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    1. Oct. 23 Helping out a friend

      by , 10-23-2017 at 05:34 PM
      David and I had been in the kitchen to our current home, just getting some food when he saw something on the computer. Mom was on the news giving an interview, not sure for what but we were just excited she was on the news. I got my drink of water and went back to my computer, messaging a friend who said he was at the study area. He was being kinda negative so I asked him where it was, logged into the chat room from my computer and was transported to the door of the study room. Inside there were people sitting around on their phones or tablets, the room was all white and the desks were also white. The place had very few windows and one person had already taken advantage of a stool by the one of maybe two windows in the rooms. My friend had a desktop set up on one computer and I quickly walked around behind him to give him a hug, he seemed surprised but calm and I helped myself into a seat next to him. He had a big textbook open and a notebook next to it where he was writing, he was studying Japanese and I knew I probably couldn't help with that but I wanted to try anyway, so he showed me some stuff he wrote. It was a bunch of cursive letters, pretty good penmanship as well and I was quick to compliment him on it. He seemed to approve and continued working, pointing out things in the seemingly blank text book from my view and writing more cursive which although beautiful, I couldn't seem to understand or grasp what was written. I merely nodded my head and watched, it was many minutes before I felt a cool breeze flow in and I got up to stretch. My friend stopped and looked around, I did the same and noticed some noise coming from one of the phones in the room. The guy by the window was playing a video out loud, I just so happened to recognize my mother's voice from it and told my friend and the guy by the window that it was my mother being interviewed. Sadly the guy by the window didn't give a shit, my friend however thought it was pretty neat and although I didn't know what was being said and couldn't tell thinnest it was about, he seemed supportive of the act. I came back over to my friend and noticed he had a drawing up on the computer, it was a pretty good one of me laying in bed with the outfit I'd designed on me and goat horns on my head. I did actually have more goat features as far as my face was concerned, a character was standing by the bed and smirking. It looked like The Goblin King, except with no shirt on, shorter style of his goofy hair, and just some pants clinging to him. I complimented my friend on the drawing and thanked him for his efforts, he said he tried to make it look like Bowie and I nodded as I saw that he meant the body. I did point out that the shoulders were a bit too big and made him look a bit ridiculous, but other than that it was good. When I went to sit back down, my vision was getting a little blurry and I mentioned it out loud. My friend said I was probably waking up, I believed him and then understood that I was dreaming. After this realization, I fought to keep my eyes open and knew fighting it would make it slip away more. So I closed my eyes and allowed myself to wake up a little into a false awakening before quickly shutting them and heading right back into the dream, I had a little moment of rejoicing before deciding to head outside. Here I looked up to the sky and saw it was light blue even though it was still dark out, I noted it must be early morning and instead breathed in the cool scent of the air. I could feel my nostrils flaring and despite my efforts to enjoy the senses, it seemed I was about to wake up again. This time however I remembered something I read, closed my eyes and spun around in circles before opening them again and focusing one at a time. This seemed to work because my vision cleared and got clearer, I turned around and looked up at the sky behind me, it had a streak of pink and orange in it, the trees were covering most of it though. (Which wouldn't happen in real life due to the area, the trees at that area are scarce and don't block the view.) In the center I saw something that looked like a toy rocket floating in the sky, the typical red and white colours were replaced with red and gold. It came towards me very slowly at first but then sped up and flew practically toward my face, forcing me to catch it unless I wanted a bruised eye. Once caught it opened up in the middle like a pokeball and I was convinced I had the best pokeball ever. I even called it The Atomic Godball, I waved it in front of the house window and shouted to my friend that I had The Atomic Godball, rushing toward the house door but then stopping suddenly when I heard a dog behind me. It was a brownish yellow corgi, yapping at me and standing with feet at a distance like I had threatened it. I was at a loss as to what to do, I didn't want to run away or call my dream to an end but I had to make a move. Luckily the dog made the move first and jumped toward me, I instinctively tried to catch it which brought us both to the ground where I put on a smile and hugged it for all it was worth. The dog responded positively and eagerly rolled around as I snuggled against it's soft fur, after scratching it for a bit I decided to head inside and show off my new gizmo to my friend. But I stopped short of the door, I had just remembered that I might not have another lucid dream by the end of the year so I wanted to get some tasks in and I'd thought of a way to do practically all of the rest in one go. So I walked back and ignored the fact that the corgi had disappeared, instead I looked up and focused on the sky. With the task in mind of making it storm and grow flowers, I spoke out to the sky and asked politely if it would rain. Nothing happened at first and I pleaded again for it to rain, a few raindrops fell into my hand and I smiled which seemed to encourage it to drizzle. However it did not pick up and nothing was growing, it was also at this point that an older lady came out from the trees and said she'd caught me and that I shouldn't let just anyone roam around in my house because now she'd caught me. I was really confused at first and the only thing I could think of was that she must mean she caught me lucid dreaming? Or maybe she thought I was a natural lucid dreamer, I dismissed the thoughts and looked back up at the pitiful raindrops. My friend came out and I asked him politely if he would ask the rain to come, this worked before in another dream with my mother so I figured it might work again. He regarded me with a slightly confused but calm smile and looked up to the skies, he asked it to rain and although he didn't add a please it still didn't do anything. I got a little disappointed because my plan wasn't working and I wouldn't get the bonus task done or the other advanced task done, so I figured I'd just do what I could and I started waltzing around and dancing as I sing "Singing in The Rain". Throughout the song I kept looking up and doing shifty dance movements, hoping the drizzle would pick up into a storm. No other amount of rain would come and I went to head back inside, when I saw my mother and figured she had the power to change the sky once so why not again? and with this in mind I sprinted over to her and asked politely if she would make it rain for me. She had this mix of anger or confusion on her face and she said that no, she wouldn't actually. She seemed really kinda ticked off at me and I wondered what I'd done to make her angry, I had said please after all. After her declining my request, I did go walk back to the house door and wake up for real.
    2. October 5th, The longest night

      by , 10-05-2017 at 03:55 PM
      Old house bathroom, G in there and me sitting on counter. See but crawl out of toilet and he doesn't let me kill it, so it crawls into the wooden drawers under the counter. At night

      Outside with him chasing me, old home backyard, go to neighbors backyard behind us and fall down. Books and legos, J comes up and we talk and he fires a gun. He said it's a blank anyway but it's load and flashy.

