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    Dream Logs DWN-12

    Log 1266 - Persistent Pursuers

    by , 10-16-2018 at 11:56 PM (350 Views)
    Not much today, despite my efforts...

    Scrap Group 1
    Going out for a long walk around town. I pass near an elementary school.

    A visualization of a nursery rhyme that quickly takes a nightmarish turn.

    Looking at a Greek myth related comic strip. The latest batch revolved around the Odyssey. There were a few strips of the Cyclops gobbling down Odysseus' men by the dozen, all while Odysseus converses with the monster nonchalantly about completely unrelated things.

    Dream 1 - Persistent Pursuers

    The visuals were a bit blurred. I was walking around town, going eastward past a local plaza. For no fathomable reason, flew into the middle of the traffic. Two other pedestrians, a woman and an old man, yelled at me for such foolishness.

    Skip ahead further the street. Wilderness replaced the houses to the south. The north was instead lined with the tents of seasonal shops and amusement centers, colorful decorations hanging off their surfaces and from power lines near the structures. I went under one such tent to look around. Several relatives were around, though I can't recall who exactly.

    I was watching a some kind of performance, when I was suddenly accosted by at least half a dozen wild dogs. A few of the canines got a hold of my arms, but I managed to wrench free. I fought back, and could keep the group from surrounding me, yet they wouldn't let up. So, I floated up, just barely getting out of their jumping distance.

    But then, some woman in a pink shirt and jeans flew in after me. She tried clasping me, but was going much too quickly to get a good grasp. In response, I kicked off a surface away from her, if stronger than anticipated. Indeed, it seemed the woman didn't expect as much either, as she couldn't catch up at all.

    Almost immediately, I ended up back near the plaza. That's when yet another assailant, an employee from the McDonald's below, chased me as well. They mis-blamed me for stealing food. Had I better control of my flight, I would've tried clarifying things, but that didn't happen. Still, it didn't seem they were in the mood to talk. What's more, an interface revealed their having "powered up" beforehand so as to conjure Broly. As if on cue, I slowed down without input. Even powering up myself didn't help. Luckily, I was still got out of sight.

    Cut closer to home, where I was floating down the street a few feet just above the sidewalk. Just then, I was shrunken down to a few inches high. Several kids passing through noticed, and tried catching me, even threatening to eat me. How annoying. I slinked through a fence, but one was persistent enough to climb over.

    My perspective zoomed out. Things now appeared like some cheap Flash platformer game. Indeed, I was now taking part in a "boss fight" against the now giant kid that was chasing me. Just a simple matter of jumping on the brats head while avoiding getting myself swatted. It took minutes before I finally took him down. But then, I had to contend against a much more formidable opponent: the kid's own mother. Like some demon from hell, she rose from the depths, quaking the surroundings in her fury.

    The dream collapsed immediately after.
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      Sometimes, the fight finds you.