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    Motivated by a dragon

    by , 06-25-2013 at 05:48 AM (259 Views)
    So this is the dream that kind of pushed me onward and upward hopefully.

    I had it this morning and I was so frustrated at myself for my lack of focus and direction.

    I became lucid suddenly, went from seeing nothing but black to suddenly sitting in an empty field. Just knew that I was dreaming, and then asked myself, 'Ok.. I'm lucid.. now what?' I honestly drew a blank as to what I wanted to do.

    Well thankfully something within me kicked in, and I hear this growl behind me. I turn around slowly, ready to make whatever it is disappear, but then I see it's a dragon. A beautiful red/green/black iridescent one. I'm too awestruck at this point to do anything. Then it snorts at me and dips its head, kind of like how horses do to get attention, and I realize it wants me to ride it. But before I could I woke up. I think I was just too excited.

    It was just frustrating because I had the world at my fingertips and ended up just sitting there without a clue, a purpose, a meaning. So I'm hoping the next time, I'll know what I want to do and attain it.
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