      In grandma's house and want to leave so I go to the left and past two young girls, eventually running past stuff in old neighborhood, bend on our street going left. Down to the 5mph sign, I start rolling around, and see guy in a car who wolf whistles and cat calls me. Then gets out and starts taking pictures, another guy in car comes along and tells him to stop. He gets back in car and leaves, I miss the attention.

      In plane that has stopped and I go walking around to tell people, I become lucid here and walk around trying to summoning random person. I check every. Seat and he's not there so I go and wake up mom, walk into a room with a kitchen set up to the left and a small table to the right. I grab stuff from the refrigerator to eat and savor, I note that most everything tastes the same sugary cinnamon type. As mom walks in I grab all the candies or cookies and chocolate stuff and put it on the table. She makes a comment about my hunger and I shrug it off because I know I want to engage all my senses to get my full lucid dreaming experience. She sits down at the table as I try some weirdly named cookies, lemon elephants or some stuff. They do taste surprisingly good though, like a lemon gingersnap. I offer them to mom and the two other guys sitting near the window, they each take a handful and nod. The cookies look like fish pellets by the way, the next is a big cookie that looks to be made from a young child's creative playdoh session. Slightly bigger than my hand and almost all blue, except in the middle where it's a green strip going all down the middle and in the green strip are a mix of black seeds and orange to yellow colour around them slightly. It tastes like a fruit loops cinnamon bun combined and I figure I'd better work on my other senses, so I leave it for mom to finish. I look to the ground and smell the fresh air, a breeze is blowing and gives me a chill. I rub my arms and notice they are sleeveless, despite going to bed wearing sleeves, I ignore that and close my eyes for a moment to help. This has helped in past lucid dreams and as I opened them then, I see everything just a bit clearer.

      I nod and go to walk outside through another door, when I suddenly remember a dream challenge. I go back to mom and first ask if I may ask her something, she replies yes and I ask her what do I not know about myself? She responds that it's a good question and as she leans back in the chair to think, I wonder if she'll say anything at all. But she does and comes to the conclusion that I'm "flimsy." I did ponder that for a bit and finally thanked her, I tried to remember my second challenge but failed and assured myself I didn't have to rush things.

      So I finally left through the door and woke up.

      I went downstairs and searched the cupboard for food, trying to remember the other challenges, I found the exact same cookie in my cupboards. So I ate it and the taste was the same, I noticed I had control over my actions but didn't use this to tell myself I was dreaming..perhaps I already knew.. I did have to use the bathroom though so I did that, then I looked outside and saw three pathways carved into my woods, I went and walked towards them a bit and saw them getting a bit wider. I wondered if it lead somewhere and I chose to go to the middle one, as I approached I saw two guys and tried to wonder which they were. I kept thinking one was someone I knew but then I got them mixed up and one was walking toward my home anyway so I went with the other guy who was going towards my chosen entrance. We walked until we saw a defense system, a dragon's head as a current at the start of the road leading to the door. I waited until my new company had walked past it and then saw it shot a constant laser out of it's mouth and it's head rolled in almost every direction. I started running when it seemed to target me, once it hit it burned and I freaked out. Running to the door it just kept itself trained on my back, I saw a health bar below my feet and kept running once I noticed it moving down waaaay too fast. My friend didn't have one but kept running faster, I managed to catch up to him when we were almost at the door and I was almost dead. I lunged in front of him and said stay behind me, it worked and I managed to jump into the grid door which threw me out the other side onto the ground of some..mall? Someone near me smiled and started walking, so I followed them and noticed my health bar fill up and disappear. I don't regret using my friend as a body shield, and look around instead. The place does look like a mall and in front I saw people moving like the undead, I shake the feelings off and blink to make them disappear. It works and I continue up the stairs that the man next to me leads me to, I really wanted to head out the main doors but then I woke up for real.
    3. Dreams from the past

      by , 09-08-2017 at 09:29 PM
      Some I posted on a Subreddit, decided to post them all here in one go. Back at a time when I had many naps throughout the day and plenty of time to dream

      Spoiler for May 17th Dream 1/2:
      This one is pretty vague but set in a kinda fantasy like town on the outside. The place had snow so it seemed like christmas time with the lights on the houses, anyway I already had a story in my head in this dream. Someone had been doing something that affected my family, selling drugs or what I concluded when I awoke was witchcraft. So I had figured the lady doing this or the one who had access to the higher people in this group of evil, was at the town library. I walked over there and inside it looked like my old home, this struck me as slightly odd but I didn't have time to figure that out. I also had my brother with me, so inside was the lady and she knew what we were up to so she cornered us in the room and pulled out a like a mini machete. This she held infront of us as she explained that we could leave if we got around her. My brother was behind me and I guess our scared looks were a good enough answer for her cause the lights went out and bam! I took action. When the lights were back on I had grasped the machete and wrangled it from her, then killed her with it. At this point we were going to run off but then my other brother came in with a gun and I still had my kill instincts on so I killed him, beat him to death with his gun. Once again we tried to leave but of course someone else came in and it was a guard from the town. We thought we were safe but when I searched the purse of the lady I killed, I found a recording device that had been left on. The guard snatched it and took off, before we had time to worry about that something else happened. We heard a knock at the door and rushed to the masterbedroom and crawled under the bed. However the two women who came in already knew where we were and we looked a bit foolish when the younger of the ladies peeked her head around the corner and stared at us as the older one said stuff about how what we did didn't matter and it wouldn't stop anything. As if to prove her all knowingness, she pointed to the door and the brother I had killed came walking in using a crutch and a bandage over his left eye. My brother next to me and I were so shocked and scared that we scrambled out from under the bed and rushed out the door. The dream ended as we went out the door.

