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    1. The House of the Dead

      by , 12-11-2010 at 07:26 PM
      You know, I have a lot of zombie dreams. Good stress reliever?

      The House of the Dead -I found myself in some sort of giant mansion. It was sunny outside and I was wondering what was going on. I had an M1 Garand and a boatload of ammunition. I kind of took this as a sign that there was going to be trouble. As I explored the house I started to hear these load moans coming from outside. Just then I turned the corner and I saw the front of the house being invaded by the undead! Some zombies, some completely rotted and simply skeletons. When they saw me they screeched at me and the skeletons could sprint! I sighted up and began shooting, aiming for their heads. I walked backwards and retreated around the corner as I got one, two, three, four.. and they kept coming! I ran back down the hallway and killed the last few runners and then I had to deal with the slow zombies. They were very easy, and soon the entrance to the house was clear. I decided to go outside, as being cooped up in a house alone, it was only a matter of time before they got me or I ran out of ammo. I ran outside and was about 20 feet outside of the house, looking around. I was surrounded by vast gardens, but there was some sort of an enclosure to my left. As I looked around, a group of undead appeared right next to me, and a skeleton was withing breathing distance. Thankfully in the dream I had my size and height I do in real life, and I stood head over shoulders to them. I spun quickly and rammed the butt of my rifle into it's jaw, breaking the jaw and sending the skeleton to the ground. I quickly shot it and zig-zagged my way through the group of slow moving zombies that remained. I ran up some stairs to the large enclosure I noticed. It was very strange, it was about as large as 6 football fields, and there was a group of about 30 survivors with an ammo dump near the back of it! However, there was several thousands zombies slowly making their way into the enclosure, and the survivors were doing what they could to kill them. I was trying to get to them, but there were zombies on the pathway I was taking. I sighted up and began shooting, taking out most of them before they could turn to shuffle towards me. I began slowly making my way down the pathway killing as many as I could, until I ran out of ammo. Now I simply had the gun. I charged into the last group, swinging my rifle into their jaws and being careful about their bites as I began picking them up and throwing them off the pathway I was on. Finally it was clear to get to the group, and when I got to them they had split into four teams. I ran by each team and they seemed glad to see another survivor like themselves. Two teams were on the left pathway, above the main grounds, and two teams on the right. They were slowly being overrun! I ran to the ammo dump, grabbed as much ammo as I could for the M1 I currently had, and decided to grab a Thompson machine gun just in case. I ran to the right side, and for some reason they were just sitting there! A zombie had managed to get right behind one of the men, and was going in for the kill. I sighted up quickly and shot twice, killing the zombie and saving the man. It seems that woke the teams up, and we began trying to take as many zombies as we could with us. It was obvious we would not make it.

      The next thing in the dream I remember is everyone being dead, and flames everywhere, destroying the garden. I was the last one, and using the Thompson to mow down as many as I could. I stood by the ammo dump as they came at me from both sides, and there was still several thousand zombies. At that point I woke up.