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    The Artist's Atelier

    by , 09-17-2014 at 11:26 PM (377 Views)
    This dream begun with me arriving at the studio/loft/gallery apartment of an artist I met in one of my trips. Life had given him a couple of low blows and he was a very angry man, much in contrast with his sensibility and his desire for inner peace. He was always almost getting into a fistfight. Watching this guy’s smile one moment and then explode and be ready rip someone’s heart out the next taught me a thing or 2 about polar opposites. Anyway, it had been a long time since we last met and it saddened me to see that he was still suffering, even with his very apparent success.

    The place was alive. You approached it through a hilly road, and at one point one could see the 3 floors of the glass building bustling with activity. I went directly to the roof. While I was climbing the last flight of stairs I saw to my left some people dressed like buddhist monks jumping up and down the large steps of a small pyramid. They jumped and from one step to the next they flipped 180º, landing on their feet first, then on their heads, back on their feet, heads, etc. They seemed very happy doing that.

    When I got to the roof I just catched a glimpse of him. He was running off and just said “hi” on his way out. I didn’t know anyone else so I just went and sat on a bench. There was a little girl sitting on the other side. I asked her what she was doing there and suddenly all the mood of All the place changed. It became literally uncanny. She changed. Got very pale, but blushed. She became embarassed when she answered that she was there to “bother” people. To annoy and nag them. Then she left.

    I turned around and saw a fat man that had all the same “vampire-esque” condition. I said to him, because this was one of my first lucid dreams, and the more I was having, the closer together they were arriving. I said: “Wow, these (lucid dreams) are happening faster and faster.” To that he answered, with a very resigned (for a vampire) and gloomy face, that for him already all had arrived (also faster and faster), and so he had reached the End. Just as he said that, I heard the scariest roar I could have ever imagined happening. Something that could only have come out of a very high hierarchy demon. I’m not even going to search Google for a name. Imagine the Betelgeuse of demons. And it sounded like he was right there just behind me. From the scare I instantly opened my eyes and found myself in my bed looking at the ceiling.

    The roar was an old bus driving outside on the street. If that’s the way things work out in dreams then I’m all for it. But one time I was dreaming that some very bad monsters were chasing me and as I was running away from them I entered a nave of a building full of strange, sharp and pointy machines while all the while the sun was setting so it was getting darker and darker and I could see less and less until everything went black and I just kept trying to move forward for a bit until the dream ended just like those where you die in them. Which are the ones I like the most by the way.


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