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    1. So. Dreaming of a warzone.

      by , 11-18-2011 at 02:20 AM
      So, none of you really know me. I'm not very active here. But Hi!

      Dreaming of a Warzone-

      In the bustling streets of a large city somewhere in Europe, war had erupted. Somehow, I was one of the first US responders to the situation and was attempting to fight off the terrorists who occupied a large sky scraper and were raining down terror in the form of RPGs and mortars. As our squad rushed to engage them, it was clear they had an advantage. They were sitting in the upper reaches of the sky scraper picking us off like ducks, because, for some reason, we decided to attempt to engage them from the street.

      However, we had one distinct advantage. The advanced technology of our military landed directly in our squads hands - a robotic suit that would completely cover the human body, enhancing every aspect of it ten-fold. It made us stronger, faster, bullet-proof, better armed, and capable of flight. The suit resembled this:

      The best part? When not in use it looked like an unfolded packing box. So simple, yet deadly. Somehow, I was put in charge of working the suit, and jumped right in. The box quickly engulfed me and form-fitted my body and I began blasting the terrorists with a large Gatling Gun attached to my shoulder. I began tossing cars out of my way onto a bridge, so that no civilians would somehow wander, or drive, into the area.

      Sadly, I remember nothing more from the dream. But I would like the suit!
      non-lucid , memorable