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    1. April 27, 2011

      by , 04-27-2011 at 07:07 PM (Requiem's DJ)
      catch the ghost

      mon: i didn't sleep this day
      tue: angry at myself. dreams were real vivid. a sign of recovery but i was too groggy to write 'em down and they vanished within ten minutes
      wed: 2 lucids but no ghost
      Spoiler for lucid dreams:
    2. April 23, 2011

      by , 04-23-2011 at 10:28 PM (Requiem's DJ)
      Recovery Week
      rebuild recall

      Mon 04/18/11: minimal recall. dreams of work and old friends.
      Tue 04/19/11: strange. had my dreams the first half of the morning. had a lucid but don't remember much but having a beard. too early and groggy to write notes...didn't sleep well after that
      Wed 04/20/11: the dreams vanish as soon as wake up. and damn it, i know i took some notes...
      Thu + Fri: i wrestled an alligator at the zoo to save my brother. smoked ham and swiss sandwich i ate
      Sat: first in line at the new roller coaster but the employees aren't there. after a while, the kid shows up smoking a joint with red eyes and lets us on. everything is real dark. i wake up. boring.
    3. March 22, 2011

      by , 03-22-2011 at 07:04 PM (Requiem's DJ)
      got lucid but couldn't make it to the moon

      tried taking an elevator, flying, and creating a portal
    4. March 9, 2011

      by , 03-10-2011 at 05:49 AM (Requiem's DJ)
      I completed the basic task although very poorly.

      I slip in and out of dreams all morning and become lucid when I realize a really attractice women I don't know is swimming in a pool in my backyard. I begin walking to my fridge to compelte the b-TotM but lose vision. I remain still and the dream reforms.

      I again start walking to the house and the fridge and out of the corner of my eye I see a small garden behind the pool sort of. I find an apple growing on a vine and some carrots. I take a bite of the apple and its not juicy or very good. It is real dry. I wake up
    5. November 9, 2010

      by , 11-09-2010 at 07:25 PM (Requiem's DJ)
      Spiderman Dream (non-lucid)

      I am go to buy a car but it doesn't have a steering wheel. Just a knob I use to play a Spiderman game. I navigate the halls of a funeral parlor and find a disfigured woman. In a cutscene, Spiderman profeses his love. Then, like the Scarecrow from Batman, or a bad trip, there is this twisted Hydralisk stained glass window the grows and twists, swirls. Pretty neat actually. Complete with ominous music.

      End of the World/False Alarm (almost lucid)

      My family is going out for dinner. Bro wants to go to a nice pub and we park. We see a tv outside with a map on it. The news said if the sun on the tv goes in a reverse direction, we have 30 minutes until a black hole swallows the sun. The sun does go in reverse. We begin driving home with the radio on. I don't believe this is happening and look at my hands. Normal. I try the nose plug excuse the failure. After the 30 minutes is up the sun is still shining and nothing happens. False alarm.

      General Tso's Chicken (dild)

      I find myself lucid in my room. I go out onto the roof and want to try and get a little further than usual. I fly to a local chinese restaurant. It's real vivid as I pass other stores and the gas station. I get up there and the women behind the counter is on the ground and looks sad. I order the food and am given shrimp. It is ok. I leave the building to explore but wake up.

      Bunk Beds with FA's (non-lucid)

      I am in my room and outside I see my neighbor and his daughter doing some weird stuff. Wearing masks and no clothes. We all laugh but focus on the task at hand. Building bunk beds. We re-arrange the room and I wake up. I go to the bathroom and wake up again. The room is still a mess and I go into the bathroom and wake up. It happens again but someone apologies to me and gives me a hug. I can't see the face. It happens again and I now know I am probably dreaming but can't hang onto it and wake up.
    6. November 7, 2010

      by , 11-07-2010 at 08:34 PM (Requiem's DJ)
      I was lucid again last night and ate some gummy worms.

