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    1. Prepare for Trouble

      by , 06-18-2010 at 09:20 PM (Rena_Chan's DJ)
      Team Rocket (Non-lucid)


      Team Rocket (Pokémon) had just stolen Ash's and Misty's Pokémon. They were disguised though and were acting really nice so the Pokémon didn't realize anything was wrong. They got keychains for them that looked like the receiving Pokémon. Psyduck got a Psyduck keychain, Pikachu got a Pikachu keychain, so on and so forth. I remember seeing all of this like I was actually there, I was laughing at how cute Poliwhirl looked when he got his keychain. Suddenly I was one of Ash`s friends, I kinda looked like May. I was on a bike going down a path surrounded by mountains. I was on the phone with Ash as I was biking. He was telling me to infiltrate Team Rocket and get back his Pokémon. He said only I could do it because Jessie and James didn`t know my face. I said okay and hung up. Now two friends were biking with me. We put on Team Rocket hats and rode into Team Rocket`s hiding place.

      They were surprised but pleased to find out that they got help to transport the Pokémon to Team Rocket HQ. I whispered to my friends that they should just act natural and NOT mention shopping or fashion at all. Apparently that would blow our cover because Team Rocket members can not stand clothes or shopping.
      WTF I looked around to see where we were and noticed that we were in a shopping mall made of glass. I panicked, knowing that one of my friends was bound to bring up shopping now. Right when I thought that, she said "I can't wait to go shopping soon."