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    Groundhog Day of the Walking Dead 10.15.15

    by , 10-16-2015 at 02:37 PM (515 Views)
    I only got lucid for a few moments throughout this dream, but my lucidity never stuck. I suspect it was because I wasn't sleeping very well throughout the night, at least not enough to get fully lucid.

    I was in this little town or city, not unlike my hometown in Michigan. This city has little stores, nice middle class neighborhoods, and just all around a pleasant place to be. The sun was just about to set, as I was talking with some friends of mine from college. We were talking about nothing in particular, when all of a sudden hell breaks loose. Zombies started overrunning the neighborhood, and quickly too. I saw panic among my friends as they had never dealt with this experience before, many of them were captured and eaten by the zombies as these zombies were not your typical "shamble along with a gimp" zombies but instead "sprint at you 28 days later style" zombies. A smaller zombie, which I had guessed to be a young boy turned zombie, began to run at me to try and get me. It was here that I became somewhat lucid as I started to hover above the ground just enough so he couldn't get me. I could tell that I wasn't fully lucid or couldn't fully grasp that this was a dream, because as I continued to try and stay afloat, I would find myself sinking to the ground. While I was in the air, I began to witness the true chaos of the situation. These zombies had great agility and speed, as I saw them jump to great distances, on top of buildings, to get at people.


    I'm back at the beginning again, dusk leading to night in the small town, and chaos had yet to happen. This time I was inside one of the nice family homes, talking again amongst friends about nothing in particular. I remember recounting the events that had happened before the rewind, so my goal was to convince these people that they need to leave the city now, or find shelter for the inevitable zombie invasion. None of the people took me seriously, and shrugged off my warnings. I figured I would get supplies around to at least prepare for the impeding apocalypse. I had gathered food, weapons, and supplies, ready for the attack. And just like I had predicted, zombies started charging the walls of the home, smashing windows and doors to try and get at the citizens. I had to fend off a few zombies with what weapon I had, and survive...


    Again I find myself inside a home, before shit goes down. This home is different, and has a basement that leads to the back yard. This home, however, was being raided by police for some reason. I did not care about a possible crime being committed, all I cared about was convincing the police officers to prepare for the worst. I frantically tell the police to release the suspect they had in custody, and to prepare for an attack, but they had no intention of stopping their assignment. Finally, I just gave up telling people how this is the third time I've seen shit go to hell, and started preparing to protect myself, hoping others would follow. I remember being in the basement of this home, crouched beneath the windows the cops were shining their lights into. I remember seeing the silhouettes of the police as they were checking the perimeter of the home one moment, and then next being swarmed by a horde of zombies. The growls, screams, and the tearing sound of flesh filled my ears as I waited for my moment to strike.

    I woke up

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