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    Log 1264 - Jerk Realization and Old New Roman Streets

    by , 10-15-2018 at 03:30 AM (285 Views)
    Created Sunday 14 October 2018

    Got a few things today.

    Scrap Group 1
    Looking at the Bay12Games forums. The Terra Vitae mod for Liberal Crime Squad was updated.

    Watching (or playing?) an edited version of Super Mario World. Enemies and hazards flooded the screen for an almost bullet-hell-like experience.

    Watching a clip of Capcom vs. SNK. A Sagat vs. Ryu fight, I think?

    Dream 1 - Jerk Realization and Old New Roman Streets

    Scene 1 - Vanquishing the Surrendered...
    The visuals were a bit blurred. Spectator mode. This was supposedly an episode of Law and Order. A con artist couple, both blonds, were rummaging a hilly city park during a clear day. The two were left homeless due to the machinations of a snide, smug businessman or lawyer. Said jerk coincidentally showed up. He was distracted by a phone call and from a loaded shopping cart nearby before noticing the trouble he'd stumbled into. The couple slowly approach him, pretending there were no hard feelings. Panicked, the man pulls out a gun, and threatens to fire. He gets those two to surrender, only to shoot them anyway.

    Skip to the police casing the area, the smug man remaining there as a witness. For a moment, it seemed he threw off suspicion, until he'd whispered a heartless praise for his own actions. Once he realized as much, he slinks off, all while repeating '1' and '0' in maddened chagrin.

    I was immediately given the role of that prick. Now, I was walking through metropolitan streets. One of the guy's co-workers (no clue on details) soon joined me, rambling on about something or other. Concurrently, I glanced at various texts in the man's phone, There, I found various notes pertaining to my dream journal, some of these drafts I'd supposedly made earlier, and others goals I had in mind. The latter mentioned my brother's name and the word 'guide'. I'd a brief sense of deja vu, but it took about a half a minute longer before I realized the dream.


    Scene 2 - Browsing the Rome Novelty Store
    The visuals were slightly blurred. I (as myself) walking down an inclined street during a clear day. My had replaced the partner above. The surrounding buildings and wide roads distinctly resembled those of ancient Rome, if spaced out more. There was also lighting and other signs of modern tech, if dated by about 30 years. As we continued downwards, perspective began getting skewed. Bricks changed colors, and alleyways widened into entire streets all their own.

    In an instant, I found myself in the clothing section of a run-down novelty store. The place was a maze of stacked clothes. Didn't help that the lighting was dim, and that a sizable crowd were browsing about. After rubbing my hands, I mutter to myself about tasks I wanted done. I setteled for the first TOTM. And so, I scrounged around, pulling clothes at random. But besides several child-sized pants and shirts, I couldn't find what I wanted.

    Things destabilized, and the dream ended.

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