      Spoiler for May 19th:
      Had a dream that a killer was on the loose and I had done something bad to him so he was coming to get me. When we were aware that he was in our building, my brother and myself ran. The building seemed like one of those raised up beach houses. One of my brothers ran with me and jumped out the window after I did so, we landed on grass. I'm not sure where my second brother went but the first stuck close to me, I had a feeling that going a certain way would lose the killer but sadly when I turned around he was right there. A gun pointed at my face, when he walked closer I felt an overwhelming sense of fear that rooted me to the spot. He placed the gun barrel to my forehead and the first person view made it much worse as he pulled the trigger. I woke up in the dream screaming and my body twitching on the bed, my first brother hit me on the face to stop my screaming/wake me up. When I finally sat up I told him I had a nightmare but quickly said afterwards much more to myself than him, that no I had just had a bad dream. It was early morning, I went downstairs and heard gunshots. The fear and anxiety that followed the sounds pushed me to my knees in the living room, crying, screeching and half trying to stay silent. I violently gripped and shook my head as I saw my death from the last dream play out clear as it could be. I remembered then that he had said before he shot me that it had been me all along, perhaps I had deceived him somehow and not remembered it? Back at the house I rocked back and forth on my heels, still hearing the shots, I'd occasionally dart my eyes toward the window nearest to me as though expecting the killer to appear. It seemed as though only I could here them and as a result I must have looked terrifying crazy, I remember my second brother walking toward me and sort of looking down at me in pity as he spoke. Said something along the lines of, she must be seeing the images. Then that was all, I was still in so much fear that my body was shaking again but luckily I woke up for real soon after.

      Spoiler for April 5th Dream 3/3:
      I woke up in my current bed, in the morning and was going to open my window when I saw my notebook with a weird title on the front. Instantly I knew my mother did this and the title read, "The Vinegar Story and My Success." When I looked inside I saw my dress drawing designs were coloured in, but with a type of smudgy crayons I guess because the drawings were all blurry. This was really all I remembered so I guess I woke up after seeing the images blurry.

      Spoiler for April 3rd Dream 2/3:
      It was morning in my current home and I was on my bed petting one of my many cats, this one was named Yod and she was stretched out casually over my lap. I was sitting on my bed Indian style, or legs crossed infront of me creating a hole in the middle for my cat. I suddenly had this thought that she looked really cute and I should take a picture of her, so I grabbed my phone which was nearby and turned on the camera. Then just as I was about to take the picture one of my dead cats, that has been dead for two years in real life, walked into the shot. She didn't walk into the shot on my bed, but rather she was in the shot on my phone and it freaked me out so much that I tossed my phone far away from me. It landed near my mother who looked at me very confused, I would have told her what had happened but in the few short moments I was struck dumb, the dream took this time to end suddenly.

      Spoiler for April 1st Dream 5/5:
      This one started out with me waking up from my bed, I was in my current home and it was dark out so I assumed around 8 or 9 PM. Once I woke up I got out of bed and noticed a full glass of chocolate milk near the bed. The glass was holding a slip of paper in place that was a reminder for an appointment for my mother to see a Dr. Krusher. I called this out to her, then went downstairs to fix myself a bowl of the food which was pasta. I also looked over and saw that everyone was already starting in on a movie without me, but I didn't know what movie it was and wouldn't know because the dream ended right there.

      Spoiler for March 30th Dream 9/9:
      There doesn't seem to be a clear point of view from this dream, but it is more like the way you would describe someone's actions in third person but never being quite at the center of the action. The setting starts off with some people looking up towards the sea surface, they are under the surface far below so the light that shines down is quite dim. Then gradually a shadow appears over the water and blocks the light, our point of view or rather camera view zooms in on the shadow until we have breached the surface of the water and we are now look up at a giant Octopus the size of a house. (Not sure how big they get in real life.) The detail on this water creature is really good and you can spot some discolourations on it's skin, but it's mostly a dark grey colour. The view then zooms up and out so we can see how the Octopus is above the water and out of it, a few feet away from the water actually. Some balloons are held in it's tentacles and that is what weakly holds it's massive weight. The balloons I believe were blue and fit the light blue sky as it was morning. This poor Octopus was was trying to join the other creatures that were floating away and almost out of sight beyond the fluffy white clouds, but it seemed that whenever the Octopus was getting somewhere; gravity dragged it down again almost into the water and many times just to scrape the surface before rising again. This was how it went until the dream ended.

      Spoiler for March 28th Dream 1/1:
      The setting is my old home, it's and the clouds seem to have piled up over the moon. While this light was slightly blocked, I found myself running away from something inside and my mother ran with me. It seemed that we were either in the middle, end, or start of a zombie apocalypse and that was what we had been running from. My mother and I ran with great fear, or atleast I had my heart pounding, I'm not entirely sure of my mother's emotions but she seemed to be running with me to protect me. We ran out the gate that lead into the back of our yard, this was on the right side of the house as it would have been in real life, then for a brief moment we crouched down infront of the house but still to the left side and rested. While we were resting, another person with a hefty weight around the gullet walked out from the right side calmly until their face was slightly illuminated by the street lamps. The figure, the man, was Alfred Hitchcock and there was no mistaking it. He started speaking but either we couldn't hear him or I didn't remember his words. Only that we were in a movie and waiting fearfully for anything to pop out either near him or us. But as my eyes darted about to each shadowed area, of which there were many, I found that I wasn't seeing anymore for I had awoken.
    4. New neighborhood and new home

      by , 09-05-2017 at 11:17 PM
      September 5th
      1. Old home, drag guy along so I can see a remodeled part of the neighborhood. Once I get there I get a frightening feeling and start to shake as though I remember something, wake up.
      2. In current home and guy comes in saying he wants everything in here, so all have to go but I grab a plastic bag and stuff tons of makeup kits, jewelry stuff and others in it. Something about taking care of a baby, jumping onto a ship. Getting caught between fire and going with a lady to hide.
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    5. Secrets and Serenades

