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    Log 1317 - Jaunt to the Shimmering Void Mall

    by , 12-07-2018 at 04:35 AM (275 Views)
    Created Thursday 06 December 2018
    Had quite a rough night, but I toughed out the odds...

    Scrap Group 1
    Watching a D&D discussion podcast.

    One or two fragments of my wandering around a shopping center.

    Dream 1 - Jaunt to the Shimmering Void Mall

    Scene 1 - Whirlwind Breath
    The visuals were blurred. WILD transition in bed. Of course, I was incapable of moving. Noticing how strongly I as breathing, I thought to use such respiration to blast me out of the room. Instead, I'd somehow conjured a whirlwind. I was sent spiraling in midair. About 10 seconds later, I was violently thrust through the floor and into the void. Transition.

    Scene 2 - E and the Shimmering Void Mall
    The visuals were a bit dim and blurred. I was falling in a dark void, pitch black initially, then glimmering with bursts of light in the distance. As soon as I hit "ground", I called out to my guide. It took a bit of patience and a lot of repeating, but eventually, I saw her form several yards ahead of me. She was dressed in worn, faded casual clothing. Furthermore, she appeared a bit different than usual, appearing thinner (if still untoned) having lighter hair tied in an unkempt bun, and being a few years younger than me. Her facial features also wasn't hers, though I corrected that in time.

    My guide seemed a bit woozy, almost tilting over, as she asked why I'd called her. I scooped her in my arms to keep her from falling. I then requested for her to lead me to the Backyard. While she yawned, she agreed to as much, but not before she finished her work at an arcade she was supposedly employed in. Thought she was just blowing steam to distract me. Still, I was curious enough to see where this was going.

    The environment briefly warped. Now, we were in an empty courtyard within a mall, twilight from outside the only light source available. E pivoted herself to let herself stand and walk on her own two feet. She spoke of having two jobs in this structure, a Dave and Busters, and a different arcade. I asked for a pause to do other things between our explanation. As per the contest, I briefly tried conjuring a Christmas bulb, but couldn't. I opted not to force anything. Anyway, my guide mentioned details of her tasks within both jobs, though I can't recall specifics.

    This went on for over two minutes, until the dream destabilized. Quick DEILD.

    Scene 3 - Tornado Breath
    The visuals were blurred. Transition in bed. Once again, I couldn't move. I tried the wind trick above, only this time, I wanted to bring a full-blown tornado. This was accomplished with surprising ease. I was instantly sent spinning inside the disaster's funnel. Although this all visually appeared as simplistic 16-bit graphics, both the sensation and deafening winds were more than believable.

    Destabilization a minute later. Various unknown non-lucid transitions until getting to below.

    Scene 4 - Honey Rice and Dumplings
    The visuals were dim and blurred. Non-lucid. I was seated in a void. Whereas the surroundings were pitch black, I could plainly see two full plates of Chinese dumplings laid out in front of me. With a pair of chopsticks in hand, I wasted no time helping myself. Some of the dumplings were a little soggy, but overall, they tasted fantastic. I went on to the point that I could barely breathe.

    I then called to the unseen patrons, asking if they still had any "Honey Rice" left. Although I couldn't see them, I did hear them say there was some of that food, and indeed, they slid me a plateful of such.

    I got curious at that moment. So, I imagined rubbing my hands, and lo and behold, I did just that. Got aware again. Still, I just continued indulging myself, shoveling down as much delicious rice and dumplings as I could. I continued for two minutes until the dream collapsed.

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