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    1. An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind, and I fight zombies again!

      by , 11-28-2010 at 06:40 PM
      Now, I know for a fact I forgot a few dreams because I ended up having to sleep on the couch last night. But I did manage to get a few dreams down.

      11/26 -
      I'm in a movie!- Someone made a movie about our school, and we were all in the gym. We ended up lining up and getting our roles. I played myself, and they named me "Lethal Mike". (Fitting, I guess)

      11/27 -
      I fight zombies again- A group of friends and I were bogged down somewhere fighting zombies. We had a little bit of relaxing time, and one of the guys was being very, very rude to our medic. She gets sick of his attitude and starts telling him off, and then we all have a flashback of why he became an asshole. Don't remember the flashback.

      Any eye for an eye makes the whole world blind- I was walking down the hallway and I saw a girl I know. Then a man came out of nowhere carrying his girlfriend in his arms. I decided to out do him and grabbed my friend in one arm and raced down the hallway. When I set her down she wasn't too happy :S. Then I went to spanish class, which was really weird because class was in the hallway and we had a sub. I began writing about what I had just done. Then, out of nowhere some freshman came and started asking me questions about someone in my class. "What's her name?" "Her name is Xochitl (note: That is her spanish name). Why do you want to know?". They tell me that her and her friend was making fun of them, and they want to return the favor. I explained to them that that is not how you treat women for one, and that an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind. I decided to go walk around the school. Seems they were playing a drumming movie in the cafeteria, but I wasn't really interested. I bumped into Foley and we started talking as we walked down the hallway. For some reason he had about 20 bags of cheese puffs in one giant plastic bag.
    2. Gummy worms and Queen Zukin!

      by , 11-20-2010 at 06:12 PM
      I was at some sort of HUGE festival with Queen Zukin. We were talking and walking around and having a good time. Then one of my friends got into a fight and Queen Zukin began re-enacting Futurama. While this was going on a worm ate some sort of remote control gummy worm we were playing with?
    3. Football, Football, Football, Football, Lady?

      by , 11-11-2010 at 10:59 PM
      I haven't been recalling much lately, but I did manage to have two dreams:

      Football!: I ended up in a giant football stadium with all my team mates. We were walking around the locker room with regular clothes and our helmets on. Why we had those on, I had no idea. We ended up deciding to go throw the football around a bit, and we went onto the field and past some gates with barbed wire on them. They ended up throwing the ball to me but with horrible aim, and it went over the fence. I had to go get the ball, so I hopped up the fence, but when I got to the top I realized there was barbed wire and it hurt.

      Who's that lady?: It was christmas time, my dad went out and bought me some gloves because it was cold. He came back and had these really strange gloves. Him and my mom started arguing about it and I realized someone I knew from school was now living in my house. I started talking to her, and then the next thing I know I'm at football practice and she's suited up too O.o
    4. My dreams have returned!

      by , 11-07-2010 at 05:46 PM
      So after 3 horrible nights of sleeping, I was finally able to get a good nights sleep and remember my dreams last night. It was pretty fun.

      School gets out early-
      I ended up going to school. Was wandering the halls and then the bells rang. We got out at 8 AM. I walked passed the buses with some friends. Next I remember it was dark and I had a flashlight thing on my head. I was talking to some people and they said they had to go eat, and I had to find where they ate. I entered a construction site and began looking for them with a friend (Who I'll call Cole) Then all of a sudden I looked up and turned on my flashlight and found them! I was so proud I had found them without help from others. (As cole wanted to just walk past that area! Hah!) They were siting up on a crane and seemed generally surprised I found them so quickly. They then told me finding the next group would not be so easy!

      We dye one of our cats orange-
      All I remember from this one is that I was walking around and realized one of our cats had been dyed orange and his tail shortened dramatically. He looked almost identical to another one of our cats (Who is actually very dangerous, we have to keep him separated from the other cats because he attempts to kill them.) Then all of a sudden that very cat walked around the corner and I was thinking "Oh shit, I've got to get him out of here." as the cat we dyed was one of the cats he attacked. But he doesn't attack him, he simply meows at him and they begin eating a bowl of food that appeared. So the plan was to trick him to make him think he was not the same cat..

