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    1. I have returned once again! Dream of 02/17/2016

      by , 02-18-2016 at 06:24 PM
      I had a series of short dreams where I became semi Lucid...

      I remember trying to get a tattoo as a tribute to my boyfriend. In the dream I had a hard time describing what I wanted, I kept changing details thinking that's what I wanted.

      The scenery was winter, cold, snowing and bitter. I remember trying to fly across a frozen pond, thinking that I knew it was a dream and that all I had to do was believe in order to fly properly. I had subconscious doubt which made me falter in my flight but I made it across the pond non the less.

      There was also a couple puppies but I don't remember much after that.
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    2. All these boxes!

      by , 11-14-2015 at 04:56 PM
      Sorry I've been inactive the last couple weeks, I've been super busy with school so the stress of it has made my dream recall poor, and my lucidity even worse. However, I managed to recall a bit of a dream I had last night...

      I remember being in a two story building, almost like a warehouse, with very high ceilings, large windows used for the walls, and you could see the outlining infrastructure of the building. This was were my work was (while IRL my work is a small business in a one story building), my boss was getting upset with me because there was an overflow of cardboard boxes, and I guess it was solely my job to clean them up. He kept getting pissed that I wasn't working hard or fast enough and even threatened to fire me if I didn't work faster. (Luckily, IRL my boss is nowhere near that demanding or rude).

      What's funny is that this morning I had a rehearsal for a gig in a church that looked a lot like my work in the dream. This church is modern so it had high ceilings, large windows acting as the walls, and exposed infrastructure. And later today, while I was at work, I realized there was a lot of cardboard needing to be taken out.
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    3. Are You My Constant? (10.24.15)

      by , 10-25-2015 at 02:55 PM
      *I had great increase in dream recall because I abstained from drinking or smoking just before bed. I've also been watching a lot of LOST and Heroes on Netflix so there are some parallels* Dream #1 Dream #2

      I was in this apartment complex with Dr. Mohinder Sharesh (heroes). We were running from these men in black who wanted to capture me and study me for my abilities of teleportation, telekinesis and time travel. My brother, who also can time travel, was already a couple years into the future, and he and I were communicating with this magical paper that I could write on and my brother years in the future could read it, and vice versa. He had told me that there had been a terrible virus spread throughout the world and many people were dead. Dr. Sharesh and I began working on an antidote immediately to prepare for this disaster. I began collecting samples and test tubes from this fridge like container for chemicals. I had told him that we need to work fast to prepare. Just then I looked outside to three floors below, men in black were at that moment getting out of their cars. I closed both doors leading to the room we were in from the hallway outside so that we had a bit more time before the men in black had apprehended us. The next few moments played out like a movie...the men in black busted through the door leading to our floor, guns drawn and ready to shoot at any moment. I close my eyes tight just as the break down the doors to our room. The men found only Dr. Sheresh alone in the room as I had time traveled. *Camera pans to the magical paper with my writing saying "I'm coming to you" and my brother's response, "What?"*

      The next thing I know I am in the same building, same floor, and I am in the hallway. The carpet was pulled up from the floor, and the walls beginning to crumble apart. I look around and realize that I had traveled years into the future. Just then, my brother comes running around the hall, with a big smile on his face, happy to see me. He takes my hands and says how happy he is to see me. He had a katana strapped to his back. He takes me into the same room I was in from the past, he sits on a couch, his back to the window. I look at him as we talk, and then I look past him to see the destruction of the city skyline. Towers and buildings were destroyed, reduced to nothing but shells of a once great society. I asked my brother if our parents had survived, his eyes welled up as he shook his head and began to cry. My brother then asked me what time I had come from, I looked him in the eye and said, "I think I came from the time when this all started, I think I came from where it began."

      I remember being in some sort of school that was holding a big conference or event. There were a lot of people. I remember being somewhat lucid as I mocked certain situations while still adhering to the dream plot. I was in this large girls' bathroom, remembering that I could do pretty much anything, I challenged every other girl in there to fight me. They kind of looked at me weird and didn't do anything at first. I had said something to the effect of "What, you bitches afraid you all can't take me? Come on! I'll let you all at me at once." That peaked their interest as they all started to attack me. Fighting all of them at once was easy. I blocked every kick and punch with ease, landing blows to them as I did. They quickly surrendered and I left the bathroom. I saw floods of people rushing in every hallway.

      The dream shifts and I am now looking out onto Lake Michigan witnessing one of the most beautiful sunsets I have ever seen. There are people playing in the lake as the golden orb of our star slowly lowered itself upon the water, a perfect reflection on the surface. I sat watching with school friends, old and new, in these bleacher style seats, almost like an amphitheater. I sat with a friend of mine to my left, a cute girl that I have come to sort of develop a crush on. Next to her on her left sits one of my old friends from high school. I was peaceful, taking in the beautiful scene before me. Then, the cute girl next to me rests her head on my shoulder, and I instinctively put my arm around her waist. The cute girl was also holding the hand of the girl next to her which was my high school friend, but being polyamorous, I wasn't hurt or angry at that situation. Then I had realized something, I had been in another dream just before that, a different dimension with a dire fate. I hopped up and began putting some pieces together. I said to the cute girl "Are you my constant? Are you here to simply comfort me and distract me from my task, so that I may stay in this world and forget the world before?" The girl just hung her head and looked at her feet. I sat right in front of her, put my face next to hers so I could whisper in her ear, "Are you my constant?" to which she said "I can't say". I just nodded my head thinking 'I knew it'. Then I asked, "do you like me, do you love me?" She didn't respond. I just got up, said I was getting lunch and left the scene.

