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    Log 1270 - Donut Rush

    by , 10-21-2018 at 02:48 PM (235 Views)
    Created Saturday 19 October 2018

    Got a few things to note.

    Scrap Group 1
    In a computer lab. A pal was there with a new girlfriend. I thought she looked familiar somehow, but pretended not to have known her.

    Spectator mode. A group of workers were on an industrial site early in the morning. They had trouble lifting a large grate, a few almost getting their hands smashed in.

    Playing a simultaneous multiplayer Donkey Kong Country game with my niece. We're climbing up a tower. At the top, we encounter a living fire type boss.

    Dream 1 - Donut Rush

    Scene 1 - Creepy Focus At Work
    The visuals were a bit blurred. I was back at my old job at the gas station. There didn't seem to be any recognizable former co-workers. For a while, I was manning the register, floating around as I organized the stock there and minded customers. At times, I also put myself in a meditative trance, but cut these short when people claimed I looked creepy doing so. Later on, the supervisor (an unknown middle aged man) showed up, along with a vast gathering of former workers, even my brother. This was supposed to be some kind of big party, with cake and food and everything. I wanted to try some of those things, but the dream collapsed. DEILD back in seconds later.

    Scene 2 - Donut Season
    The visuals were dimmer. Lucid from the start. I was back in the same place above, entering from the front door. A high-tech security gate blocked access to the hot food and drink area. I floated over there, and, after pushing a bunch of random buttons on a panel, I managed to bypass the gate.

    Behind that were several rows of countertops slotted with storage bins. A heap of donuts were piled inside each containers, many with flavors fitting the season (such as pumpkin cream and candy-corn-colored icing). Of course, I chowed down. Most were initially insubstantial in both texture and taste, but that was corrected in time. Either way, I could easily gulp down each donut in a single bite or two. I also rubbed my hands for good measure.

    The opposite end of the store had a similar deal. I continued my binging there, until the dream collapsed.

    Scrap Group 2
    Walking, then floating down a suburban sidewalk. Later, I arrived in a school. I meet up with some scrawny kid and his chaperone (a light haired man). But, I remembered too late that I was late for class. The two mock me for such forgetfulness. In retaliation, I shot them with energy blasts as I rushed off. From a balcony, I phase through a window and into my class. I got paralyzed, and was floated down supine to the floor. Sudden quakes shook the area. While imagining what was causing this, the dream collapsed.

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