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    My dreams have returned!

    by , 11-07-2010 at 05:46 PM (330 Views)
    So after 3 horrible nights of sleeping, I was finally able to get a good nights sleep and remember my dreams last night. It was pretty fun.

    School gets out early-
    I ended up going to school. Was wandering the halls and then the bells rang. We got out at 8 AM. I walked passed the buses with some friends. Next I remember it was dark and I had a flashlight thing on my head. I was talking to some people and they said they had to go eat, and I had to find where they ate. I entered a construction site and began looking for them with a friend (Who I'll call Cole) Then all of a sudden I looked up and turned on my flashlight and found them! I was so proud I had found them without help from others. (As cole wanted to just walk past that area! Hah!) They were siting up on a crane and seemed generally surprised I found them so quickly. They then told me finding the next group would not be so easy!

    We dye one of our cats orange-
    All I remember from this one is that I was walking around and realized one of our cats had been dyed orange and his tail shortened dramatically. He looked almost identical to another one of our cats (Who is actually very dangerous, we have to keep him separated from the other cats because he attempts to kill them.) Then all of a sudden that very cat walked around the corner and I was thinking "Oh shit, I've got to get him out of here." as the cat we dyed was one of the cats he attacked. But he doesn't attack him, he simply meows at him and they begin eating a bowl of food that appeared. So the plan was to trick him to make him think he was not the same cat..

    One REALLY random dream- This dream was very, very random. It seemed to include aspects of my elementary school life and my current life in High School.
    So I find myself with a bunch of friends from High School in my Elementary school's little theater. We are running around and just having general fun. One of my friends says he will be right back, he's going to go to McDonalds and go get tons of little apple pies for us. I thought that was pretty cool, I watched him go out and I realized the doors were a little off. Instead of a regular door, it was shortened by about 2 feet and then there was a baby gate there. You had to climb over the baby gate and not bang your head on the top of the door. It was kind of like Limboing, I guess. I attempted to get out and I made it, I looked around and I saw more people from my high school. I decided to go back into the room, but have a little fun. I grabbed hold of the door and swung myself as hard as I could into the room, nearly breaking the door. Everyone was laughing, except for my football coach who appeared out of nowhere. He ended up yelling at me and telling me not to break the door. I thought it was odd he didn't find it utterly hilarious. Next thing I know, Bill (my friend) is back with the pies. But it seems he didn't get enough so I didn't get any. I went up to him, and he's holding about 25 boxes of these little pies, and I ask why I don't get one. He said he was sorry, he didn't get enough. But he felt bad so he gave me one of his pies. I ate it in two bites and it tasted pretty good. [Maybe McDonalds is advertising in my dreams now!] So then I decide to go out of the room again, and I start talking to Trevor, who is leaning against the wall talking to some random girl whose face I didn't see. I walk up to him just as she's leaving and we start talking. "Is that the one?" I ask. "Yeah, dude. I've always liked the bigger girls. More loving". "That's kind of backwards for me, I always liked the SKINNY girls." at that point I leave and I see two girls in yoga positions racing down the hallway on their fingers. At that point I'm starting to realize this is a bit off, and I see even more people from my High School showing up, and then I wake up.

    And I'm pretty sure I had a dream about Queen Zukin, but I can't really remember it

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