      The night before that I had a real vivid dream at the baseball park.
    7. November 4, 2010

      by , 11-05-2010 at 05:27 AM (Requiem's DJ)
      Failed A-TotM (dild)

      I'm back in high school. Teacher is handing out melted chocolate bars. Bell rings, into the hall. Some chick pulls me into the bathroom and demands I fuck her. This shit never happens to me. I must be dreaming. I want to try the A-TotM (advanced task of the month). I exit the bathroom and enter my house? I phase through the window and hop onto a motorcycle.

      The bike goes real slow but that's fine. I am cruisin' and thinking of a building that says "DV" or something. A little green house catches my eye. I jump off and head 'round back because the front is boarded up.

      I pass a uh lower class family eating outside. "What are you lookin' at?" The father said. His wife stands up and curls her fists. I quickly grab a knife, take aim, and throw it at the father's head. Success. The wife throws two knives at me and cuts me. I pick the entire family up with TK and quickly slam them into the ground. Creating visual gusts of air in the process. End.

      Water Water Everywhere (v-mild?) Gun In The Workplace (deild) The Most Beautiful Women In The World Is Average Looking (deild)

      Long dream about work. I am have to keep stopping because my boot is broken and my belt is too loose. Wardrobe malfunction. I wake up, take notes, and fall alseep visualizing my broken boots and repeating my mantra. Back in the dream I recogtnize the boots. I am dreaming. I head outside and pass a fat guy on the way out. I train carrying dinosaur fossils rumbles along the rails. I try to fly up to a platform above the train but can't. I try again using a 3 step method and it works. I pass the platform and keep going, its a nice day and a nice view of the town settled at the base of roaming hills. I fly higher, above the building, turn around and see nothing but water and giant waves. I turn to the town and see water crashing over the hills. The space beneath is flooded and the water rises above me. I lose vison but remain still. I feel minor virbations.

      I am quickly back inside my work building. Floating. Zero gravity. Objects float around me. I land and go and grab a gun from a toolbox. I pop off a few rounds at a fire extinguisher but nothing happens to it. A co-worker then comments on my boots. Whatever. I go to explore but lost vision. I think I woke up again. I don't move. Minor vibrations. Same thing. I am back in my place of employment.

      The last sequence I choose to withold.
    8. September 26, 2010

      by , 09-26-2010 at 11:48 PM (Requiem's DJ)
      Working 60 hours a week, not sleeping much, and sleeping like a rock, so not too much recall but keeping up with the practice. I am going to make a 'return' next week. New avatar, new goals, re-evaluation. It is that time again. I'll get out into the forums more too so look for me.

      Say, wait a minute....I think I had a lucid dream last night. Yeah, yeah, I did. A small one anyways. I was in some sort underground cavern lit with torches with some mutant allies. We were attacked by fast zombie things. I tried to activate my powers but it didn't work. I clotheslined one zombie and tore its head clean off. Punched through the stomach.
      side notes , lucid
    9. September 20, 2010

      by , 09-20-2010 at 06:42 PM (Requiem's DJ)
      I skipped the last two days for reasons I won't go into, but my dreams had been increasingly vivid and close to lucidity. And now a sort of breakthrough.

      45 Minute Lucid (dild)

      I woke up at 10, set me alarm and was back to sleep in a few minutes. Woke at 10:50. Lucidity weakened in some spots but I kept rediscovering lucidity, tried a few new things, my attempts at dream control were abysmal.

      I saw an old man in a wheelchair fly and knew I was dreaming.

      There was one scene where I get on my computer. I try to create a "Prof X" folder to see secret documents inside about his location but the computer acts too funny to use correctly. I click on a DV icon and open a chat and ask for a walk through. "Waka*blank* messages me (I don't know him, never heard of him) and we chat but he isn't helpful. I then try to slowly climb into my monitor but stuck halfway and exit.

      I tried to enter my neighbors house but it never quite worked out. First, I lost vision but got it back. Then it happened again so I spun and teleported to what looked like a sort of farm with a barn. I lady peers at me from inside. A huge bull emerges. It attacked and I try to draw a sword but nothing. I grab its charging horns with my bare hands and rip them off, then stab it to death.