      by , 09-04-2017 at 02:09 PM
      September 4th
      Non LD + LD

      1. Running to an area, I get to it by breaking doors in and others behind me try to give chase and catch me before I discover the secret. Once I get to the area the secret destroys me, I feel like the whole world has been let down. I think the secret was some device made to save humanity but it turns out theyíd never been working on it.
      2. Children running around current home at night, Johnny Depp casually walking behind them as they wind around our car and then a woman whom I think is my mother but itís hard to tell in the dark, lead them to bed. I attempt to catch Deppís eye by doing silly dances and eventually someone joins me, steps out behind a tree really. This new person is Michael Jackson and I even state this fact out loud to acknowledge his presence even more. We dance around a tree and seem to be having fun, I actually forget about Depp and then in a spin I dance off further away from the house. Once away from the house I actually look back on what happened and notice Iím dreaming, so I fly up high and touch the tops of the trees. I try to imagine myself someplace else, but my imagination carries me away to my old home and into my old bedroom with the bunkbed. Except the desk is closer to the bunk bed then I remember it and mom is on her computer there and Christian is sitting on the bottom bunk looking over her shoulder. I go into the kitchen because I feel hungry, I look into a container we often use for bread and notice dough is in there. So I place my hands over it and tense them as much as possible as I watch the dough rise and rise until itís bursting out of the container and spilling over the top, then it starts to brown and I stop when I think itís probably finished. I munch on this and deem it to be satisfactory, it has some spices in it but mainly tastes like dill sweet bread. I bring the rest into the bedroom and let mom and my brother have some. Mom says it would be nice with some onion in it, I mention that sweet onion would work wonderfully. I can feel myself waking up and it seems to even affect the dream because it starts getting light out and then I wake up.
      lucid , non-lucid
    6. 1 Billion Dollars

      by , 09-04-2017 at 03:12 AM
      September 2nd
      Waking up in the early morning in my old home, at the time of the bunk beds in my room and my mother was still asleep on the top bunk as I got up (IRL she always used the bottom one). I went to the kitchen and thought I saw something in the window out front, so I looked at the one to my left or the kitchen window and saw my grandmother walking to the side door with tons of plastic containers stacked in her hands. I rushed over and alerted mom, she just kind of grunted in response and sounded annoyed so I went out instead to greet her. I asked about the containers and she said she was giving us 1 billion dollars; I was stunned by this and offered to take them so I put them on the ground round the back of the house and opened one container. It was a stack of 20s with a rubber band around it; the other containers contained the same. I poured all the cash into my shirt that Iíd stretched out to create a place to hold it and looked up to see two or three bills try and float away on the wind. I catch them and then carefully go inside the house with grandma, I dump the bills on the floor in front of the refrigerator and then go to tell mom. By the time I come back grandma has put all the bills back in their containers and has placed the containers around the house. She walks away, I guess to leave and I take a moment to look at the neatly stacked containers on the counter, but here a noise like a lawn mower and run to the side door. I open it and see grandma sitting on the porch with a weed whacker running and sheís trying to fix it I think but I tell her not to stick her hand in it. I run to mom who is just getting out of bed and then I run back with mom and we find grandma covered in blood, her right hand is cut off and she holds it in her left hand. I think the whole thing is very gross and hesitate to take her hand that she holds out to me, but she tells me to take it and me say Iíll put it in the freezer. Sheís just saying this normally as though sheís not losing a lot of blood, I however feel very sick and once I grab the hand by the fat of the thumb, I feel like vomiting. The whole hand feels very real and lifeless; this is probably what made me want to vomit. I rush the hand to the freezer and just toss it in there but I also see another hand in the freezer and I call this new information out to mom. I pick this hand up and notice itís kind of falling apart, like one of the fingers is rotting off. I hold it away from me and rush outside using the side door, then I toss it into the neighborís yard and finally notice grandma is gone. I also notice someone is at the neighborís house and they saw me toss the hand. The rest of the dream is forgetful but I remember having to go fight in a life or death match and telling two kids that they will marry one day to eachother because I was scared of our family line dying out.
    7. Goats go crazy on a Full Moon, Don'tcha know?

      by , 09-01-2017 at 08:31 PM
      September 1st 1am-6am

      I truly feel as though there was a first part to this where I was taken to this area but no one the less, I shall proceed with the dream. I was sitting on the couch of my grandmother's living room, the one nearest to the front door and TV. In front of me is a man, young or middle aged and good looking and taller than me by just a bit. To his left or what he's partly sitting on is a white box, he asks if I want a burger and I comment that I haven't had a burger for years or at least a "junk food burger", then he takes a pack of crackers and pour two out into his hand. After giving me one he eats the other and puts the pack away, I don't really want to say it but I kinda had been hoping he had a burger. There is an awkward silence before a tapping comes from the window behind me and I turn to see what it is, I see nothing at first but get startled when a white goat face appears and tries to headbutt the window. I think it strange but then the guy tells me there is a full moon out and I look, I see he is right and a huge full moon is hovering very close to the tops of the house outside across from us. I attribute the goat's antics to the full moon and I think one of us even says Goats act crazy on full moons. He asks me if I believe in something beyond death or what I do believe in, I say there is nothing but the void but my mother believes different and that I would probably partly believe what she believes in too. I don't remember what mom believes, I get up and walk toward the dining table but get startled by another white goat which is tied to the table beside the TV. the creature backs me up into the entry frame that leads into the hallway to the bedrooms and bathrooms, it keeps trying to move closer and headbutt but I sneak by it and and watch as it does the same headbutt motion toward the opening I was once in. I shake it off and look toward my brother D who had been laughing at me, I sit down instead of chancing the goat seeing me and running back over. I sit a bit under the table and see my mother there, the other guy is also there next to her and they are huddling up. I ask her what it is she believes in or to tell the guy, but then the dream ends.

      --Perhaps the craziness of the goat on a full moon relates to me, because I'm a Capricorn and I do love the moon; I find the moon ever so beautiful and especially on a full moon when everything is lit up.
    8. Various Little Dreams and Fragments

      by , 09-01-2017 at 08:00 PM
      August 25th or 26th: 3pm-5pm
      Old home at night in the living room, except it was smaller and my brothers and myself were roaming around as miniature versions of ourselves with the intent to kill. It was a game, D said he was getting lag on his end so he wanted to change the maps. We did so to a frozen one, or rather the living room changed to represent a frozen wasteland with tons of caves and fallen trees to hide under or around. I was going around shooting some guys when D wanted to quit, so the map changed back to the living room with a huge fallen tree leading away to a cat on a stool. The cat wasn't one we owned, it was black and brown but mixed together in a stripe pattern. I got up behind a guy in white and stabbed him i the neck, then as he turned I did it many more times in his chest. Crawled over the tree to the cat and brought the knife up, I was going to slit it's throat but decided not to and instead hopped off the stool. Once I'd hopped off, my size was back to normal and I went to the kitchen to ask mom what she was cooking.