      I was back at the music building of my school, practicing my saxophone, and actually playing a scale I had been working on IRL. It was then that I remembered I was getting food.

      I woke up
    4. Dream Fragments Over the Past Few Nights.

      by , 10-24-2015 at 01:25 AM
      I've been super stressed over school work and such that I haven't been able to get lucid or even have great dream recall. The following are some dream fragments of which I can recall over the past few nights.

      - My brother kept insulting me and making me upset, to the point that I was in tears and I wanted to make him stop. I was so frustrated and angry with him.

      - Having a concerto competition but remembering that I had not memorized all of my music yet, and having a panic attack about performing

      - I was a gun slinger, and I had acquired a one-handed, sawed off shot gun, and my friend said to try it out on her (as in actually shoot her) I did, and when she got upset that she was hurt she started spreading lies about how I did it intentionally to kill her, nevermind the fact that she had asked me to do it.

      -There was one moment I had actually mentioned that I was in a dream, yet my mind didn't let me trigger myself into lucidity.

      *Hopefully I can get over my stress to have some lucid dreams again, and get to lucid city.
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    5. A City Within Walls 10.17.15

      by , 10-18-2015 at 03:52 PM
      Note: These fragments may be out of order chronologically. NON-LUCID

      There was a city built within high almost "castle like" walls, these walks were built very high to conceal the city. I was walking around with me and a few companions, one of them being my old high school friend. We were searching for the venue hall, as my professor's saxophone quartet was about to play (IRL his quartet is one of the best in the world and is actually performing this weekend across the country).

      The walls were stone, the ground was a mix of earth and stone pathways. I kept getting lost trying to find the concert venue.

      I remember being with my boyfriend, still in the city but this time we were doing laundry at one of the Laundromats within the confines of the city. We had a LOT of laundry to do. We almost left it unattended because we wanted to go someplace else for some reason, until I spoke up and said that we need to take care of the laundry, and at least get it into baskets before we leave. I think I said something to the effect of "We don't want someone stealing our clothes while we are gone."

      I remember running from these large, grey hound-type dogs. They were rabid and vicious. I almost want to say they were the guard dogs of this city, yet they were mistaken in attacking us, perhaps just attacking anything. I remember telling my friends and I to get to higher ground to escape them. We frantically climbed up a smaller wooden wall and stoop upon it while the rabid dog below attempted to jump, snarl and bite at us.

      I am in a class room with my HS friend again. We are being passed out worksheets to try and calculate our final grade in the class. I being to fill in the blanks when another classmate, some young blonde girl, tries to tell me that I can't fill in the blanks giving the information I had. I tell her "what do you mean I can't do it? I'm good at math and I can figure it out". She just shrugged and said "Ok then, suit yourself". As I attempted the task again I realize that the numbers I have been given don't add up, and that I cannot complete the assignment like the blonde said.

      Then, I was at a pub, or bar, with again one of my HS friends, but a different one this time. We first start off in the very large bathroom behind the counter of the pub. The bathroom was unisex and had many stalls for anyone to use. Just outside the bathrooms were almost "lounge type" areas with couches, TVs, and books for patrons who perhaps did not want to drink could enjoy. I remember sitting at the bar, ordering a drink I don't recall. The bar itself was the color orange, and there was a large pumpkin behind the bar. I remember my friend asking me if we wanted to go sit at a table, I said ok. We went to the back of the dinning area to sit with our drinks and talk. I remember we had to speak about something important, but I don't recall what that was. We look over to the table next to us, a middle age man sat with his young son drinking and being happy. They were very loud, but kind, and they told stories of their adventures together. The older gentlemen noticed us watching them and asked if we would like to join. I think we agreed because we sat down at their table and chatted with them a while.

      **That's all I can recall for now**
    6. Prophetic Dreams/Oneiromancy

      by , 10-16-2015 at 01:00 AM
      I have had several "prophetic" dreams over the years, in which a similar situation I dreamed appears in waking life, or direct situational experiences that happen in my dreams then happen in my life a few days later.

      Some examples that I can remember:

      In Dream: Boss comes to me worried and upset because the til was off by $40.
      In reality: A couple weeks after, my boss comes to me freaking out because the til was off by $40

      (Just for reference, I work at a music retail store)
      In Dream: Checking new oboe reed stock as it comes in, annoyed at my coworkers for not checking them in themselves, notice one of the few reeds I had ordered was "stripping" at the sides of the reed, making it a "bad oboe reed"
      In reality: A few days later, I get new oboe reed stock in and, checking them over, I notice one of the reeds was "stripping" in the exact manner that I was shown in my dream

      In one of my 'nightmare' dreams (Check my DJ): While getting out of a haunted house, very large, very hairy spiders surround the door frame of the house.
      In reality: A few days later, while baby sitting, I turn to lead the kids out the door and to the bus stop I notice their parents had put up Halloween decorations. One of the decorations was a string of plastic spiders hung around their door frame. The spiders were the same size, same color, and same "hairiness" as the spiders in my dream, except these ones were fake (obviously)

      Several instances (though I can't remember exactly) where I am told something or someone says something and that same word or phrase is said just days later in a similar situation with the same inflection and tone as in my dream.

      What are your takes on oneiromancy or dream divination? Are my examples "valid" examples of such things?
    7. My Former Dream Journal (hprib012)

      by , 10-16-2015 at 12:16 AM
      Instead of copying and pasting all of my dream journal entries from my former profile, I figured I would post a link to it (as long as it is still active, if you are an admin reading this, feel free to delete that profile as I no longer have any access to it)
      That profile has many of my former attempts to dream share, as well as lucid dreams I have not documented elsewhere.