creature exploded into fine dust.

    Lost awareness. This scene partially looped back. Later, I argue with my sister over what stats those hags would have in Liberal Crime Squad. Various more unknown occurrences before the dream ended.
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