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    1. Comp Day 14 - Last Day

      by , 03-15-2023 at 05:16 PM
      3-15-23 - Comp day 14 (terrible recall - every time I woke up I started to think about my mom freezing to death in her house with no heat - wasn't able to contact her - too worried about my mom being without power in CA) (update: she is fine Now four hours later, I worked on remembering...but it's still terrible recall today.

      The dream with my hair that extra crazy piece which was super long tangled and wild that attached to my own hair

      Looking or shopping for clothes again

      Cooking something or baking something for a party with another FDC

      The police that pulled us over, FDC poured out some beer? Then tossed the cup out onto the side of the road. I thought that was horrible. The police guy came up and over and was looking at some part of a trailer we had behind us. He was drawing some type of flower with a black marker. Lots of leaves. (1000 petal lotus?) Not sure

      M and R - going out and doing something with other DCís, R not feeling well and was home in bed.

      5 Dream Frags - 2.5 points
    2. Comp Day 13 LUCID Twice Yippie

      by , 03-14-2023 at 02:20 PM
      3-14-23 (no exercise no vitamins)
      WBTB earlier attempts failed:
      OBE attempts WORKED TWICE (it really felt so easy - why canít these happen every single time I try?)

      Lucid Dream #1 - After feeling the movement and seeing the binary images I slipped out of bed, landed on the floor with sheets wrapped around me (yes it felt so very real) I felt the floor as I got the sheet off of me, then started to rub my hands together telling myself to stay calm. I immediately went down the stairs, I was floating down, and didn't feel the floor under my feet. I went through the entry hall, feeling my way through the darkness and went into the bathroom. I turned the light on in the bathroom, the dream became a little lighter and I grabbed the piece of paper there. I've been wanting to see if I could read what my husband wrote on the back of this paper for a while now. I picked up the paper and felt it in my hands. I looked at the back of it, and while it was a little light in the room, I couldnít see the writing on it. So I moved into the laundry room which seemed a little brighter. I was telling my dream to get lighter. I said it several times, then the last time, I said it very strongly and with more force I felt like I really said it outloud. I could see something on the paper, but I just couldnít make out any of the letters or see what it really said. I held the paper up to the window and still couldnít make out the text. It was almost like I was looking at the text backwards through the paper and upside down. Husbands Alarm went off! I woke up. Just for a moment, I tried not to move and I gave it a second tryÖ

      Lucid Dream # 2 - I was still on my back and knew I wouldnít have much time, his alarm would be going off again soon. I waited and then I felt the movement again and I seemed to see the binary visual again. Same thing happened. I slid out of bed again with the covers still wrapped around me. I had to unwrap myself from the sheets. Then I started down the stairs again, this time I felt my feet on the floor and I felt the edges of the stairs under my feet. Made it down to the landing, turned left two more stairs I counted. Then through the entry way and into the bathroom again. I grabbed the piece of paper and this time went straight into the laundry room as I saw through the window it was much lighter out more windows in the laundry room. I looked at the paper and this time I thought it looked like Chinese characters. I found a piece of cardboard which was white and it felt like where the words were was sort of translucent and I thought if I held the paper up in front of the cardboard I might be able to make it out. NOPE - I Could not read the writing on the paper.

