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    Dreams of 11/22 and 11/23, Prostitution, Sex on a boat, and I finally get a minigun!

    by , 11-24-2010 at 08:32 PM (514 Views)
    Sex on a boat-
    For obvious reasons, I won't go into details. But there were a lot of naked girls on a boat, and there was me. It went well. Very, very well.

    I finally get a Minigun-
    So it seems I had to become a doctor, but people were trying to kidnap me. Me and my friend (who was a rat-thing that could TALK) hid in a hotel but they found us. While he fought them off I locked the back ways in with coat hangers bent to go through the locks of the doors. When I was done with that, I heard a scream and ran outside, they had killed my friend! So I grabbed a minigun, crouched behind a couch and began firing not bullets, but orbs of what seemed like lava. So there were guys in huge suits of armour with jetpacks coming at me firing orbs of lightning, and I was just mowing them down. They came in waves, and in between the waves I had to try to kill the people who were trying to kidnap me, which incidently was kirby and Luigi riding a yoshi in two giant bubbles. I got hit by the lightening and it almost killed me! I had a few close calls but I finally managed to finish off the bad guys with a headshot to one of the troopers and then take down kirby and luigi. At that point I walked out the backway (Dropped my minigun) and found my friend alive again! We ended up going to some sort of farm, and there was a gigantic tank in the middle of the field. We stole it and began tearing up the country side. No sign of the bad guys. So then we got to this run down town where I finally saw a doctor, who looked like an alien as he had a snout and was light blue. He was estatic that I wanted to become a doctor and he allowed me to become his apprentice. Then the dream ended.

    11/23 (last night)

    Prostitution is not OK-
    I started off in my Principles of Technology classroom. It seems someone had finished their robot and the teacher was congratulating them. I decided to go chill in the computer lab, and started talking to people. All of a sudden one of the computers burst into flames, I shouted that someone do something and then the teacher yelled at me to do it. So I grabbed a fire extinguisher that shot just plain water and put out the flames. I had to then go to my next class but I was going to be late because I had to put out a fire. I asked for a pass but the teacher told me to go see the counseling office to get a pass. I didn't want to waste all the time to go down there, as my next class was across the hall. I walked in, he was mad at me for being late, and didn't believe I was putting out a fire. Then I decided to get lunch. It seems our lunch room had been drastically enlarged and now had a starbucks. I decided to get a coffee and eat with some friends. I was standing in line where two korean kids working at the starbucks were giving people tons of shit. I was talking about physics, 'The square root of pi' with them as it seems thats what they were learning. I noticed they had the same physics book as I do too O.o. Then they told one of my friends, who's name is james to start copying down answers from the back of the book for them. He didn't want to get beat up so he complied. Then all of a sudden Allison (A girl in my world religions class) leaned over and told me she REALLY needed the 5 dollars that these korean guys had. For some reason they were flashing around a 5 dollar bill. Immediately I knew she was talking about having sex for 5 dollars, I picked her up in a hug and told her I had money, and not to become a prostitute. She seemed happy after that and walked away. I got out of line and I saw my sister. Then some black kid I know ran up to me and stole my afro (Which apparently, I was wearing this entire time. Looked good in it too!) and as I walked to class I complained about how I could never grow an afro myself. (When I was young I wanted an afro, lol)

    I also remember a fragment of a dream where it was just me and my math teacher and we were going over huge calculus equations on a black board (What's epic is I don't even know calculus).

    Interesting dreams lately. I hope I get to drive another giant tank soon.

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