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    Log 1275 - Poacher Mansion Raid Collateral

    by , 10-26-2018 at 03:26 AM (577 Views)
    Created Thursday 25 October 2018

    Got a brief DILD, a fragment, and a long dream to note.

    Scrap Group 1
    Flying around town during daytime, going south through a local street. I go at the edge of the street, when I start thinking over just what circumstances would allow me to fly in the first place. Cue lucidity. I only managed to fly across before the dream collapsed.

    Playing a 3D Mario game. This was far darker in tone, and had a lot more going on screen at a time. There was a painful segment in a castle where I was required to get hurt and collect power-ups repeatedly to survive. I managed to clear the game, but got a rather bittersweet ending that involved most of the extended cast and worlds dying off.

    Dream 1 - Poacher Mansion Raid Collateral

    The visuals were a bit dim. I was the young leader of a traditional warrior tribe in western Africa, one of the last few of such groups in the world. Dressed in hides, feathers, and bone, armed with spears, axes, and daggers, me and four other tribesmen set out to raid a mansion, a known hideout for poachers. A "foreigner" also joined us, a ranger from the local forest. Unlike the rest of us, he was dressed in a green shirt, khakis, and hiking boots, and was armed with an old shotgun. Our mission was to infiltrate the mansion, find the enemy leader, and capture or (if necessary) kill him.

    My warriors set out at twilight. From the cover of the forest, we soon arrived at the mansion's entrance. The place was isolated from the rest of civilization, which might've explained the lax security. Our group crept around the entrance all the way to the backdoor. Once inside, we paced up a nearby stairway. We head up two levels to a small room, when we heard someone passing through another stairway all the way across. The other warriors prepared themselves besides that entryway, while the ranger and I waited head on. For a brief moment, I, as myself, took a moment to reflect on the nature of violence...

    Our enemy was approaching. We were ready to pounce. The figure steps out of the entryway. "Stop!", the ranger yelled suddenly. Ahead of us was a man with a grey shirt and cargo pants, the typical outfit for poachers. And yet, the now confused man and the ranger talked to each other as if they recognized one another, speaking in a Western tongue (which, to the tribesmen and I, sounded like complete gibberish). Eventually, the ranger explained that this man was actually a law enforcer going undercover. It seemed our intrusion would compromise the detective's assignment. As such, I agreed to save the raid for another time, if under protest. The agent saw us out the backdoor, and took his leave.

    Still, I wasn't quite satisfied. I had us all sneak around to the front, if only to see what we were dealing with. Then, through a window on the side of the building, we spotted a large gathering of poachers, about 30 of them, all lounging around, or perhaps in some kind of group meeting. I simply observed in the shadows for a while, trying to familiarize myself with each of them. Among the most outspoken of the bunch was an older light skinned African. Maybe a lieutenant? At the time, most seemed to lack conventional weapons, and none had anything larger than a pistol.

    But, it seemed I made a terrible mistake: the poachers also collected living exotic animals from all over the globe. This was made readily apparent when, from out a corner, charged a grizzly bear. With shields and spears drawn, we held our ground. The bear, in turn, stood up, ready to swipe. The perfect moment to attack. As me and three others distracted it with our shields, another warrior made an expert thrust right in the beast's jugular. We then circled around, avoiding its frenzied reprisal. Within a span of thirty seconds, the creature could no longer defend itself. A few jabs at the back of its head finally did it in.

    Just then, a poacher peeked out from a side door. Acting quickly, I hurled my axe at him, planting it right between his eyes. Unfortunately, this instantly alerted the entire compound. Enemies were now flooding towards us. Warrior or not, there was no way we could take on thirty at once. We retreated as fast as we could, and we actually got a good lead on our enemies. But, as we pressed on, one of our warriors had been fatally wounded. Although he'd the willpower to keep up, and possibly survive the chase, there was still no way to save him afterwards. He opted instead to face the pursuers head on, if only to buy time...

    The chase continued throughout the wilderness. Then, in a clearing, my group stumbled into an entire school's computer lab, completely out in the open. Such a discovery paralyzed us. There was nowhere else to turn, yet we did not want to involve innocents into our conflict. Woefully, the poachers didn't have the same idea. They fired into the area heedlessly. Once they'd closed in, those madmen knowingly butchered anyone in their way, adults and children alike. At that point, I was sure fighting back would accomplish nothing, only delay the inevitable for everyone. Calling out to my men, I commanded them to rescue anyone they can then retreat. I myself took hold of a small girl in a school uniform, no older than seven years, too frozen in panic to even move. Abandoning my heavier armaments, I hauled her out of the site. Guilt was
    quickly weighing in on me...

    Don't recall how this ended.

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