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    Log 1535 - The Unyielding Giant

    by , 07-11-2019 at 12:45 AM (236 Views)
    Created Wednesday 10 July 2019

    Got a DILD and two fragments today.

    Scrap Group 1

    Just an all around horrible dream. Really bummed me out for a moment after waking up.

    Something about watching TV. All the known channels were slightly off by a few digits.


    Dream 1 - The Unyielding Giant

    Scene 1 - Big Menace vs. Big Ego
    The visuals were a bit blurred. Wasn't sure where I was, save that the surroundings were really smoky. I got aware within seconds.

    Just then, a bunch of people rushed past me in a panic. It soon became apparent why: a colossal figure was chasing after them. The mist disperses enough to reveal a brutish giantess, light skinned, stout and muscular, square-jawed, and brown hair ragged and short. She was dressed in a shabby, patchwork burlap tunic, and trousers and shoes to match.

    Two would-be victims tripped over themselves. Just before they were caught, I (via grandiose arcing gestures) opened a portal directly below the giantess, buying enough time for the two people to escape. Unwittingly, I'd dropped the savage menace into quicksand. It took only seconds for her to sink out of view. Reckoned she'd suffocate within a few seconds, if that. I began closing the portal, only to wind up in the giantess' clutches. She then dragged me with her to share her fate.

    We soon were plummeting down a vast pit. The giantess forcefully held me lower than herself. With a hoarse, booming tone, she gloated on about her durability, claiming she'd survive any fall, while questioning if I could do the same. In time, a torch-lit surface could be seen below. As we drew closer, I realized I would be dashed head-first into a huge gargoyle (comparatively just a garden gnome to the ogress). I braced myself...

    Pang! I was left in a daze. When I come to, I find myself in a rock-cut underground site, something like an Egyptian temple, only scaled up to gargantuan proportions. More pertinently, I saw the giantess nearby, writhing semi-consciously. l lowered my guard, thinking this over, just to get seized in her grasp again. I was helpless, restrained entirely, save for my own right hand. Clenching my fist, I caused a localized earthquake. The structure soon collapsed onto itself. So too did the ground below. Such deafening destruction let me free from her grip. But, debris struck me, and forced me to fall along with it to lower depths.

    About a minute later, I was in another vast ancient underground site, one carved from slate. Broke my fall just before hitting pavement. I looked around, and find the ogress prone on the ground. Foolishly, I floated above her in glory, only for her to instantly stand back up, and capture me yet again. The giantess wasted no time to start crushing me in her hands, and she even threatened to eat me once I was half-dead. This time, I'd no limbs to spare. But I still had my voice. With all that was left of my breath, I shouted "Fus!" The force staggered her just enough loosen her grip on me. I used this chance to 'power up'. Then, in a moment's notice, I rocketed out of the giantess' hand, flew around her, and tackled her on the back of her knee. The brute was swept off her feet, and struck the hard earth head-first on her back.

    I stand triumphant, certain that I was victorious. But, almost instantaneously, she was looming over me in fury once more. Here we go again...

    Things warp.

    Scene 2 - More Mundane Applications of Time Travel
    Similar visuals. I was working in a restaurant as a server. I'd temporarily lost lucidity, but regained it quickly. Still, I couldn't think of much better to do than follow the 'plot'.

    I ask some diners, two guys in their twenties, whether they were enjoying the food. One of them complained that the lunch meat in their sandwich wasn't cooked as they wanted. I apologized, and offered to return it. But instead, I rewind time back to before the food would be prepared in the kitchen. Once I had it in hand, I put the sandwich, meat-first, back on the grill.

    The dream collapsed shortly after.

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