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    Inline Rink then Landboarding

    by , 10-07-2010 at 04:57 AM (526 Views)
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    Starts off im at my house when i decide to go downstairs to my personal but public inline skating rink. From there i keep forgeting what i was supposed to bring so i head back upstairs, when i come back down i haven't brought back down anything. I end up doing this a few more times then finally i bring down a snowboard instead of rollerblades. I teleport to my local mountain where i try to rip down the slopes but theres no snow (damn, i really wanted to snowboard in a dream). after barrel rolling down the hill without a board i look up to see an old retired news reporter that i used to watch. I didn't really think his presence was important so i just walked past him. From there i started wading through some water towards some DCs helping a mother black bear over a fence. I volunteer to help so i go up and start to push him over the fence. The last thing i remember is walking through the grass while around 15 bears were just minding there own businesss in the field.

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