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    Log 1304 - Earth-Splitting, Death-Breaking Wave

    by , 11-24-2018 at 12:20 AM (507 Views)
    Created Friday 23 November 2018

    Got various things today, including a DILD.

    Scrap Group 1
    Playing Dungeon Crawl - Stone Soup as a Deep Elf Conjurer of Vehumet, as usual. Noticed that the message log also included content from Dream Views' Discord chat. I got far enough to get 5th level spells as a gift. In this case, Bolt of Magma. Meh.

    Several dreams set in a familiar apartment suite. I was watching TV on a CRT screen.

    Vaguely recalled several brief lucid states, during which I floated around indoors each time.

    In a Victorian era city during daytime, the streets ominously empty. Later, I spotted a pale, brown haired adolescent girl running in panic. Someone was chasing after her, a long faced middle-aged man dressed in black. The girl gets cornered quickly. Outraged and terrified, she could do little but yell at him. As I listened, I realized that not only was this man her father, but that he was also responsible for a calamity that'd all but left humanity to the brink of extinction. I opted to step in at that moment.

    Playing one of the D&D arcade games with my brothers. I was using the Elf. We were fighting the Manticore in a darkened area. At first, I thought we were playing Tower of Doom. But, when I got KO'd, I was allowed to switch to the Magic-User, a character only found in Shadow over Mystara.

    Dream 1 - Earth-Splitting, Death-Breaking Wave

    The visuals were slightly blurred from glare. I was once again in the desolate streets of that above mentioned Victorian-era city, bright grey sky above. As before, the pale girl is running away from a pursuer. But this time, not only was the girl heading straight towards me, but she was also being chased by a different figure, someone inhumanly tall and concealed in a black robe.

    I again interposed myself between the two, ready to defend the youth. However, the pale girl, trembling in fear, pleaded that I should not engage the figure. In fact, she claimed that the cloaked figure before me was actually Death itself. Unphased, I aimed a punch straight to the face, only for my fist to phase right through the being's hood. Seems the girl wasn't mistakened. But, rather than fear, I was struck with lucidity.

    Death immediately retaliated with a drawn knife, attacking relentlessly. Doing so seemed to leave it with a tactile form, allowing me to redirect its arms, and thus, the blade, away from me. One bad lunge from its part left it exposed to grappling, whereupon I quickly tossed it skyward. I built energy from within, intending to fire at Death with such. But, it seemed the hooded ghost had instantly recovered, and was already diving down at me blade-first. As such, I chose to jump straight towards it instead.

    While ascending, I recalled the Earth-splitting task. With that in mind, I attacked the creature with a mighty chop. As before, this simply phased straight through its head. Death mocked me, boasting that my attacks were useless. I simply pointed behind it as I floated in place. In the distance, an endlessly long streak of energy arced towards the Earth, then cut straight through. Soon afterwards, the planet began splitting apart. Curiously enough, another planet Earth had been nested inside, appearing as if it were being viewed from above the planet's atmosphere. This, too cracked open to reveal yet another Earth, and repeated again, then once more, until finally, only the vastness of space could be seen between and past these bodies. Seconds later, Death convulsed in place, a thin line of glowing light slowly splitting it apart as well, before the spirit quietly faded into nothing.

    Various forgotten non-lucid transitions. Don't recall how this ended.

    Scrap Group 2
    Unknown dreams in a white void.

    Spoiler for Attack on Titan/Shingeki no Kyojin potential spoilers ahead:

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    1. Caden's Avatar
      If you could draw this would be interesting to see. Good dream too
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      Well, if you like bad MS Paint stick figure drawings, I can probably oblige.