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    Log 3110 - Incursion of the Wicked God

    by , 11-08-2023 at 09:42 AM (107 Views)
    Created Tuesday 07 November 2023

    Got a dream and some fragments today. I feel so motivated for dreams again. It's that same enthusiasm I had when I genuinely started LD practices all that time ago. I want to try and maintain that passion, without any baggage of ambition and distraction I've had in that interval...

    Scrap Group 1
    Wandering around locally during dusk. There were very different looking buildings in the shopping plazas, and far more of them in the spaces that should be empty. There was also another pond near the intersection. It looked more like a dirty marsh.

    Riding around town via public transit during a clear afternoon. Seemed like a lot of aimless wandering.

    Playing an MvC2 match. I thought my opponent was an old friend. I was using Magneto, Storm, Cyclops on player two side. He was using Magneto and I believe Cable, with Sentinel as an anchor. The background was The Abyss. I'm sure IRL he's way better at me in this game than I'll probably ever be. It came to a surprise when I not only took the initiative, but that he didn't respond to my fumbling a faux Rom-loop (used medium punches instead of light kicks; shouldn't be possible). I did a bunch of lazy day one resets to keep the pressure going. I finished with a no-confirm thrown out super, which he responded with his own. A silly DHC escalation followed, ending with my Cyclops beating out his Cable. A similar event happened later on. I reduced him down to his Sentinel, which he played substantially better. He got me with some solid Rocket Punch fly loops. I was left with a low health Magneto. More cheesy resets got me the win.

    Spoiler for It's a long one:

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