      I explore my house, talk to my family at dinner about dreams, tell them about the earlier attempt at TV transportation attempt I enjoy a soft, flat taco. We are attacked my some gang but that part is pretty fuzzy.

      Eventually I was wondering if I was ever going to wake up, I sat down and stared at my hand. I tried to zoom in on it to the atomic level but nothing really happened. I wake myself up.

      So I really didn't get much accomplished.
    10. September 15, 2010

      by , 09-15-2010 at 06:51 PM (Requiem's DJ)

      Asleep In Class (non-lucid)

      I am back in high school, a poetry class. I lie my head down as I listen to students read their writing. I see flashes of my hand with multiple fingers and I remember that I can try and WILD. The feeling changes, and I am lying on my back now.

      "Requiem, no sleeping in class" the teacher said.

      "I am not sleeping. I am listening." I say. Then I focus on the wild. I think I feel some vibrations.

      My friend explains the the class that I am trying to WILD and tells them what it is. They are shocked.

      "We are going outside then." the teacher said and my friend shakes me back into the dream.

      The dream goes on for awhile, we walk though the halls, and down the steps, outside, and there are too many people out there and it ends.

      Looking for Prof. X (Part 1?) (wild)

      I know I was close to a wild, I reset my alarm and give it a try. Its been awhile. About 2 minutes or under I get waves of vibrations. I immediately begin to move my dream arms. I am thinking and visualizing the Prof.'s mansion. I am floating outside of my body without vision...I spin multiple times but nothing happens...I keep moving around and my vision, my room forms around me. (I should have used my tv/pc monitor to teleport). I climb onto my roof.

      I try to think I am on the mansion roof but look over the edge and me my yard. I lose vision. I spin agin and am in my room. I walk downstairs and out the back door.

      I fly high up into the air. Flying is easy but I concentrate on growing wings but nothing happens.

      I hear some music. I try to fly to the mansion but, I don't know, all I see is trees and the further I get from the house the music gets louder.

      I go back to my yard and see a small electronic device playing the music. It sort of looks like a weird mp3 player with a screen and mouse scroll wheel, it has 2 metal prongs and buttons. I pick it up and go into the alley.

      I try to use my mutant powers but nothing happens. My hand just sort of cramps up. I take the device, stick the prongs into my arm and press a button. It leaves to pen ink marks, nothing else.

      I continue down the road and see two fire fighters and fire trucks. They are frantically transferring equipment. I think of saving people but there is no burning building.

      "Where can I find Prof. X? I ask?

      "He is hiding." The women said.

      I am sick and tried of chasing dream guides. I regretfully push her down in anger. "Tell me where he is!" I yell.

      The man firefighter pulls a gun on me. I grab his hand and turn the gun on him and pull the trigger, blood gushes from his nose and mouth and he falls.

      I see a fruit truck drive by and I wake up.

      Baseball Shooter (non-lucid)

      I am at a baseball game and we hear a gun shot. We see a moose on the ground and another trying to help it up. My teammates and I all go into the woods, we find ourselves in a sort of roller coaster cart and track chasing the hunter. There is a small gun fight when we have our shots, we hit him but he keeps fighting.

      He gets real close to our car and I fire several rounds into his chest.

      A man explains something about how it is wrong to kill moose.
    11. September 7, 2010

      by , 09-07-2010 at 07:13 PM (Requiem's DJ)
      asked a dc for dg location, went there, no dream guide. nothing.

      Lost Dream Guide (dild)

      I am in bedroom and outside my window I see the neighbor's house oddly painted a bright yellow. I look at my hands and have too many fingers. I slowly walk downstairs and through the kitchen. Taking in all the sights and sounds. I go outside and hope the fence into the parking lot. I see a co-work approaching with two dogs. They attack me. I am bit and it is a reasonably painful sensation. I toss the dogs off to the side and they run away.

      "Where is my dream guide?" I ask. "...I dunno." he replies.

      I go back to my porch and yell "Mom!". She walks out. "Where is my dream guide?" I ask. In, let me think, in a sort of shower" she she said. "What? Dammit, what shower? She tells me what I already know. She smiles. "In the neighbor's shower"

      I do some spiderman shit. I jump up on the railing, a huge leap to the fence, on top of his roof, and jump down in front of the door. I enter.

