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    Log 1788 - Break Valley

    by , 03-23-2020 at 04:31 AM (249 Views)
    Created Sunday 22 March 2020

    Got a DILD and some scraps today.

    Scrap Group 1
    Something about going to a shopping center located atop a hill.

    Vaguely recall playing Demon RL.

    Dream 1 - Break Valley

    Dreamlet to dream. The visuals were clear. I was laying supine outdoors, looking up at a bright blue, partially cloudy sky. Soon, I noticed the moon, only it was behaving erratically. That is, it was zooming in and out at rapid speeds. This brought instant awareness.

    I fly towards moon, but it vanishes. So, I opt to just soar through the clouds. Noticed sensations and noises of this act were quite faint, with the sole exception of heavy moisture. After a few minutes dancing in the air, I dive down on land again. I find myself on grassy hill land, sparse on foliage but no shortage of other greenery. This sight made me unconsciously play Sky Santuary's theme from Sonic & Knuckles in the background. I let myself enjoy the view for a moment, when the surroundings took on blocky textures. Eh, whatevs. I won't let that bother me now.

    Alright, sightseeing over. Time for some random mayhem! Using telekinesis, I lifted a tree about 30 yards away, then hurled towards a mossy mountains about a mile away. The tree pierced through, and seconds later, the entire hill crumbled down. Noticed there was an unsatisfying lack of sound. I repeated this several more times on different hills, if only to get some noise going. Got bored of the trite view around this point. So I forcefully warped the scene to take on more realistic visuals. Anyway, I asploded a mountain once more, only this time, I struck it with dozens of trees simultaneously.

    Real life noises distracted me from the dream. I woke up seconds later.

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