      So I decided I gave that enough time, it was time to translocate so I opened the regular garage door to walk into the garage and the big garage door opened up by itself. I didnít state where I wanted to be; I just knew the dream would change as soon as I got out of the house. To my wonderful surprise, it was warm, and there was NO SNOW Anywhere. I walked out and noticed I was on a different driveway, there seemed to be two big vehicles, maybe one was a motorhome. It was big. I was in a neighborhood, not the country. The treeís had leaves. YEAH. It was warm, I know I said that already, but man that felt good. I took off flying down the road and just enjoyed the feeling of just calmly moving along. I wasnít flying high nor fast; and I was just flying above the road about the level of the tree line. My next thought was to find something to eat. OH and not one single DC was around. What the heck, I saw nobody! Anyhow then suddenly after I thought of the food; a rack full of donuts appeared out of nowhere, just out in the openness of my dream. I picked up one of the chocolate cake donuts with chocolate frosting. It didnít exactly feel real while I ate it.. I was able to go through the motions of taking a bite, but the chewing, swallowing and texture didnít exactly feel real. And unfortunately the taste wasnít as I was expecting. But I seemed to get some crumbs on my finders because I do remember licking my fingers afterwards. 🙂 After that I wanted to fly up high into the sky. So I tried to push off from the ground, I gained some height, but the dream scene showed me some type of dark colored netting that was acting as a barrier. I knew I could blow right through it, but I couldnít push off well enough to get going up like a rocket. Two or three attempts later, the alarm went off again and I woke up. Feeling pretty happy as I knew it wouldnít be a long lived dream, I knew the alarm was going to wake me up soon. I felt pleased with the amount of Ďstuffí I could do in that short period of time.

      DF #1 Had a dream about my hair
      DF #2 Had a dream with other DCís and we were shopping for clothes. This one rather large and tall DC seemed to be male but was dressed and looking for female clothes. Never saw facial details on these DCís that I recall.


      3-Step Task (got all three done)
      Step 1 eat - 5
      Step 2 teleport (changing dreamscenes by walking out of the house) - 10
      Step 3 fly - 15

      Personal Goal
      Perform OBE Experiment (attempt to read that paper) = 15

      WBTB Fail = 2
      2 Dream Frags = 1

      Total Points 48
    3. Comp Day 12

      by , 03-13-2023 at 02:10 PM
      3-13-23 (no exercise, no vitamins)

      No dreams recalled - Failed WBTB -

      Words remembered: The color Green has something to teach you!

      Hahahaha Patience - growth is on the way? ? ?

      Total Points for Failed WBTB = 2
    4. Comp Day 11

      by , 03-13-2023 at 02:08 PM
      3-12-23 (2 miles, B6 and Zinc) WBTB Failed. I canít seem to be able to fall back to sleep while on my back, so I turn to my side and end up falling asleep. Need to figure out a better way for this to work out!!!!

      Stairs: Ladders wanting to go down but the ladder fell and they couldnít get it back up for me to use to get down. I was stuck up in a loft area.

      Later there were stairs going down (two different sets)

      Stuck up in a loft, The ladder fell and they couldnít get it back up; I could not get down. Before the ladder fell, I was feeling a bit afraid that the ladder would slide out underneath me if I had attempted to get on it to go down..It did end up falling.

      That ladder that fell as I was almost ready to go down, then they were trying to get it back up but it was not stable, then it sort of moved animated like but down below. Rolling hills motion while someone else was trying to stay on it.

      Stairs - two sets of stairs were on the other side of the loft I was stuck on that I wasnít aware of. I didnít go over to the other side to explore. The people came up that way and they are the ones who had a bouquet of those plant clippings.

      The plant clippings that had a water pod at the end to help keep it alive. I wanted to take home the one that hadnít fully opened out yet. I wanted it because when the leaves opened up they would be the more tender to eat vs the ones that had already fully leafed out.

      The Stairs were very sketchy. Like no others ever seen in real life. Misshapen, boards not strong, boards with uneven edges, different sizes, colors, etc. I attempted to go down, but was not able to make it to the bottom.

      Some girl was supposed to go help me find the stairs, but she ended up going off with a bunch of her friends instead on bikes. Later, as I explored myself I found more stairs.

      The door opened up to another set of stairs, this door had a towel at the bottom of it so it wouldnít fully close, but would close enough to perhaps keep the cats from going through? A few steps down and there was a box lid with a cat and all her kittens. They were all curled up and just laying in this box lid all snuggled up with each other next to mom kitty. I didnít go past the point of the cats.


      The men who sort of Ďkept usí to help them do something? I donít think it was a good thing.

      There was a fire - On an upper balcony of some sort.

