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    Indie Films and Werewolves

    by , 06-10-2010 at 12:59 AM (1267 Views)
    I'm in film class, waiting my turn to give my presentation on a quirky indie movie. The film was about a crazy young woman losing her mind. At one point, she cuts the gas line to the water heater, climbs in the bathtub, and lights a match. The entire house blows up, but she is kept safe in the tub. I'm confident I won't have to present until tomorrow. There are too many people before me. This is good, because I'm not at all prepared.

    The girl presenting before me does an interpretive dance. She is wearing a one piece outfit, like a bathing suit. It is cut narrow across the chest, exposing her arms, shoulder, and entire breasts on each side. Her dance turns into a stripper's routine towards the end, and she gives me a lap dance. I look at my girlfriend sitting next to me, and can tell she is jealous. It is not even a good lap dance. Her nipples are huge, and really rubbery. She keeps rubbing them in my face in an uncomfortable way.

    When she is finished, the teacher calls me to present. I'm not prepared, at all. In fact, I've forgotten the entire plot of the movie. I can't even fake it. In a moment of semi-lucidity, I realize this is a typical dream situation. I run out of the classroom, and jump into the air to fly away. Once outside, I find myself in my old childhood neighborhood. I fly over the redwood suburban fences toward a vacant house on the corner. It is an amazing house. The previous owners must have remodeled it. It looks like an old Greene and Greene house was disassembled and combined with something super modern. I let myself in.

    Apparently, the house is not abandoned. The owners are just moving out. They are a nice young couple I recognize from my current neighborhood. I play with their dogs, and learn that one is a pug mix, like my own. I didn't know they grew so big. This one is the size of a large German Shepherd. I help them finish packing. The woman whispers for me to come back later that night for some super secret sex. I retire to the guest suite, waiting for our midnight rendezvous.

    As I explore the suite, I see a strange relief carving on the wall. It looks like an animalistic creature with protruding eyes. I press the eye buttons, and hear a mechanical click. The wall slowly slides open to reveal a secret room. The room is the nefarious lair of the woman's husband. He is a werewolf. Just like me! The woman must have noticed that I, too am a werewolf. She must want my help. Deciding to confront the woman, I leave the guest suite. As I make my way down the dark hallway, I feel one of the dogs brush up against me. I reach down in the darkness to pet it, and grab a handful of long, matted fur with thick muscles beneath. My hand comes away, wet with sticky, warm blood. Something is wrong. This is not a dog. It's a wolf.

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