      One REALLY random dream- This dream was very, very random. It seemed to include aspects of my elementary school life and my current life in High School.
      So I find myself with a bunch of friends from High School in my Elementary school's little theater. We are running around and just having general fun. One of my friends says he will be right back, he's going to go to McDonalds and go get tons of little apple pies for us. I thought that was pretty cool, I watched him go out and I realized the doors were a little off. Instead of a regular door, it was shortened by about 2 feet and then there was a baby gate there. You had to climb over the baby gate and not bang your head on the top of the door. It was kind of like Limboing, I guess. I attempted to get out and I made it, I looked around and I saw more people from my high school. I decided to go back into the room, but have a little fun. I grabbed hold of the door and swung myself as hard as I could into the room, nearly breaking the door. Everyone was laughing, except for my football coach who appeared out of nowhere. He ended up yelling at me and telling me not to break the door. I thought it was odd he didn't find it utterly hilarious. Next thing I know, Bill (my friend) is back with the pies. But it seems he didn't get enough so I didn't get any. I went up to him, and he's holding about 25 boxes of these little pies, and I ask why I don't get one. He said he was sorry, he didn't get enough. But he felt bad so he gave me one of his pies. I ate it in two bites and it tasted pretty good. [Maybe McDonalds is advertising in my dreams now!] So then I decide to go out of the room again, and I start talking to Trevor, who is leaning against the wall talking to some random girl whose face I didn't see. I walk up to him just as she's leaving and we start talking. "Is that the one?" I ask. "Yeah, dude. I've always liked the bigger girls. More loving". "That's kind of backwards for me, I always liked the SKINNY girls." at that point I leave and I see two girls in yoga positions racing down the hallway on their fingers. At that point I'm starting to realize this is a bit off, and I see even more people from my High School showing up, and then I wake up.

      And I'm pretty sure I had a dream about Queen Zukin, but I can't really remember it
    5. A wonderfully dirty dream and fighting zombies!

      by , 11-04-2010 at 01:32 AM
      A wonderfully dirty dream-
      Sadly, I can't go into details But I will tell you it had Queen Zukin! Was fun

      Zombie Apocalypse-
      I dreamt me and 4 other people were in the middle of a zombie apocalypse. We were running around loaded with weapons, but the police wouldn't let us help. The zombies were just being blocked by riot shields and slowly killing the cops. We decided it would be best to just start killing the zombies and ignore the cops. We began making our way around and down to a ware house where zombies were being made, shooting them like a massacure. Then all of a sudden a squad member got bit and became a 30 ft zombie and we had to kill him
    6. Fighting for TIME!

      by , 11-02-2010 at 03:56 AM
      I remember being annoyed I couldn't remember any dreams last night, and as I was drifting back to sleep I was thinking of why my clock was moving so fast, why wouldn't it slow down? It seemed like I would lay my head down, then look up, and i'd lose an hour!

      All I can remember of the dream was there were two GIANT armies. One was lead by me, and the other looked like they were mongols (or something). They were fighting for the time to be moved backwards, and I was fighting for time to stay how it is supposed to be. Then we charged each other and I leapt into the army of men swinging two scimitars.
    7. I was in a video game and had a really epic dream! O_O

      by , 10-31-2010 at 03:46 AM
      So I forgot to post yesterday, so I'll tell you what I remember.

      First dream I remember it was something like Runescape. I was attempting to get through this cave to complete some sort of quest. I kept looking at a map and then attempting to go through, but I kept dieing! (My character wasn't strong enough I guess? haha). So I finally found a friend of mine and we managed to get through the cave (But just barely)

      The next dream I was in a giant retirement home. Everyone and everything was white, and old people were walking around with oxygen because they had a hard time breathing. I was wandering around and ended up finding a dead body. Apparently friends of mine thought it would be funny if they killed one of the old people and hid their body for me to find. So I thought that was kind of creepy.