      August 30th: 1am-6am
      FA/LD: Woke up in current home bed in the morning, I got my notebook and went near the window to get as much light as possible for my writing. I'm not sure what I wrote but after a while of scribbling, I laid back on my bed and looked down at mom. I then look at my hands and notice I'm dreaming so I go and look out the window, there is a big pale red moon about to be covered by clouds and then a flash of red lightening streaks across the sky with a low rumble following it. I shout down to mom that I think it will rain and tell her what I saw.

      August 31st: 1am-7am
      On an island exploring ruins, I got diving underwater and find a black cube outline without a filled inside and I break off a piece of the middle, I hold it up to my face to examine and I notice it glowing orange so I throw it down and back away just in time for it to blow up. I comment on the nice addition to stop people from stealing technology with explosive pieces, then something behind me rumbles and I start to run.

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      lucid , non-lucid , false awakening , dream fragment
    9. The car and the slums

      by , 08-31-2017 at 05:32 PM
      August 30 1am-9am
      Not sure where but nighttime around a car and a guy comes out of it to speak to us, mom, myself, and David, he says something about needing something a room or something for his car. Then he takes a look at me and grabs my arm, I think we were near a building because he dragged me to a corner area and spoke to me. I donít remember the words but I do know that I got away and went to a mirror, old home bathroom mirror, to see my face. I had longer hair and although curly it grew down more instead of up like an afro, it had looser curls and was still dark brown but it went down to stop just above my shoulders. For a brief moment I knew it wasnít my real hair but I didnít think on that anymore and instead ran off again to a new setting. A much darker setting, someplace in the poorer neighborhoods or slums, the buildings were tall and all too close. There was one streetlight that illuminated the wet and muddy streets with a yellow glow and sometimes flickered but not often enough for inspection, I was following a lady in a long green dress. Her hair was done up as a light brown bun with hair hanging out around her face, I followed her up some stairs where we both looked down into the street we had once been. It was so dark we didnít see a man sneaking up behind us until he stepped out into the light, but as he did someone cracked something and his hand or rather the top part of his hand flew off in a bloody mess. It dropped to the ground and he also dropped down in shock I suppose, the top part of his hand rolled near something that lit up very fast and started flashing. It was a lower part of one of the buildings, a box was there and the inside was what lit up in blinking dim orange light. On the front of the box was a cut out face of someone, of who I donít remember. I also donít remember much after that.
    10. Escaping death to friends

      by , 08-31-2017 at 05:30 PM
      August 29
      6am-9am LD

      It started in the afternoon in a gun shop, this shop was somewhere I didnít even know of but I did know I was there to get some ammunition for some guns I had. The desk was empty, so I spent some time shooting at the targets behind me that was on a practice area with the cutouts at the end of a closed space. I used a pistol for this and I was quite shit at it, in fact Iím fairly certain I wasnít aiming at all because I kept hitting around the stomach and more on the shoulders. Once my cutout was pulled back, I hopped over the small fence keeping me at a certain range and shot right in front of it, then I walked to the right and shot at another one somebody else was trying to use. After a bit of the two of us trying to hit it better, I stopped and went up to the counter. The man who owned the place was there now and I told him I needed ammunition, he commented on my lack of weapons and I felt bad when I said I should have brought them but they were back at my house. Another man came into the building and said some stuff about my weapons, how I shouldnít have left them at home and then I had to go with him.

      Once we got into the car I noticed ropes tied on me, it was a strange way they were tied though because one was tried around my index or middle finger on my left hand then one around my ankle with a rock. I knew I was meant to be thrown in a river and drowned, like an unwanted cat except without the bag and the reason for this was something to do with the weapons at home. Although the reason for my death seemed strange, I accepted it without tears and knew it had to be done and I was to do nothing to try and escape. So I sat in the car as he got into the passengerís seat and told the driver to go to the river, I was in the back seat with another guy to the left near the window. Once the car started driving, I looked down and notice my ropes were very loosely tied and I could slip the one off my finger very easily, but I kept it on and looked out the window.

      Outside we passed a built up area which seemed to be the middle of a city, with tall buildings and the kind you know are just fancy inside with their flashing signs inviting you to either come in or throw up from the nauseating display. They all had a bit of the same exterior colour scheme though, white or beige and the buildings were close together as though hugging eachother to stay safe from whatever kinds of people they admitted. Past this though we entered into a western area, like one of those reenactment areas with people dressed up the same and some tourists wandering about. We kept driving past that though and ended up going past a middle aged lady who called out to me as we went by, I had a brief moment of wondering who she was but then I realized it didnít matter because Iíd find out soon enough. The sound of brakes, the slowing of the car, and the dying rumbles as it finally stopped clued me in as to what was going to happen. The guy in the passengerís seat got out and opened my door, using his body to block the Ladyís view; he then cut my ropes and pulled out a box of shoes without the lid from under his seat. I grabbed then and leaned on the car as I put on the ugly red heels; they werenít even that high up but had a heel around two inches so I guess it counts. The end was pointed and they were a bit hard to get on at first but then my heel slipped in smoothly and I straightened up, putting on a smile as I knew it was all to pretend I was not about to die. (Note somewhere between here and once again later on I knew I was dreaming, this is why I then tried to escape. Though Iím not sure if I was still lucid or I lost it while focusing on escaping.)

      The man stayed by the car but leaning against the open door and watching me, I knew at this point I wanted to run and I was going to run but I needed a witness. I knew I needed a witness so if they tried to take me someone would stop them. So I went up to the lady and almost toppled onto of her because of the shoes, luckily she caught me by the arm and I said hi. I found it funny that I was taller than her, looking like I was 6ft and she barely 5ft. I did try to fix this by closing my eyes and trying to think about the height difference but it kept making me taller and then shorter, so I just took the lady by the arm and told her about what was happening and then I walked away from the car with her. We didnít get too far before I made a run for the western recreated area, I didnít look back because if I did my fears might have them right behind me. I reached the middle of the western area and stopped, I saw a phone on the ground and I remembered in waking life mine was broken so it would be to my advantage to just pick this one up if someone lost it, I knew I could just reset the phone and use it as my own. The phone back was purple with a silver fade below, I looked around before picking it up but somehow thought the woman next to me with a phone of her own wouldnít care. I was wrong and she berated me for picking it up, in the time it took for her to do so another woman came along and tell me it wasnít mine and how I shouldnít take it. But by that time I had started running, with the second lady running after me and I didnít exactly know where to go but I figured one of those fancy building would be a safe place to hide. I ran all the way back to the built up area and chose a door with more of a welcoming nature around it, made of wood and some flowers were around the place.

