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    Log 3174 - Bathroom Shrink and Unhappy Naughty

    by , 01-11-2024 at 12:29 AM (163 Views)
    Created Wednesday 10 January 2024

    Got a brief LD and fragments today. Can't say I'm too happy with these results, let alone comfortable to share some things below. But, the show must go on. I'm gonna have to rest up again before I use more thorough sleep interruptions...

    Scrap Group 1
    KOF game.

    Talking about a Sonic game?

    Dream 1 - Bathroom Shrink and Unhappy Naughty

    The visuals were slightly blurred. I was in a bathroom similar to one at home, daylight glaring through the window. It was a bit wider, and the countertop was made of glossy wood instead of laminate.

    Then, an unknown person barges in, a woman of average build, skin light colored, her face covered by a heap of messy dark colored hair. Her shirt also light colored, and she'd red plaid pajama pants. She seats herself on the counter, and seems to stare blankly towards the shower.

    My immediate thought was "who the hell is this?" Self reflection soon prompted awareness. I try to get a closer look at the woman's face. No way to do it just by sight. I was about to part her hair, but hesitated; I'd worried I'd get jump-scared by some dream demon, and was in no mood to deal with such. So instead, I shrunk myself down to a few inches for the fun of it. From the floor, I leaped atop the counter alongside the now giant woman. I slap her leg to provoke her, but she remained unresponsive. I jumped back down. It's then the woman reanimates, and sets herself down. Only narrowly did I avoid getting stepped on. She then walks out of the bathroom.

    Shortly after, the giant lady returns. Only now, she's a blonde, eyes wide-set, nose pointed and a bit long, hair naturally straight though still unkempt. I'm asked a mundane question. Something about if I've seen some object or another? Anyway, I give a casual negative response.

    Spoiler for WARNING: Brain-bleach level of naughtiness. Reader beware:

    Scrap Group 2
    In a big, dark colored living room. On retrospect, the layout had strong similarities to my work site. Anyway, my brothers were around. I felt unclean. I look for the bathroom at a doorway to the far left. This happened to be a bedroom. The person there shut the door and locked it. I then looked to a door in the far right.

    Something about a Pokemon game on an old CRT screen computer.

    In an alleyway in a developing Indian town during daytime. Some kind of emergency was occurring. A younger guy from the region, someone whom I was supposedly acquainted, has me follow him to safety. Just then, he's accosted by a bearded man in a turban. The two bicker for a bit. The younger man tells me there's a language barrier between the two. I was told the older man spoke "Tangrit". I pull out a laptop, and try translating via Google some basic sentences like "who are you" and "what is the problem". But, I kept badly mistyping any statements, and took longer still to correcting these. Both men got very impatient.

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      Regarding the naughtiness

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      Lol! In hindsight, I guess it is pretty funny.