      I enter and the house is still quite messy and the same layout from
      (Part 4). So I know right where the steps are and bathroom. I go up and in, tear down the shower curtain and there is nothing in the bathroom.

      For kicks I close my eyes and spin. My hands hitting the walls and sink. I keep my eyes close and do back flips. I open them and I am back in my kitchen. My whole family is there laughing at me because they say I am just spinning like an idiot. I wake up.

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    12. August 31, 2010

      by , 09-01-2010 at 08:59 AM (Requiem's DJ)
      Hmm...a few FA's recently and now this. Momentum?

      The Alcohol Lucid (dild)

      Broz and I are in the kitchen and we have a drink. I begin feeling a little woozy and go up to my room. I fall asleep with the intention of having a lucid dream. I wake up in the middle of the night feeling even more woozy. I have a really difficult time walking, I feel real heavy. I look at the 20 or so fingers on my hand and begin to suspect I am dreaming. My vision is a little blurry.

      World of Warcraft is on my computer. The buildings build themselves and dissemble themselves repeatedly. Fred Flintstone is also on the monitor. Yup, I am definitely dreaming. My hands again have too many fingers.

      I drag my feet through the darkness and to the window. The screen is torn open and a great storm is brewing. I think about climbing onto the roof. The shred of lucidity I have waivers as I decide I better not climb onto the roof in case I am not dreaming. They'd call the police if a drunk guy is on the roof.

      I still have a hard time walking, thinking, and seeing because my vision is lost multiple times. I am not lucid enough to use my normal techniques for re-entering the dreams. I try to pry my hands open to regain vision but it doesn't work. Lucidity is still weak because I think I might be blind. When I do get my eyes open, I wake up.
      I blame the poor quality on the strong effects of dream alcohol. And I am a little rusty.
    13. August 23, 2010

      by , 08-23-2010 at 07:10 PM (Requiem's DJ)
      I had more dreams but this short sort of lucid dream is all I remember.

      Sexy Time (dild)

      I was at my Aunt's house and I was looking at my hands and they were normal but I knew I was dreaming. I went into the basement where I found a woman. This quickly turned into romance. I felt the dream slipping so I just focused on the woman but shortly woke up anyways.
      Tags: aunt's, romance
    14. August 3, 2010

      by , 08-03-2010 at 07:17 PM (Requiem's DJ)
      I took a CnG (http://lucidallnight.wordpress.com/2...oline-a-guide/) to jump start August and as usual, it worked well. Although my recall is still a little spotty, I remained pretty lucid and there were moments of hyper realism. So a pretty good one.

      Snakes. Why'd it have to be snakes? (dild)

      Don't remember the beginning too well. I remember my hands having more fingers than normal and I'm lucid.

      It is dark and I am in the alley. I see the moon and I throw my hands out, palm down and try to lower it and raise a sun. The moon begins to fall but it turns into a fireball. Sort of a sun but it just returns to a normal moon when I stop focusing on it. I try to throw fireballs/energy balls but it doesn't work. The dream is quite stable so I try for at least 2 minutes. I try vocal commands and focuses on the feeling of my hands but nothing happens.

      I fly around my neighborhood a little bit and it is sort of snowing a little. Nothing really catches my attention so I go into my neighbors house. There isn't even room to move. It is just sort of enclosed space. I lose vision but remain in the dream using tactile sensations.

      I am back in the alley and again I lose vision. I drop to the floor and feel the gravel. I re-enter the dream.

      I got into my neighbors house. NOT the normal neighbors' but a different house. I lose vision but I start destroying the place. Tossing chairs and tipping a dresser until the dream reforms and I am back in the alley.

      I fly up and see basement swing doors in my neighbors yard.

      I open them and climb down the ladder. It is sort of like a warehouse/old dusty tomb. There is dirt and some vines too. I see a snake coiled up and decide to go the other direction. More snakes. I sort of lose lucidity, just running through this place, stomping and killing any snakes in my way. I get bit at from the side by a snake and it feels just like a light bee sting. No big deal.

