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    Log 1231 - Flight, Flood, and a Giant Strawberry

    by , 09-12-2018 at 01:34 AM (222 Views)
    Created Tuesday 11 September 2018

    Got DILD (if only seconds-long for the lucid portion) and a fragment to note.

    Scrap Group 1
    At an arcade, playing some made-up games.

    Something involving my nephew and his cousin.

    Dream 1 - Flight, Floods, and a Giant Strawberry

    Scene 1 - Girl's Glare Awareness
    The visuals were a bit blurred. I was in a school's computer lab. My bro was there as well. We speak of an out-of-business sale for an outlet that we supposedly previously visited. When we left the lab, I started floating around, if just to show off. I did, however, have trouble balancing myself, and had to keep my legs tucked in so as not to bump into anything. Two young girls (about 8 - 10 years old) were ahead of us, one with long black hair, the other with brown. The former of the two kept glaring at me with contempt. Questioning who she was triggered lucidity. I continued flying through the hallway, when the dream began collapsing into a blue void. Thorough hand rubbing until a new scene formed.

    Scene 2 - Flooding Indoor Waterside Loading Bay
    The visuals were dim. Awareness lost. I was in a waterside loading bay, a huge indoor facility occupying both land and sea. Instead of warehouses, goods were sent directly to a large outlet nearby, likely the same one mentioned above. Pathways were quite narrow, leaving far too little room for porting work.

    A vast barge was moored, large enough to cover all docks. It also looked highly damaged from use and age, perhaps even incapable of moving. I hopped into an exposed inner hold. Despite the room appearing dirty from years of neglect, there were plenty of perfectly intact crates left over. I thought to peek in, when the ship suddenly began sinking. So, I jumped back to land fast as I could.

    I stared in awe as this disaster unfolded. Yet, I also noticed the ship had been submerged much too quickly. Just then, the water began to rise, steadily engulfing the entirety of the dock. In a panic, I rushed to the warehouse. Too late. Just as I was about to get inside, rows of steel airlock doors slammed down in the entrance. Such pressure forced me back to the rising sea, and before long, I was engulfed completely.

    Hurriedly, I swam up under a canopy, hoping to suck what precious air I could. I thought to kick up some bubbles, which would hopefully stick under that surface long enough for me to breath. Still, I also knew I couldn't survive here for long... "Better rewind time", I thought. Transition.

    Scene 3 - Strawberry Wizard Boon

    The visuals were rather blurred. I was at a forest clearing, mists concealing much of the savage wilderness around me. Directly ahead was a dirt/ rock mound, carved and built with enough rickety constructions to make a crude dwelling. I go inside to find a stereotypical old sage, a haggard, ancient white-beareded man wearing rags and a worn out pointy hat. After handing me a sizeable knife, the old man points to a giant strawberry behind him. I hack at the oversized fruit, cleaving it in two. Then, on a guess, I take left half, and offered it to the sage. But, he only shook his head in disappointment, and pointed to the exit.

    Once again, I rewound time. Now, I chose to offer the right-hand portion. The wizard nods, and, finally, began to speak. He rewarded me with a boon for my "soldiers", granting a specific type of them the power to form visible, triangular-shaped winds. False memories had me recall my fighting with, and later recruiting, some legionnaire type figures. Reckoned these were to whom the old man was referring. Furthermore, this visit somehow prevented my drowning predicament above.

    Things warped. More false memories. Don't recall how this ended.
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      If only that "better rewind time" thought worked in waking life.
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