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    Log 1284 - Seated WILD

    by , 11-04-2018 at 01:52 AM (166 Views)
    Created Saturday 03 November 2018

    Got that WILD to note, along with a fragment or two.

    Dream 1 - Seated WILD

    The visuals were dim, and fluctuated between blurriness and some clarity. WILD transition during seated meditation (that's a first for me). My body felt especially (perhaps disturbingly) numb and light, but also quite weak. I mostly just preoccupied myself with looking around at my surroundings. After a few minutes of moving around, I'd get reanchored back to the seat. There was one point where I'd warped outside into an eerie courtyard, but only briefly. At other moments, I floated around the house, but couldn't keep up in the air for long. I made several attempts at calling my guide, without success. Ditto at summoning a tortoise, my laptop (which I'd completely forgotten was only a few feet away!), and even at projecting myself outward to another's dream. In one of the final instances, I crawled back to bed, just to see what would occur if I 'slept'. Of course, I just got reanchored in the seat a minute later. Eventually, I stirred, and awakened.

    Scrap Group 1
    At a hotel with family. Cut to a Law-and-Order-inspired animated movie. This even had voice clips from Jerry Orbach, lines that were supposedly recorded years before in a related project just before he'd died.

    Cooking at home. Unlike in real life, the front left burner actually worked. I only casually questioned as much.

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