      There was a large container of some sort of beer they wanted me to drink; I didnít want to drink it. Some other FDC was helping me drink it.


      FDC and MDC they were a better fit than the other F he is seeing; eventually she walked over to him.

      WBTB Fail = 2
      1 Dream = 1
      2 Dream Frags = 1

      Total 4
    5. Comp Day 10

      by , 03-11-2023 at 05:58 PM
      3-11-23 (walked again 50 mins, B6 and zinc) WBTB Fail so disappointing.

      D#1 4:22AM
      I might have had a heart attack - I had a dream I was in the hospital. I was hooked up to some type of machine that had a monitor on it that I could see. There was a graph on the monitor and there was a line diagram which started at a higher point at first, but then went down to a Level No 8 and then up to a point No 12 then kept going back up. I had some wires which were connected to the machine and that apparently was monitoring my heart. During the time I was there, a nurse came in and opened the window. The curtains blew in a bit with the breeze but so did the snow. I must have been naked though I donít recall my body at all, but I felt the individual snowflakes one by one as they flew in through the window and landed on my body. They felt wonderful. As if each one kissed me as it gently landed and then melted on my skin. I had also been asleep in the dream for a while, for a long while. I think there was another person in the bed next to me. When they were getting me ready to pack up and go, I remembered talking to a nurse and she said she thinks that I might have had a heart attack. As I was being released I was packing up some of my items, which some were scattered all around the floor and into another room as well. But I remember these socks. The socks were the Best Socks Ever. hahaha Literally, I felt incredible in these socks. They were high socks that went up and just over my knee caps, I had leggings on and I felt really good in them. They seemed to be two tones darker with lighter edges at the top toe and heel. Canít recall exact colors. I was with two other FDC when I was getting packed up to leave. One was in the room with me and the other had gone out to the car. I heard a honk from outside which apparently was from someone who wanted the parking space of the car I was going to leave from. But I kept finding items to pack and was a bit slow at leaving. But once we left we were in the car and we were talking about who was going to drive. It felt like a long drive ahead and I was the one who wanted to drive first. Just before I left to head out to the car, I do remember the nurses all thanked me, but then I came back with a much more appreciated feeling and thanked them; I should have been the one to thanking them, they not needed to thank me. There may have been a cat in the dream. Back in the back of my mind or in the back of my thoughts, it seems vague, but this seemed like a repeat experience of another time I had been in the hospital for the same thing. A long time ago.

      D#2 4:30
      I was in some room and there was a kid hiding between two larger box type units. There was a space in between them that he just fit in. Maybe he was hiding. He was getting into trouble because he had this huge sandwich. He was acting like he wasnít supposed to have it. And he ended up throwing it cuz he got mad into the room towards where I was. And then I ended up having to pick it all up. Each piece and the sloppy gooey meat, lettuce and bread pieces. I was picking it up off the floor and putting it onto a table top.

      D#3 4:30
      UPS Driver - We were in the back of a store front area, like in alley ways. We were all driving different directions. I was in a larger vehicle too but not driving. There were several trucks and we all seemed to be driving into the direction the others wanted to go. Trucks were backing up letting others go, and maybe even a three point turn to go the other way. So it felt like we were dodging each other trying not to hit each other to get out of the alley area.

      D#4 6:56
      I was in another hospital and I wanted to walk through all the corridors there. I didnít want to visit anyone nor was I a patient in this dream. I just wanted to walk through the corridors and hallways throughout the building. I had gone to an area where I thought Iíd be able to walk through, but there was a door that said do not enter and a nurse was there. I wanted to go through but she said it was a restricted area and I wasnít allowed in. But it felt like to me that was the area where intensive care people where staying and I thought I could still walk through even though I wasn't visiting anyone. She told me I had to go out the other way, and she said I needed to take a turn to the right. I started in one direction as there were multiple hallways there and she said, no, go further to the right, well it turned out to be the most left hallway and that had a door with an Exit sign. I didnít want to leave, (the rights and lefts were mixed up even in my dream) Anyhow, as I was walking a bit further, I came to a table area where these two girls were set up selling a basket of candy for $20. There was a man in front of me ordering one. I remember seeing tootsie rolls and other wrapped candy, but I also saw the other girl who pushed out some cookies from this silicon mold looking thing. All the cookies came out unbroken and I wondered how that was possible. They shout have been broken in the way they were being pushed out and released from that mold. Anyhow I didnít buy one.