      Inside this area were many rooms and hallways, I chose one room where women were inside reading magazines, I quickly closed the door behind me and locked it in hopes she would just give up. A woman inside was suspicious and asked about the phone, I said it was mine and saw the phone had images from a teens life on it and I tried to find the reset button but couldnít in time. The lady at the door demanded I open up and give her the phone, at this point I was feeling kind of guilty and bad for taking what wasnít mine even though I really wanted a new phone because mine was broken. I opened the door, avoided her poorly thrown punch and handed her the phone with instructions of to place it back on the ground at the western area. She looked like a high school student mixed with a tourist, jacket and pants short sleeved shirt ponytail with black hair and rounded face. The women inside looked like the old librarians you image to work behind the desk, sweaters with turtleneck collars and wide brimmed pant legs that swish about when they walk as the tell you to be quiet in the library, their practically flat heeled shoes with the squared end and one dťcor on top to add to the dull brown of the whole outfit colour scheme. I left that room and went into one that looked like a dining area, with a lighter colour scheme like floating and a light green with white, more of a floral place really and I imagine it would smell like flowers were I to smell it. I didnít stop to dine and instead went out the back door to this new area? It led me to more of outdoor and partial indoor gardens.

      I went to the outdoor part of the gardens and walked around to a secluded part of the place, there I just stood and faced the wall, I just felt really bad for attempting to steal someone elseís phone and I was about to cry when an older guy came up behind me and gave me a comforting hug. (The other time I was reminded I was dreaming) I guess I really needed that because it made me smile and although I thought it was going someplace else, I noticed it was just a friendly hug so I pulled back and asked if he wanted to go to wonderland with me. He didnít get time to respond because I walked backwards into an empty room and pulled the doors closed as I did so. I waited a second after they closed to open them again and I saw a new area with the sun seeming to hang lower and I guess suggesting the day was almost at an end. I walked out and examined the area, I saw a nice Victorian house with a pale pink and faded walling, a nice cut lawn of grass that stretched for quite a while before being surrounded by trees, a lady dressed in the proper Victorian garb was sitting on a swaying bench by the side of the house and reading a book. Walking around to the front of the house, I suddenly saw two girls rushing toward me with a frilly underskirt dangling between them and great smiles upon their faces as they chased after me. I tried to run away, not knowing there intention this was an appropriate response, but I tripped and fell on my wide pants. They helped me up and started fitting the skirt over my head, one said to always keep my arms up and I did so but when the skirt reached my chest I saw my arms were trapped under it. The other one commented on how I should have kept my arms up and I bickered with them about how I had, once they finally got the skirt on I felt ridiculous and walked quickly toward the house as they ran off to play or do something. Inside I met Deppís version of the Hatter and even though I donít remember much Iím sure it went something along the lines of us running through the house for a silly reason. The last thing of the dream I remember is when darkness had fallen and there are huge dog beast things attacking myself and The Hatter, we fought them off. Him with a sword and I with a broomstick, I still had the skirt on, but I also had powers from a game Iíd been playing recently called Crysis. I had the super speed boosts and strength jump ability which I used on the last beast to jump up and whack it on the nose, sadly it smacked me out of the way and onto the ground where I sat back and watched The Hatter finish him off with blows to the stomach. Thatís all I remember, oh and also before I woke up he helped me back onto my feet.
      lucid , non-lucid
    11. Poor Folks Home

      by , 08-28-2017 at 08:23 PM
      August 28
      Old home backyard, in new area with little hovels and David and I get one together and mom and Christian get the other beside ours. He had to go donate tomorrow so we I was making food for him and I chose rice, beets, chicken, carrots, something mashed, mashed sweet potatoes? There was leftover chicken with the mashed food in a pot that I just had to heat up, and then in another container were leftover carrots and beets which I threw into the pot. I remember cooking up some fresh chicken though; perhaps before I knew that I had leftover foods in the refrigerator? The rice I did separately in a much smaller pot and only did enough for one, afterwards I remember thinking why had I not done enough for myself but decided not to go cook more. I used a small two burner portable stove of the like we had at home, I considered using the small burner but wen t with the big one for it all. Mom came in and said she was making something with high protein, meat, pork? But I said I was already doing that so she left. The place had two beds and tons of junk around, just wood planks leaned up against the walls and the roof was a low pitched top of all wood and straw? It was nighttime, a guy came in the start showed us we could live here but I forgot or was not given the reason why.
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    12. The Joker and The Kid

      by , 08-26-2017 at 08:23 PM
      2am-8am: 1 Dream Forgotten, 1 LD
      9am-3pm: 1 LD Forgotten

