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    I got lucid! (And fought zombies!)

    by , 11-21-2010 at 06:22 PM (856 Views)
    I got Lucid -
    It was odd, I felt that something was wrong, and I was just standing in my dark house. Then I looked down at my hand and it had 8+ fingers on it! Then I heard Queen Zukin say that being Lucid was knowing you are dreaming. I decided to have some fun.

    My dog was looking eagerly at me, I looked at it and it turned into some sort of flying flying creature and flew away. Then I thought "I certainly could use a weapon" And before I knew it I was holding a Kar98K. So now I had a weapon, and I was lucid. What should I do? What about fight zombies? As soon as I thought that I was on some sort of sandy beach looking past dead trees to a full moon, and just them a wolf howl filled the air. I fell back into the eye of the dream as the game began...

    It began in some sort of greenhouse. Me and 3-4 friends were holding out against zombies. (I had the Kar98K FTW) Wave after wave of zombies were coming at us, and inbetween every round we could enter some sort of chamber outside of the greenhouse to get money. But if we entered too late, we would be released into the wave of zombies, which I did twice. Then all of a sudden I was alone, and fighting a giant zombie with a flaming head. I kept diving out of his way and shooting him, but he wouldn't die! Then he disappeared and I saw in the corner the words "CONNECTION LOST - ATTEMPTING TO RECONNECT" Then someone said "Where is he? I need to know where he is." and I could choose responses, and I chose "No An'ika, He's nowhere" (No idea what An'ika means)

    Pretty sure I had some sort of dream with Queen Zukin. Can't really remember it.

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    1. Oneironaut Zero's Avatar
      Nice job, Retribution! I love that, while you were fighting the head zombie, you got disconnected from the server. That's friggin' hilarious.
    2. Retribution's Avatar
      It seems even my minds connection is sketchy!