      D#5 7:00am
      I had a cup of coffee in my hand and a scroungy looking guy came up to me asking what was inside my mug and sniffed it at the same time. He was a dirty looking guy with dirty clothes, a large dirty jacket that looked old and ragged. I said i was drinking coffee. He said he was wishing for and looking for a place where he could sit down and eat or go to the bathroom. A bit later, we had walked down to an area where there was another MDC and he was going to do something for this guy. But he said oh my ankle has a pimple on it and it had started to pop. The other man disappeared from the dream at this point and I saw this other man's ankle. It was pretty swollen and as the puss started coming out it came out like a thin snake. It just kept oozing out. It was kind of gross, but then I turned to walk away and thought I have a friend who is a nurse if you need her, but then we just assumed once the puss was out his ankle would then be ok.

      D#6 7:00am
      Adam had some type of jacket on, it seemed colored in parts, but on the arm were two cuffs. These devices were some type of electronic device blockers that blocked any type of other technology. And these guys were approaching us thinking that they would be able to tap into our electronic equipment. Adams all nope you canít do that with us; he said heís got these high end technology blockers on and nothing could get through to break in. Then all the sudden they were super friendly and nice to us. They had some type of equipment themselves. It was wooden and unfolded open. It seemed old. Something from long ago. They bought it to repair it and then use it for what I donít know. Adam knew exactly what it was and knew how to repair it and went right ahead and did so. One part was wrong and needed to be fixed so he made a couple of adjustments (I remember a no. 3) then gave it back to them, and they seemed really happy.

      DF#7 There was a round table set up and had something to do with art.

      DF#8 We were leaving this house and there was a door that slid sideways to open and close it and when it was closed it would keep the dog from getting out but the cat was able to squeeze through and come out underneath the gap.

      WBTB Fail = 2
      6 Dreams = 6
      2 Dream Frags = 1

      Total = 9 points
    6. Comp Day 10

      by , 03-10-2023 at 05:11 PM
      3-10-23 (Exercised the missing link? Iíve been slacking lately - I walked for 30 + minutes last night and listened to yoga nidra and took B6 and Zinc seems like a lot easier recall this morning as I didnít make any notes or record anything in bed after natural awakenings) WBTB - Fail

      I'm calling all these fragments, because I know there was much more to each of these.

      #1 - Sleeping with a bird; it might have been some type of parrot. The cutest little thing all snuggled under the covers with me. It had originally been in a cage next to me I think -Then Donna came into the room and walked across maybe to a bathroom then came back to the bed and stood at the base of the bed. Seems to say something about the bird, then before she leaves she starts doing jumping jacks with a yellow sweater. There was a chandelier or ceiling fan, right above her and I had this thought I wondered if her hands would hit the dangling parts as she did her jumping jacks.

      #2 - The FDC who had this long knitted garment that she somehow managed to intermingle with and slip into over and or under her arms and shoulders, and wrap it around her in such a way that it became a bikini top? Then she managed to slip her arms out of it in such another weird way which made absolutely no sense. Did I have the thought I wanted one? HUmmmm it seemed like way too much bulk for a bikini top.

      #3 - The quail (bird) which was in the water. Someone tried to save it by pulling it up and out of the water by its wing. The string or whatever they used ended up cutting the wing off at the first wing joint, when trying to pull it out. (POS from the man who hatched a quail egg from the store video I watched)

      #4 - LisaB married to a French Man - she and I were walking all over this square piece of land not sure what we were doing. But at one point, I was emptying some garbage from a can, I had bagged it up in a plastic bag with a twisty tie before the end she said something to me like, yeah thatís what itís like being married to a French Man. ?