      August 24
      Afternoon around my current home, I didnít walk outside but rather the dream started with me outside around the right of the house. I was searching around for a peculiar noise, the sound of a child crying/small screams, and it seemed to be coming from our storage area or the back right from the house. I looked around and pushed up the tarps, trying to see inside but couldnít actually make out anything and instead got frightened by someone sneaking up or not sneaking but I wasnít paying attention enough to acknowledge their presence. The person that startled me looked like a mix between the comics and batman game versions of the joker. I regarded him as the joker and to me it seemed to be him because I did feel certain uneasiness around him, I had trouble looking up into his face due to my slight fear and instead I mentioned the sounds to him. He kind of laughed it off and said something to make me walk away and stop worrying about it, but then he just nudged me a bit and half commented and half said that I was scared of him as a question. I just looked down and shuffled away, I felt uncomfortable but I did say no in a quiet voice before jogging away and to the left side of the house. Here I walked fast near the front and just as I was going to turn the corner to be at the front of the house, I saw him just appear with a grin and it scared me so much that I think I might have had a heart attack had it not been a dream. It was the way he suddenly appeared at the corner that made me think he probably didnít run or walk there, but I had no evidence to suggest he was capable of anything else. So he of course confirmed that I was scared of him, if only slightly, with a laugh and a stretched smile. Next I took a tumble and ended up on the ground on my stomach, he plopped down and tried to lay down on me but I rolled over and quickly got up. His remark about my comfort made me want to get away from him, but instead of going inside I walked out front a bit more till I could see the cul-de-sac and the road leading into it and past it. On that road I saw some bikers drive by, I had the knowledge that they had been up to no good and were taking a body to be dumped down at the end of our neighborhood. Even though they were far away, I got the feeling they had seen us, us because the joker had walked up behind me and was peering over my shoulder which was wasnít really peering but more leering as he stood a great bit taller than myself. Anyway I backed up and turned away, I was worried theyíd be coming over here and I didnít know what to do because I knew they had seen us now and would be coming. Once they were there or where we were, I just wanted to run away but the joker said something along the lines of expecting them and then he started the fight so I kind of had to help then. I dodged what I assumed were bullets because I heard the firing, but once I got in front of a guy to take his gun and I heard the gunfire but didnít feel anything. I finally realized they werenít shooting, they were sounding out something that was meant to be scary or maybe they had been trying to fire but their weapons jammed? Anyway I grabbed the guysí gun and beat him in the face with it, he stumbled back and I fired but saw nothing was happening so I ran. My feet carried me to the right of the storage area where our car was parked, I saw a man stuffing wooden pieces into the car door handle and then backing away. I knew that they were explosives so I pulled them out and started berating the man for trying to blow up our car, a car weíd had for many years. I just started going off about how old the car was and how practically nobody has these cars anymore, I could tell it was working because he was hesitant to use more explosives and he had a guilty look on his face. (Itís a 1986 Volkswagen Diesel for those wishing to know) Finally the other men came over and stopped fighting, the joker was nowhere to be seen, I did continue to talk about how old the car was and the leader seemed impressed with this. Somehow in this moment I knew I was dreaming and thought I should get away, but when I started to back up and run he turned back and everyone started firing at me again, but they did leave the car alone, I rushed away and over to the shed. Went inside and it changed settings to be a store, I was in an isle of magazines and on the floor I saw a bug. I waited until it moved and then I jumped up and held until it moved away, placed my feet back on the floor and did it again and again until I got out of that isle. The register had some food near it, huge 10in. French toast sliced diagonally and smells of cinnamon. I took one and said it needed more seasoning, which it was too much bread for the little amount of cinnamon and sugar but I was going to pay anyway. I was of course until I noticed I had no money, so I said Iíd be back and I went out the front door of the store which lead me into a trailer and out of the trailer I was now to the left of the shed. I ran to the house and inside I went to momís blue pack where I got some money and told my two brothers who were on their computers that I was going to buy them some sandwiches. They just nodded and said okay, and then I went outside but got distracted by rooster crowing coming from the right. Just out front of the house were the two bardrock roosters running from something in the woods, I then saw an all white cat with blue or green eyes? Chasing them and it chased them right in front of the house where it stopped and growled at them. I watched for a bit and then walked to the shed where I woke up.
    13. Dream Fragments Dream 1

      by , 08-25-2017 at 03:43 PM
      August 25, 2am-8am
      Excerpt One-
      I looked in the mirror and saw my face was the same except for the slight few changes of whiskers upon my cheek and near the nasal lines. I reached a hand up to touch them, believing it was some trick of the mirror but how could it be when mirrors only show your reflection. There was just a small feeling, like taking a piece of hair stroking it against your cheek; the sensation was tingling for a brief second and then once the touch is known, it becomes more just like touching a thick hair on your skin. The whole situation was very strange and as I leaned in closer to the mirror, the faint yellow light caught my right face side and illuminated a great many longer hairs protruding near my sideburns and going down near my newly found whiskers. I immediately went inside and told mom, showed her and we both talked about it.
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    14. Beach Eerie

