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    Snacks From the Butler's Pantry

    Two Dates With TwoShadows

    by , 06-10-2010 at 12:30 AM (785 Views)
    I had this dream over the weekend, while out of town, and almost forgot about it.

    Someone in TwoShadows's family owns a auto repair shop. I meet her there to have my car serviced. After dropping off my car, I realize I misunderstood. TS was just offering to give me a ride home from the auto repair shop. She wasn't affiliated with the place at all. I feel bad, because the only reason I had my car serviced in the first place was because I wanted to meet her and her family. She gives me a ride over to Aquanina's house to kill some time. Her house is a huge playground jungle-gym surrounded by a chain link fence. Aquanina is running around all over the place, wheeling and dealing on her cell phone.

    TwoShadows and I are both really sore, like from a hard workout, a long bike ride, or horseback riding. We sit down on the swings to relax and chat. I'm surprised when she says this is the first time she has ever met anyone from DV in person. I know she was close with a lot of the old Dream Guides, and figured they would have hung out more. I tell her how much I hate the internet, and how it can't compare to real life interaction. I tell her I'm a very physical person, and that simple physical contact, like a handshake, or a goodbye hug means a lot to me. I'm trying to hint that I really want to give her a hug, but she doesn't catch on. (I think this stems from the DV task of the month to hug Clairity).

    Some shady looking guy meets Aquanina, and hands her a huge wad of cash. I get the feeling she is selling drugs out of her parents house. I don't feel comfortable being here, especially since they are out of town.

    I wake up and go over this dream in my mind. As I do, I slip back into it and get a sort of reinterpretation of it.

    TwoShadows and I meet for a date. I know I am a good looking blond woman, and that TS is not yet fully comfortable with dating women. We meet at a very expensive restaurant which I think her family owns. We enjoy a huge meal, and I blow almost a thousand dollars on the bill. Later, I find out that the restaurant was not at all affiliated with her family. It was some overpriced chain place. I'm mad that I gave them so much money. TS and I end up talking about money. I tell her that money means nothing to me, and that I don't care how much money I spend, as long as I am comfortable with where it is going. Being in small business myself, I like to support other small businesses, especially those that are owned by people I know. We end up agreeing to focus on what is important, and spend our money on more important things in the future. Donating it, supporting local arts and business, or helping our friends. She says we're lucky that the things we both enjoy most out of life don't cost anything anyways.

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