      #5 - The two Parties: Food was being picked up, cleaned up: lots of food from what seemed like a work potluck partyÖI needed to put back some food that got left out during pick up, no room in one fridge, The fridge has also been moved in such a way that the door wouldnít fully open, it had been pushed up against a wall about a foot or so away and the door wouldnít open fully. I had to go to another part of the building; there was another party potluck going on; so much food everywhere all laying out on several tables. Seemed to look mostly like sweets. I seem to recall colors like colored icings. Even in the first part of the dream, Lisa (LisaB again, but I think this is a different dream than above) was eating a cup full of whipped cream. That's what it looked like anyhow.

      #6 - Two kinds of cookies I brought to share and I think I ate two before putting them on the table; but donít remember actually tasting or chewing or swallowing. Someone else approached me and she wanted some, but I didnít give her any. I had put the packages down on a table then walked away not noticing if she got into them after I left or not.

      #7 - Oh the lady I was sitting next to, we were arriving at her apartment complex. There was a nursing home next to these apartments. I was thinking She must have lived in the apartments next to the nursing home. Before this there was something else about another FDC we were looking at houses to buy? So Vague

      #8 - The little girl, a toddler, I was with and was only supposed to have her for less than an hour longer, (I remember looking at a clock with arms, I donít think Iíve ever seen a clock in my dreams before; but I didnít think to look at it again as an attempt for a reality check) but I wanted to drop her off at a daycare place and not take her with me to wherever I was going.

      #9 - There was something else, a dream with a message something to eat or not eat. It seemed white; not sure if it was flour or if it was white energy light? Or Iím making this up. Donít knowÖ.

      WBTB Fail = 2
      9 Dream Fragments - 4.5 points

      Total 6.5
    7. Comp Day 8

      by , 03-09-2023 at 05:33 PM
      3-9-23 Comp Day 8 (WBTB Failed ughhhh)

      DF#1 - The planting of seeds; they have begun to grow 🙂

      DF#2 - There was a guy named Mike who handed us something. I was with a FCD, he had an incredibly good vibe and he remembered my name.

      D#3 - The Island - I was in a kayak paddling through the water between a couple islands to get access to this other island that I would be camping on later that night. I was checking it out ahead of time so I was a little more prepared and would know what to expect for camping. There was one patch of seaweed that I came across but it wasnít stopping me from moving forward. There was a hint of a thought that a storm was on the way that evening. But in the dream it did not appear. I ended up going around to the backside and found the beach side of this island. Nice stripe of clean bright sand. I remember looking up into the sky wondering how the sunset and or sunrise would be from here. I was with someone else and we were talking about what we might need to sleep outside during the night here. I really only recall a screen to go over our heads, or mosquito net and something about my clothes. There seemed to be some kind of house on the island as well. And weíd have access to the house if we needed it to cook and to have coffee. There was a box with a key for us to use.

      WBTB = 2
      2 DF = 1
      1D = 1

      Total 4
    8. Comp Day 7

      by , 03-09-2023 at 05:31 PM
      3-8-23 Comp Day 7

      DF#1 - I was with a few other DCís and we were going to order some food. As I walked past one table, I saw a FDC sitting there alone with a platter of three very large tacos. They looked so good thatís what I was going to order

      DF#2 - I was with a MDC and it seemed like he might have liked me. He wanted to know where I got my braís? (I think) and I said Macyís.

      DF#3 - I was in a dark room, maybe a living room and suddenly the door slid open all by itself. That scared me and I believe I screamed in the dream. Then I looked closer and saw a shadow of a regular sized cat. It was a cat that wanted in. So I got up and went to let the cat in, then made sure I closed the door tight and locked it.

      DF#4 - I was at a work environment and the FDC was in a colored dress, she was freezing.

