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    Cool misterious and anime, game dream.

    by , 08-23-2013 at 01:46 PM (528 Views)
    I had four dreams this night. I woke up at around 2:30AM - 2:50AM, then at 4:00AM (i planed to wake up, but drifted back to sleep) and finally at 5:30AM .

    First dream

    I was at my home(apartment), it was night. I was standing in hall, when suddenly I went to kitchen and looked out of window, I was confused how many moons there are , then I went to other side of house and saw a lot of moons there too, except one of them was like real one. Then somehow , I got one of the spots, and it was like small UFO, with rotating lamp on the side. I could see the beams shining, but it didn't illuminate the room. Also the room was totally normal , and I could see some items on the table. Then I showed the UFO to my dad, he seemed uninterested. So I put the UFO on the table.
    Later my grandmother appeared at our house , and I told her to come with me. I went to kitchen's window, and showed how many moons there are. Then I led her to bedroom, and looked out of window(I could even see the water on the glass), but the view wasn't good. Then I ran to the living room and showed her the real moon and how many "fake moons" there are. Then I showed her the UFO I got.

    Second Dream

    The second one was just in the same environment as first. It was also night. I think there was something in the beginning and we were doing it with dad. I think we were experimenting something, as i remember we registered some numbers and tried again.But I can't remember exactly.

    So later dad sit at computer again. And when I went to my living room, suddenly I saw the two villains from Pokemon(haven't watched it for like 6 years) on the balcony. I shouted for dad, and told him that there was someone on the balcony. He didn't seem to react at first, but then came. Then when I appeared on the balcony, the guy wasn't there anymore. Only the girl , but i didn't saw her face anymore. Then I started to try stop her, and saw Physics teacher walking on the path that leads to recyclers. I was concerned that she will see me. Then I pushed the girl on the ground.

    (I think at this point I in dream realized that I'm dreaming (with my dream's mind,not real one), and tried to stay at it , but the dream faded. And I false awoken. Then the third dream started.)

    Third Dream

    Then I appeared on the path with my grandmother,(I think sister was there too).

    So we walked and then we saw 3 old women. So one of them was Physics teacher, and two random women. We greeted and continued to walk. I think later we met physics teacher again.

    Fourth dream

    So the fourth dream was the most vivid.
    So I don't know how we got there, but I was at the house which was located at the "Old lake". Only it was different because the house was on the hill in end of path. And there was no lake. The house was wooden, and the door was under a balcony, and I think there was an old wooden swing chair next to door.
    There was grass around the house and trees where they should be. So the weird thing was that , entering the house , I saw myself in 3rd person as a character like in MySims,but smaller and more blocky. Also my sister was there , I knew that the character was my sister. I saw kitchen like room where we sat. Then when we went out of house , we turned normal. So later I saw my sister on her bike riding down hill, and it was normal, just like when we ride from the lake. Then I think we got back to home couple times.
    But then, me and my sister went out and she started to ride down the hill. She told me to ride too , but I took some kind of vehicle but didn't get far.
    So I went somewhere by feet. I went through many places I know, but sometimes it was different. I think I went to the left when I got to the crossroad. So there was a mix of the "museum" place and something else. Then I (I think I walked some more) appeared at some strange place (it was urban). I wanted to go home, but couldn't find how. Then I went in some strange building, it was pretty empty. So there was an mid-aged woman who sat at table. I came to her greeted , and asked if she can help me ( she didn't seem too nice). So she asked what is it. I told that I am lost and I need help. But suddenly a muscular man appeared , and said that he couldn't do it(???) . So the woman started to yell at him. So I thought it would be better idea to go away.
    So I somehow appeared at a place(I think I went through there when I was going to the strange place), there was a path, and house and there were some people, I think some were kids or teens. So I went to a point , where a big map appeared like in game. So I saw myself walk through places(I could see the names, but I didn't read them) So I searched for my town. And then i went on a region where my town name appeared. (There were some other, and I saw a big palace next to our region also a school like building.) So I kinda appeared the bottom of the path to my house. So I went up the hill and entered the house. I turned into MySims character again. And saw my sister at home. I played with chat commands and emoticons. So I think it ended here.

    The MySims and map part was surprising , especially that i could read in dream

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