      Then tonight, I dreamt I was in some sort of jungle, and there were aztec temples everywhere. I had to enter one of the temples and attempt to conquer what was inside. I met one of my football friends outside, and I asked him why he was just standing out there. He said he was to afraid to face what was in there. So I decided to go in alone. When I got in there, I realized I was running around with a giant chain gun, and people were trying to kill me. I started shooting and took out a machine gun nests ammunition pile, and then started moving forward. Then I found a blackhawk and had to fly it and destroy the enemy supply lines before they could finish making a giant doomsday weapon that would ultimately destroy the world. I started destroying the trucks entering/leaving the base, but then I was shot down! I attempted to get into the base, but all of a sudden the enviorment shifted to a completely destroyed city, fires burning everywhere and a wreck train. I found myself with an assault rifle and started moving. All of a sudden, android soldiers streamed out of a destroyed drive through diner. I took them out and realized that if I didn't stop them, they would take over the world. I started systematically moving through the rubble of the city and taking out groups of the killer androids. Then, all of a sudden, I realized something was wrong and swung around to see a friend of mine (Who was evil, and leading the droids). I tried to shoot him but I couldn't. Then all of a sudden two red androids on four legs came out of nowhere extremely fast and collided into each other, resulting in a giant 60 foot android that could shoot lasers and destroy entire cities. This was the doomsday weapon! Quickly I ran into the subway and started taking out all the androids that were left over. Then I had to kill my friend, who had been stalking me since I saw him. I hid in the shadows and waited. Somehow, I managed to turn myself invisible so he couldn't see me and I laid on the ground waiting for him. As soon as he passed me I sprung up and knifed him in the back of the neck, killing him. Then I realized the giant android was ripping apart the subway station with mechanical tentacles, and was hunting for me. I was trying to escape when I woke up...

      On an interesting note, this time, when flying the helicopter, I wasn't naked!
    8. Learning to drive backwards and an odd policeman

      by , 10-19-2010 at 04:41 PM
      So.. I had a really weird dream this morning.

      I found myself driving our SUV. But I wasn't JUST driving the SUV. I was driving it.. BACKWARDS! And not just backwards in the regular sense, I was driving with my back to the drivers seat going forward, with these two long wooden pedals connected to the gas and the break. I also had a steering wheel! On top of that, I was on the phone with someone. Aren't I talented?

      So I was driving along, talking on the cell phone, not paying attention, and I approach a stop sign with several cars. Well, I didnt have enough time to stop and not hit them, so I had to swerve into the other lane, and I ended up turning around the corner and parking there thinking "Oh shit. That was bad." Great thing was, I was RIGHT next to a police station. So they saw me. I waited there as two of them got in a squad car, drove one block, and pulled over right behind me. By the time they had come over I had put away my phone and gotten in my seat the right way.

      "So, you know you were going 30 in a 25 mph zone, right?" "Sorry, wasn't looking at the speed. Isn't that legal though?" "I'LL TELL YOU WHAT'S LEGAL, DON'T YOU TELL ME!". So then all of a sudden we ended up in an alley and then he let me go. So I drove home thinking I will never drive backwards and talk on my cell phone again.

      A valuable lesson was learned today..
    9. Big Mike's Dream Journal

      by , 10-17-2010 at 04:21 AM
      Hey there! This is my first Dream Journal, so bare with me. I'm practically new to dreaming entirely.

      For my entire life I suppressed dreams, thinking of them as just a little side attraction in my grand life. I felt it was better to simply go to sleep and wake up and get things done. That is, until about a week ago, a good friend of mine (You know her as the lovely Queen Zukin) introduced me to the world of dreaming. Since then, I've actually slept better and had quite a bit of fun!

      So without further adieu, I give you; one of my first dreams!

      I started out in a giant gym for P.E. class. We got to play a game, which is speedball (It's a game where you have two teams, the two teams split into two as well, half goalies and half out on the court. The two teams then attempt to score on each other by picking up a ball and throwing it or kicking it into the other teams wall). Me and a bunch of my football friends were there, and even some of the cheer leaders . We started out having a lot of fun, but soon it got extremely competative and violent. One of the cheerleaders ended up getting angry at me for blocking her and tried to get in my face (It didn't work very well as she was about 4'9) She ended up jumping on my back (Reminds me of Yoda in star wars, if you know that ) I thought she was still on my back as the game ended, but when I grabbed what was on my back, the only thing on my back was a sports bag. I went looking for her to try to at least give her the bag back, and apologize while I was at it. But the sad thing was, I couldn't remember the girls name, so when I found the cheerleader gym, where they were supposed to be changing (Sadly, they were NOT changing, instead they were building a giant pyramid), I couldn't tell them who to give the bag to, so I just tossed it to one of them.