      I stop running and stabilize. I kick up sort dirt and just watch it swirl around. I pick up a stick and hit this bucket on a rope and watch it swing around as gravity takes its toll and it slows. That was cool.

      Then out of nowhere there is a naked women. No doubt inspired by a recent entry in Xel's journal. Things heat up and the dream is real vivid. It segues somehow into something else. I remember continuing through the warehouse place until I found Bruce Willis, who is mumbling about something that happens when we can no longer dream and we lose our hair. I ask “But what about death and God and all that?” and I wake up.

      I think there was more but don't remember. Anyways, I got to go.


      1. My grandfather has a computer that is held together by duct tape at a party. Kyle Gass is on drums. I eat a red snow cone and it is really good.

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    15. July 22, 2010

      by , 07-22-2010 at 07:11 PM (Requiem's DJ)
      Uncharacteristicly insane dreams from me today. Recall and lucid thinking were pretty bad though. Mostly just sort of semi-lucid but red was the most vivid. I remeber the first dreams as a mish-mash of scenes.

      Action At My Aunt's House (dild + deild)

      First, I became lucid somehow and I was at my aunt's house. I took off all my clothes which might sound odd but was quite liberating. Maybe even helped with dream control because it reaffirmed I was dreaming. I effortlessly fly into the air but see a TV with a beach on it. Now is my chance to try teleporting and maybe even go surfing. I dive into the TV. I lose all vision but play dead. I re-enter the same dream.

      I fly into the air again to confirm I am dreaming and I see a friend. We talk about lucid dreaming and he said we are sharing a dream or someothing. He can see me from the real world and I'm naked. I fall to one knee and yell "What am I doing? Can you see me?" He knows the answer. I contest. You are probably a computer. YOu know the location of my knee on the axies in space.

      Another scene forms, my friend turns into a naked women and we just sort of run around eurphoricly like we are in the Garden Da Vida (that is in the bible, right?). Well, I fell on top of this women and things take a turn....but nothing happens because I lose vision but again play dead and re-enter the same dream.

      Another scene emerges. I walk down past the house and 4 cop cars come blaring up the drive way. "Finally! Some action!" I yell and my friend is back. WIthout hesitation I throw I huge arching fireball and blow the first car to smithereens. Monsters, not cops, get out of the cars and run at us. I use a vocal yell to use the Insect Swarm from Bioshock (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2OE4jjNA89g). I throw bees from my arm at them. At first only a few bees but the second time is a swarm and I even hit my friend by mistake. I drive all the monsters away but the leader. He just slwoly walks towards me with a serious look on his face and I can't stop him. I don't know how. I fly up and over the house into the yard where another scene happens.

      There is a guitarist there with a weird wireframe grid on his guitar. He said it is to micro his guitar better. Something happens and I get into a fight with my friend. He charges. "Real world rules only!" The guitarist yells. I uppercut my friend and he gets knocked into outer space. Quite literally.

      I wake up into an FA. Final scene, I walk downstairs and see DogW and a dead version of her. I continue into the kitchen where M and my aunt are cooking. There was nother FA where I was talking to my friend about taking notes.

      Juggernaut (non-lucid)

      I'll make this vivid dream quick. I am in some sort of warehouse with old high school friends. I was running from a guy that tried to kill me. Poison me or something. This guy tries to sell a big bag of lettuce as weed. When my friends look away, he places some poison weed inside. I tell them about it. "Don't smoke that!". They try to turn it into a cop but he shoots and kills them. This dealer guy pursues me. I sneak around the warehouse and hope over stone walls.

      I see this huge 8 foot 500 pound guy running through the stone walls. I cower int he corner hoping he doesn't see me. He is being pursued as well. "Turn yourself into these guys." he tells me. "Yeah. Ok. Anything. You just keep going." Vomit-like pours from his mouth. He turns and runs. Turns to me one last time and the vomit is gone. He smiles.

      I like to think I recruited this man as my dream team ally. He is the tank, obviously.
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