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    Log 1272 - Seven Unrelated Scraps

    by , 10-23-2018 at 12:53 AM (218 Views)
    Created Monday 22 October 2018

    Just a bunch of fragments today.

    Scrap Group 1
    Watching Black Panther. Killmonger's role was changed up a bit.

    At a school. I get provoked into a fight.

    Watching Steven Universe. Some antics between the title character and Peridot. Cut. I falsely awaken in an unknown bedroom. There was someone sleeping beside me, a short, stout woman with straight black hair, bed sheets covering her nudity. Mom then appeared out of nowhere. She told me to place the woman on a mattress below. I did as much. The woman was a lot lighter than expected. She suddenly woke up, and complained about (in her words) needing to go "pee pee". I was told she stayed awake for only 1 hour each day, and required only had 10% the nutritional requirements of an average person.

    Working as a builder/contractor. I was tasked with completing a part of a new "booze line", a new utility that does exactly as advertised (if limited by brand). One of the last jobs took place in the basement of an urban apartment building.

    Watching the Simpsons. Marge was roped into a protein food pyramid scheme. She, in turn, got a muscular woman to work for her. Later, Marge visited said woman in her studio, only to find her engorging on the supply. Marge tries stopping her, when she notices a batch of "Waffle Flavored Power Cereal" was untouched. Upon being asked, Marge's subordinate claimed she disliked that variety. So, Marge tries it, and finds she can't put the stuff down.

    Floating somewhere outside to avoid a monstrous human-like creature, possibly a Titan.

    At home. I talk with my brother. An unknown woman visits. I bow awkwardly to either greet her or thank her for something. Later, I use a plastic prong as a toothpick.
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