      by , 08-23-2017 at 05:53 PM
      August 23 1am-5am MILD

      2. Iím at an unknown beach with my family, Mom, D, and C. We are all just walking around and looking up at the sky, Iím sure it must have been evening but it was hard to tell because there were these massive clouds overhead. The likes of which Iíd never seen in real life, they looked dark blue and grey but so fluffy and almost as though in an instant they would drop and crush the ground beneath them. They curled up near the sides to create a white billowing effect and the breeze that came along with it whipped up a massive wave that gently crashed toward the shore. The clouds darkened the already dark blue waters, the sand around us was an extremely white tan and felt more like mud than sand. To the left was a forest and an opening road leading out from it or leading into it, depends on how you look at it, to the right was more sand and in the distance I think I saw a hill but I canít be sure. Behind the beach and up on more of a road area with gravel, were around five small buildings side by side and each was open and offering something. At the time I could read the signs but sadly I canít remember the words now, also by the beach we had our packs and bags sitting on the sand. I noticed mom looked a bit concerned by the approaching cloud and I asked her if we were going to be able to get away in time, she said weíd have plenty of time and I trusted her for a moment. Then I rushed over to get my bags packed because I was worried they wouldnít let any planes out, I voiced this out loud and mom once again said something along the lines of it was fine. But she and my brothers were already heading out to the forest entrance on the left; I figured they wouldnít leave without me so I continued to pack. First I grabbed momís small purse and put it inside her blue pack and then I put something of mine in there which I canít remember, then I zipped that up and stuffed the blue pack inside of momís purple backpack. At first it didnít fit,(which in real life it probably wouldnít fit without a bit of crushing down due to the blue pack being taller), but after a bit of shoving I managed to zip up the backpack. Something I hadnít taken into account was the weight and after I had finally gotten the backpack on, which seemed to weigh around 10 or more bricks, I saw that my family was already heading back toward me. I jogged a little to them and then stopped, complaining about the weight but not getting many looks from my family in regards to them wanting to help. I remember when I saw mom walking back to me I felt peeved because I had just gotten stuff packed and was ready to join them but wherever they went was over now, our new destination appeared to be one of the stores behind the beach. I pulled my shoulders down and sulked behind my family, following them to a store whose name had four words in it and the first one was long but I canít remember what it says. Inside a lady was sitting infront of the door, the door had an entrance sign on it that I canít remember the words to. Mom went in the door, pushed it open, and the lady sitting there said we couldnít go in this door and weíd have to go in the other one. (Which made no sense because the two sides of the building were squeezed next to another one, unless it had a back entrance or an entrance from another store?) Mom was annoyed at this and considered walking out and going through the other door, but instead she kept going and bought what she wanted from thee store before leaving and giving the now glaring lady a good snarky smile of her own. Her pace increased as she exited the store and she turned to the left after leaving the building, my brothers followed easily but I found I had to jog just to keep up. Just as we rounded the corner of the buildings, I suddenly felt the weight of my backpack diminish as though someone had pulled it off entirely; but sense I could feel the straps, I saw this was not the case and thus realized that the inside blue pack was missing. I alerted mom to this and said it must have gotten dropped back inside the store so I told her Iíd just be a minute to get it and although she looked angry, I did rush back to the store. Upon entrance I noted the lady was still sitting there and although I took the wrong entrance by her standards, I rushed in so fast with slurred words that she barely had time to tell me to get out or use the other entrance (of which I was certain there wasnít one), I grabbed the thing on the ground without looking at it and because the weight felt similar I decided it was the pack. A person by the window (like a bank tellerís window) pushed some papers in front of me and I gladly accepted them because I saw the glaring lady get up and I wanted to get out of there no matter what it took. I snatched the papers and ran out, taking my time once outside to read and notice they were papers saying I had passed some sort of school exam or something and this made me slightly happier, I was at least excited to show my mother. My mother of course wasnít in the spot I left her; she was heading back to the forest entrance. I tucked the thing I picked up under my arm and ran to catch up; I saw that as I got nearer she was walking to her car which was by the road entrance. Everyone piled into the 1986 Volkswagen Diesel, Mom in the front at the wheel, Christian in the passengerís seat, D and I in the back. I buckled in and set the thing and my backpack near my feet, mom drove for a while on a much darkened road which was poorly outlined by the little carís lights. The signs were big and on each corner we turned, each one had a different number and mostly they didnít seem to go in order; for example, one sign read 16 and then the next corner it read 25. This kind of inconsistency made me stop paying attention to it and finally look down to what Iíd picked up before, I was quite shocked when I found that I had actually picked up a bag of fish pellets. (The kind we use in waking life to feed our pond fish, it says Koi and Goldfish can eat them) I immediately said out loud that I was still missing my bag, this made mom stop the car when I said it must still be back there; I was getting a little sad and my voice slightly cracked when I said that. Mom said I could look for it if I dissected her phone for her, she held it out to me and I said deal; then I jumped out of the car and went into the forest without a fear for the darkness of the area or the eerily creepy houses on the sides of the road just gazing out like a person with soulless eyes. Once in the forest I had a feeling and it came to my mind that I must be dreaming, though I remember I said something along the lines of if I were dreaming to trigger the lucidity and realization when I did a nose pinch reality check. I forgot about the pack and started touching the trees, running my hands up and down the bark to get a good feeling of the rough surface. This helped because after blinking two times, I saw the world more realistically and started breathing easier to try and calm myself. Just to make sure I picked up some leaves off the ground, I hadnít seen it before but the ground was covered in orange, yellow and brown dry leaves. I scooped up a handful and crunched them, the sound was satisfying and so was the feeling; another thing I wanted to test was my hearing, so I spoke out loud and was thankfully greeted by my own voice. (Something often not in dreams for me is the sound, this is why in lucid dreams Iím going to try and focus more on the senses) After all that I decided I needed to go see The Goblin King and whine about his appearance in a previous dream. So I ventured out to a house, except it didnít seem to be physical walking and more it was me just imaging it in my head. The house had a couple in it and I asked them where I might find The Goblin King, they said on route 12; I thanked them and left, going back to the car which was still stopped on the road. Mom said she found the pack and it was right there in front of her but she refused to touch it, she was just staring at it intently. I thought it was strange for a moment but then picked up the pack and got in the car. I told everyone I was dreaming and how I could easily dissect the phone now with laser fingertips, I traced with my fingers where I would cut it and then put it down as I watched the road, telling mom we needed to get to route 12. The signs come back with the nonsensical numbers, except this time I knew they meant routes and I watched to make sure we didnít miss ours. First was route 15, then 17, then 16, then 26, then finally route 12 after another route 17. (Donít take my word for it, I can barely remember the numbers but I know 16 showed a couple times.) Mom stopped the car and I got out, we had stopped at a left turn or straight ahead road. There was a street lamp standing by the road and shining light on the light grey gravel, here I went back into that seeming to imagine things in my head view. I imagined He was lying on the road with two elves rolled against his side, his shirt was off and he was using it to press against his neck to clear the sweat. The women were just running their hands all around him and his smile was a confirmation of his enjoyment of their company. When I actually looked at the road, I saw a vague outline of this but it was more like I was trying to take the image from my head and put it there. Then I woke up.
    15. Old Home Blood Chapstick

      by , 08-23-2017 at 05:51 PM
      August 23 1am-6am

      1. Old home in the daytime, something in this dream suggests sexual tones but I canít remember any actual sex going on. Only that a guy who seems to like me and who I donít seem to dislike but am more interested in his actions than him, is laying with me. Then not and I go to shower, after the shower Iím wearing a shirt I donít own in waking life; itís greenish blue with light blue in swirls everywhere and seems to be held by a brown corset. The collar is also very low and the sleeves are elbow length, but not something Iíd wear as itís too thin. However I ask this man if he wants me to wear jewelry, despite me not wanting to, he says at least a necklace and I pick one out from the old homeís bathroom drawer. Itís long and the green/blue stone hangs just above my breasts, almost settling in the curve between them; he approves of the look and I ask for my chap stick, when itís handed over I notice blood on the left side of the tip. He said something like itís from him and I shouldnít worry, but I donít like it and immediately say no thanks and hand it back. He takes it back and chuckles but says something like, youíre afraid of a little blood? I of course state no. Thatís all I remember from that one.
      non-lucid , dream fragment
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