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    Log 1274 - Pinch and Tickle Gag and Other Assorted Stories

    by , 10-25-2018 at 12:39 AM (506 Views)
    Created Wednesday 24 October 2018

    Got two LD loops and a fragment or two.

    Scrap Group 1
    Watching some action/horror movie.

    Dream 1 - Pinch and Tickle Gag

    Scene 1 - A Goku vs. Piccolo Fight
    The visuals were a bit blurred. Spectator mode.This took place i n the main lobby of a condo complex. Goku and Piccolo from Dragon Ball Z suddenly appeared, both cartoony figures contrasting the environment. The two were locked in high-speed fisticuffs. At times, I took control of Goku's movements, at times in first person, and at others in third-person. No matter the perspective, I could otherwise feel and hear from his point of view. Either way, neither fighters had the upper hand over the other.

    Various forgotten transitions before the one below.

    Scene 2 - She's Got My Eye! Well, More or Less...
    The visuals were very dim. False awakening in bed. I quickly got aware. I called out to my guide, E. Almost immediately, I sensed her forming behind me. I turn to look at her, when she suddenly gouges her index finger through my left lower eyelid. After pinching between my cheek and said eyelid, my guide tried pulling me towards her. Gotta say, that stung like hell! I calmly asked her to let go, but she merely laughed this off.

    Various transitions. There were at least two repeats of this scene. Several unknown transitions,
    where I'd lost lucidity, until getting to below.

    Scene 3 - Mobile Destabilization
    The visuals were blurred. I falsely awaken in the floor of the small upstairs bathroom. After thinking over how I'd even get there, I slowly figured the dream. I run out to the hallway, faint sunlight providing illumination, and continued all the way downstairs. Things were destabilizing. So, I started rubbing my hands, and when that didn't work, I spun around. But, neither of these actions helped. Warp. Transition.

    Scene 4 - Tickle Submission Hold
    The visuals were very dim. I was back in bed. Still aware. Once again, I called out to my guide. But, before she could try any funny business, I grabbed her bare foot, then got my revenge by tickling her. Giggling to the point of helplessness, she finally relented. I pondered in silence for a moment before speaking.

    "What the heck?", I pressed of her. "Why'd ya do that whole eye-pinching thing?"

    E shrugged. "Well, I got your attention, didn't I?"

    "Fair enough, I guess..."

    There were more pertinent things in mind, but unfortunately, a bunch of other random thoughts drowned those out. Of these were for me and her to, of all things, vocally imitate scenes from random media. Can't even recall what they were. After that were more, uh, base desires. A... warm moment occurred. Afterwards, the dream collapsed.

    Scrap Group 2
    At home. Various family members were around. So too was E, who appeared only in bed clothes. We talked about the above dream.

    Dream 2 - Cobalt Banshee

    Scene 1 - Escape the Banshee!
    The visuals were quite blurred. I was upstairs watching TV in the master bedroom. Various other family members were also around.

    Just then, a ghost appeared out of nowhere, her hair white, skin cobalt blue and with a darker tinted frilled dress to match. Scowl aside, she looked rather comely. Given her sorrowful and angered wailing, she was certainly a banshee. The phantom darted from person to person, screaming into their ears until they'd lost consciousness, or worse. Unsuited to this whole terror, the Overworld Theme from Super Mario Land was sounding loudly in the background.

    I wised up to the dream, but was no less frightened. So, I rushed downstairs to the living room, where I conjured E once again.

    "What's wrong", she asked blasely?

    I pointed towards the stairs. "Heads up. We've got company."

    I took a defensive stance, waiting for the ghost to appear. But after a minute, it seemed she simply left. Did it flee, I wondered?


    Scene 2 - Beware the Banshee!
    Similar visuals. Repeat of the above. But, when I got to the living room, I found that the banshee was already waiting for me. In an instant, she took grasp of me, and cried her horrid wail. Warp. Transition.

    Scene 3 - An Understanding...?
    The visuals were dim. I was in bed. More pertinently, the banshee was still holding me down. Before she yelled again, I spoke, asking her for reprieve. Gently stroking her face, I got into an entire monologue about peace and forgiveness and all that jazz. It looked as if she'd calmed down, and was perhaps even mesmerized by my words. We had a silent moment of understanding... only for her to suddenly blare out yet again. I was shocked out of the dream.

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