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    When in search of a job

    by , 08-12-2017 at 10:34 PM (175 Views)
    August 12, 6am-9am-4pm:
    Was running out of money and willing to take another job, so I grabbed all my notebooks and got my phone, left through my old room window because last night I'd heard someone tapping on it. I found some weird papers scattered and figured I could figure out what they meant in a better area. So I jogged out to the road and a kind family, mother, father and son let me take a ride with them. They had no problem dropping me off at a coffee shop. Conveniently I met a girl there that pretty said I could come home with her, she had been looking to see her dad anyway. She didn't give her name but she was a teen who looked tomboyish. So I was like okay and we all bundling into that car, the parents drove us and we finally came across the girl's home. It was huge, slowly driving down the road to it we saw a bunch of red farm sheds on the opposite lot. The manor or mansion, was reddish brown and was one of those place with two long sides to it and the middle being taller than the rest. Infront of the plain fence were beautiful flowers of pink and purple clinging on by the vines they grew from. The girl said the parents could take the car around, the three of us teens got out and walked to the probably better suited word would be estate. Along the way she made it known that her family was rich and British, which I didn't think twice about but atleast for her case it seemed like they'd done a great job getting that american dream or fitting in. It even had a fountain in the middle with a path going around it to the house. However grand it seemed outside though, it lacked inside because the inside looked almost exactly like my grandma's small home. We entered into the living room and had a look around as the daughter introduced us to people there, the only one that stuck before her father was her uncle whom I saw looking like a giant melted rock on a sofa and watching tv in what would be my grandmother's guest bedroom. After that brief hello, someone else walked into the room and it happened to be her father. He happened to look like Aurelio Voltaire, which I did mention by saying he seemed like a British Voltaire. His medium length ponytail was dark and his skin an unhumanly pale pale colour that shined like in oblivion when white skin gets any light upon it, it just appears to glow. His tilted top hat was grey and his suit also along the same grey colour scheme, pulling it off lighter or darker here and there. Like the sims 3 vampire formal suit, coming from the collar and heading in an upside down V shape to create coat tails and expose the shirt underneath. The thing that amazed me as the uncle watching grumbled at us to salute and bow in greeting, was that his height was tall. Much taller than me and I would have been more frightened had the daughter not already said her family was nice, which of course why would I have any reason to doubt her? A man being handsome and standing at a height of over 6ft, while dressed very well for his lean muscle body, was really no reason for doubt. However it was a reason to be wary, the son of the family we got the ride from currently stood infront of the man of the home, as we shall call him, and faltered quite suddenly as the eyes were turned on him when he attempted a salute to the handsome giant. It was quickly returned and the daughter said this was her father, once again easily finding away around giving information you need but not the information you want like names. Honestly I was with the son, who actually looked like he was about to faint and probably for good reason considering he looked like a younger and more human version of the father, it was like he met his idol and was melting into a pile of fanboy mess. I wasn't faring any better next to him, I completely forgot the uncle's order and turned into a strange touchy, my-brain-was-replaced-with-fluttering-hearts, kind of girl. I awkwardly bumped into him and then felt excited but also shameful when I mumbled a sorry for poking at his clothes. He was actually really pleasant though, I guess he'd dealt with his fair share of girls and maybe boys becoming blubbering imbeciles when confronted with his looks. However the mood was quickly ruined when the uncle said now we just had to meet the mother, which I immediately felt worse about and I'm fairly certain our little quivering fanboy had just gone into shock upon hearing such news. What was strangest though was the daughter's outburst of "what!?" she seemed truly shocked and outraged that her father had a wife, which in his defense would seem criminal to let such good looks go to waste on petty fans who'd much rather drool on him than listen to him speak. I might add that he seemed the quiet intelligent one whose looks more often than not obstruct the view to his brain. He didn't look sternly at her, but instead he seemed content to smile as he crossed his arms over his chest and turned to leave as though he'd gotten a wife to spite her. I couldn't help myself it seems and sort of hopped infront of his path to say that he really shouldn't use such white makeup on his skin, and that he'd look much better with a dulled greyer look instead of luminescent white. I guess I spoke out of turn because he gave me an annoyed look and walked off to the kitchen. The three of us went into the living room and crowded around one chair that the daughter had taken to sit and think in. I said I didn't want her to take it badly but her dad was kind of handsome in my eyes, she didn't respond though so I just left and went toward the kitchen. Coming over to the area, I overheard a conversation between the father and someone else. He was saying how the other one should stop changing his form and that he didn't want to frighten his guests or increase the reputation of being pretty much a rapist. I was amazed at this new information and saw that indeed his friend had changed into a green blob monster thing, but they saw me and I walked away as he told the other one to change back. I didn't really know what to do, it seemed nobody here was human I guess? Which made me wonder briefly about what happened to fanboy's parents because I hadn't seen them. With this new knowledge, I decided to head into the kitchen and figure out anything I could about this guy's wife. I did so when they left of course, then I casually made my way over to the lit area to find pots boiling away and nobody watching over them. I looked in the freezer and saw bread, I wasn't sure what was in my pot but something triggered a thought in my head. That her father was the wife, that he took on a female form every so often in order to make people believe such stuff. It actually made sense to me but I also had a thought that fanboy's had probably been eaten. Then as I was crossing over to the living room to tell my friends, I noted the father coming our way and then I awoke.
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    1. DannyCool's Avatar
      Wonderful detail in this recall. Wishing you many more vivid dreams.
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    2. Roguetta's Avatar
      "Wonderful detail in this recall. Wishing you many more vivid dreams."

      Thanks mate! I've been reading some of yours and saw you haven't posted many dreams recently, not my place to tell you where to post your dreams but I do hope yours are also visual. Mine are visual and full of lacking adventure in my real life, but they often don't include many of the senses. Like touch, taste, smell and what not. I'm not bothered by it but it was a change to notice it is not lacking such things in lucid dreaming. I also used to use a dream journal on a notebook, but I find that keeping my phone on all night is easier to reach in the morning and then I also know the time I awoke.