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    The Return of the Dreams

    by , 12-03-2010 at 12:30 AM (366 Views)
    So for the past few nights I haven't been sleeping well at all due to real life things that needed to be tended to. Finally got most of those out of the way so I have more time devoted to sleep, thankfully. (Between working out and working, I'm worn out.) I'm not even sure anyone reads this but myself, but what the hell, ya know?

    The Blizzard that Blanketed the World
    - I dreamt we have a HUGE blizzard and for some reason I was in my Ghillie suit (Off note: Yes, I own a Ghillie suit.) I was with Cole, and we were walking through it, barely being able to see in front of us. I decided to venture off on my own when he said he was going to wait for a ride. I thought my house wasn't far away, but somehow I got lost in a village of shacks, seemingly like I was thrown back into Medieval Europe. I was stumbling about, freezing and I knew I was near death. Someone asked if I was alright, and I said told them I wasn't and that I couldn't feel my fingers. The man ran up to me and gave me some fluid I thought was water, but quickly I learned it was whiskey. I got pretty drunk. It felt strange, and I stood up and started walking, though It was more like hobbling, around. While the man and an older woman, probably his mother, argued about giving me liquor. I stammered around thinking "I'm Drunk. I'm drunk! Body, can't you see I'm drunk!". The man and woman decided to take me in until the storm passed, and I was able to live in a giant basement that I pimped out and I got through by helping people with their plumbing.

    The Iron Dragon vs The Iron Man - I was in some sort of labyrinth made of steel and lava with 4 other friends. We were decked out in futuristic armor and I had some sort of gun that shot in bursts, it kind of resembled an M16, but not quite. Me and my friends were going through the labyrinth which had doors of fire, and we saw a giant dragon which seemed to be made of iron, or the same material that our armor and weapons were made of. We began shooting at it, and slowly but surely taking down it's health. Then all of a sudden all the fire doors opened and we were no longer safe from it. It charged at us and I dove out of the way. Then we got past it and it chased us through the maze of hallways and platforms. Before I knew it I was separated from the rest of my friends and with the dragon on my tail. I had a good hunch that my friends were dead, and as soon as I thought of it their names popped up in my HUD (I had a helmet on) with KIA next to their names. All of a sudden I was desperate, and I knew I was probably going to die. Almost resigning to my death, I instead pushed on and turning around at corners to send bursts into the dragons head, which did almost nothing to it. I found myself sprinting across the platform surrounded by lava we first met the dragon at, and something, or someone said to me "You are in charge here. You choose your fate." All of a sudden I turned around, saw the dragon about 30 meters behind me, shot some bursts into it, and it charged at me. When it was not a few feet away from me, I suddenly flew up into the air using a jetpack I had all but forgotten about, and through the ceiling. Before me all I saw was blackness, the only light escaping from the hole from the lair of the dragon. I woke up after that.

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