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    Getting Shot Hurts

    by , 10-15-2010 at 01:26 AM (1165 Views)
    I was in some sort of shipping yard and i had a small machine gun. Bad guys kept peeking out of shipping containers so i shot them. After i did this for a while i ran out of bullets and went looking for some guns on the ground. While i was looking around a friend from school started shooting at me with a big ass gun. Evading a spray of bullets, i found a gun that looked the same as his. When i tried to shoot at him the gun wouldnt work so i tried to run away. I was too slow and he shot me a ****load of times in my back and ass cheek. It hurt a lot. After that there was a flash of what my back looked like then i woke up.

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    Tags: gun, mw2, shot