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    Log 1269 - Rickety Tortoise Waterfall Slide

    by , 10-20-2018 at 02:54 AM (421 Views)
    Created Friday 19 October 2018

    Got a WILD/DEILD loop to note.

    Scrap Group 1
    Various WILD/DEILD chains. Most collapsed within seconds, often right after I floated out the . In one case, I'm dragged into a white void, where a female voice laughs at and taunts me. Another supposedly had a roach flying around my bedroom before I got up. I slowly spun in midair during the last one, until the dream collapsed again. DEILD transition two minutes later.

    Dream 1 - Rickety Tortoise Waterfall Slide

    The visuals were blurred. DEILD transition in bed. I float to the lounge, struggling to do so due to fatigue and dizziness. Had to take a moment to rub my hands and (ironic as it sounds) spin in place to stabilize the dream.

    With the competition and tasks in mind, I glance at the bureau nearby. Sure enough, the glass tortoise statue was there in its rightful place. With a touch, I brought it to life. Unlike the statue, this creature was small enough to fit on one of my outstretched hands, and was colored naturally instead of the vibrant patterns of its previous glass form. Moreover, the sclera and irides in its eyes were distinctly human-like. It otherwise behaved as any animal of its kind.

    I carried the tortoise off towards the living room, levitating it over my hand halfway through for the fun of it. That's when I saw an even larger tortoise was ahead, its shell alone at least 3-feet in diameter. It was struggling in vain to crawl out the glass sliding door. I similarly tried phasing past it, but even with 20 seconds of effort, I couldn't get through. So, I commanded the smaller tortoise to break it. The animal winded back out of view, then, while spinning, flung itself to the door. Despite the harsh impact, this proved ineffective. I resigned to just opening the dang thing, and actually managed to pull it off (quite surprising, given how that rarely ever worked before).

    Out I went, to find an impossible structure awaiting me: a massive, rickety tower held together by random junk. I fly myself instantly over clouds and to the top of the structure, if overshooting by a story or two. As per the TOTM, I start imagining a waterfall would await me below.

    Things warped. A tall, thin mountain had now replaced the junk tower. Everything now appeared "rendered" in blocky graphics similar to Minecraft. I almost got annoyed, but actually seeing a waterfall below, and hearing Leading Lights from Sonic Adventure, mollified me. I dived towards it, and allowed the water to carry me away. The first few seconds were a bit slow before momentum caught up. I fell into a sheer drop, only to collide chin-first on a rocky overhang. I was then launched away from the stream and into a narrow pit, tumbling around in pitch darkness for a bit before getting sent back outside into the waterfall. The descent continued for a few hundred feet more, until I abruptly crashed back-first onto jagged rocks. Though painless, the shock of the impact nonetheless knocked me out of the dream.
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    1. DarkestDarkness's Avatar
      Why did the blocky voxel graphics start annoying you? (assuming I read that bit correctly)
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    2. RelicWraith's Avatar
      Simple. I've dreamed of being in such an environment quite a number of times already, and mostly without intending to. I suppose the latter facet is what annoys me the most.
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    3. DarkestDarkness's Avatar
      Simple. I've dreamed of being in such an environment quite a number of times already, and mostly without intending to. I suppose the latter facet is what annoys me the most.
      I can see where you're coming from.

      I know in lucid moments you might not feel like you have the time, but have you considered "escaping" blockiness by for example quickly building a portal to somewhere that isn't blocky? I mean, trying to resolve the issue in a less direct way might be helpful? I know that in my case getting annoyed about a circumstance like that and also maybe trying to force it to change wouldn't help me in the long run, since I'd basically be antagonising myself. But I don't really know what your dream control is like exactly (I'm not you, after all ).
    4. RelicWraith's Avatar
      Heh, that would be the logical thing to do. Unfortuantely, emotions cloud judgement, exponentially so in lucid dreams (and even more in non-lucid ones)...