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    Driving a super sport cops car. LD

    by , 02-09-2018 at 10:35 AM (105 Views)
    I am in my apartment when I ask myself why my vision is blurry it looks like a dream, this is when I realize Iím dreaming. I jump on the roof and I look at the sunset, then I start jumping from roof to roof when I remember that I have two personal questions to ask, I remember the first question and ask it, I wait and try to see what happen, when I see a French custom fast-food logo on a building. So I jump to roof to roof to go to the building. While jumping, I try to remember my second question but it took me a while but I get it and ask. I arrive on the roof of the building and enter in. Iím now in front of a bathroom sink and after I decide to get out. Through the window of the restaurant I see two cars park, I decide why not drive them. So I get outside and I see a new sport generation sport cops car color white. I open the door(it wasnít even lock) and enter, I smell the new smell of a new car. I push the acceleration and immediately accelerate. I go through a tunnel then Iím on a highway. The seat of the car is too low so I upper the seat to see the road well. I say to myself I donít want this dream to end. I decide to do another thing, so I stop the car on the opposite way of the road and get out, but a bus come right into my car and try to slow down but barely touch the car. I woke up after.

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