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    Lucid Dream 6.7.13

    by , 10-15-2015 at 09:31 PM (499 Views)
    Only remember bits and pieces of this dream…

    I was taking a load of laundry down into the basement of my former home, to find a door that lead to the actual washer and dryer (not like IRL). I was going to turn the nob on the door when I saw a HUGE spider had made a web all around the door frame, and had positioned itself right above the nob. If I had attempted to open the door, the spider would have bit me. This spider was very strange, long black legs, with a large body. However, the body was bright florescent red or pink, and it almost seemed to glow. I took a step back and realized that the spider had created a web all around, and it was probably best for me not to do laundry at that point. I backed up further into the basement only to find myself outside and my basket of laundry gone. It was this dramatic shift in location that allowed me to become lucid.

    I laughed when I realized I was dreaming (a common thing for me apparently). As I looked up to the sky I saw dark storm clouds brewing. I was not alone, outside with me on this grassy green, fenced in lawn, were a few kids and teenagers, a bit younger than me. I remember a brunette girl, and a couple of other kids. They were all concerned that the storm would rain on them while outside. I told them to watch me. I reached my hands up to the sky, and like wiping marker off a white board, I wiped away the dark clouds, revealing the blue sky and the shinning sun. They all cheered and started playing in the field again. I told them that I was going to just fly around a bit, and began lifting myself several feet off the ground. I flew over to the edge of the field to where the white picket fence was, and saw that there was a road beyond the field. I noticed a red haired animal trying to escape the field and it almost seemed like it wanted to jump into traffic. I had the feeling that this animal was connected to me, or belonged to me, so I feared for it’s safety. It was a very obscure animal, and the best way to describe it was that it was almost like my “pokemon” and I had to save it. As it tried to jump over the fence, I used my telekinesis abilities to grab it in mid air and pull it back to the field. I didn't understand why it wanted to go into the road so badly. But I made sure it was safe.

    The dream shifted and I lost lucidity for a moment, I was at work, selling someone a flute…I woke up.

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