      D#5 - We were standing in line to get a ticket for some type of a huge event, maybe it was a concert or something bigger. The line was moving at first, then as we got closer to the registration area it stopped. I wandered up front to see what was going on. It appeared that they ran out of registration papers. Someone was on it and looked to get some more. Suddenly my sister and Mom showed up out of nowhere. I hugged each of them and asked are you guys really here? I even asked them what day it was. And I believe the date was correct, March 8th. They decided to come for a surprise visit. I was already thinking oh no, the house is not ready for company. They might have to spend the first night in a hotel. The new bed isnít put together and the other bed needs the sheets washed and to be remade. I thought about how much work that Iíd need to do to get the rooms ready. Then I asked how long they were staying, it seemed like I had a vacation planned and it was coming up soon. I wondered if they were going to leave before I had to leave for my vacation. A bit later, I remember being handed a small piece of paper and I had to write my name on it, the ink wasnít coming out, I scribbled on a blank white piece of paper till I saw a mark, then I attempted to sign my name on a piece of torn paper with colored pattern on it. Tried to find a light colored spot so you could actually see my name when I signed it. I think that was the registration part. Then it had taken so long, that when we went into where we were supposed to sit, weíd never find any seats together.

      4 DF = 2
      1 D = 1

      Total 3
    9. Comp Day 6

      by , 03-07-2023 at 04:30 PM
      3-7-23 Comp Day 6 (feels like I slept sound and solid last night - The cat let me sleep through the entire night no WBTB attempts)

      D#1 7:30AM - I was inside a building - a glass building that had water in the lobby. I donít remember what I was doing before I started walking out of the lobby, but the lobby was full of water and it seemed pretty calm with a gentle wave towards the exit wall. I was hovering and moving just above the water level. Moving towards the exit doors; or exit wall. Suddenly the water's wave movement changed direction and I thought how strange that the direction changed like that. I get out of the building and turn back and watch the waves change again. This is all happening inside the building, the water all gathers into the middle of the room and creates a super large wave. It billows up tall and reaches the height that should be the top of the building, then suddenly starts moving as if a huge tidal wave would and smashes into the walls. The water becomes so turbulent it keeps building and splashing and building and splashing into the walls repeatedly. Till finally it settles down. The water never broke out through the glass walls. After it settled down I went back and saw a younger MDC sitting at a round table with his cat. The man seemed emotionless and just sitting there with this cat in his arms. My first thought was that they sat there and withstood the waters beating and I was worried that the cat was dead. I went over and petted the kitten. The cat was still alive.

      D#2 7:30AM - I was roller skating/or blading through a neighbor on the sidewalk. In the beginning of the dream it was light out and I ended up at some place where there seemed to be some type of typewriter the old black styles before computers (I was just talking to someone about them last weekend IRL) And I was standing there in front of it trying to use it or well not exactly sure but it wasnít working as it was supposed to. Then I started skating back home. The sidewalk became my focus point in this one spot. I remembered seeing a very long copper wire (which I apparently had left out somewhere) and someone else had come along and cut it up into all these tiny short pieces. So while I was skating, I had to be careful not to get any of those pieces under the wheels on my skates. There were a lot of pieces scattered along the sidewalk for a short distance. Finally there was no more wire debris and just about that time, it got dark outside. My skates however had these very cool built-in headlights. They were old school original lights and they shined so nice and bright so I could see the sidewalk very clearly even though everything else was dark. I ran into a friend of mine on the way back home. She was skating too, and instead of her having her dog with her, she ended up having a little boy with her. He may have been holding a green colored blanket. I remember smiling and waving at him. I chatted with the friend for a moment, she was with a couple other DCís and they were on their way to some other place. My friend commented on the lights on my skates and made them sound like they worked better than hers, or mine were brighter anyhow. We said our goodbyes and I continued onward back to where I thought home wasÖnever reaching homeÖskating off into the abyssÖ.

      DF#3 - There was something going on with a group of older FDC and then also not sure if it was this same dream or another one but there was also something going on with an older MDC. No details of this recalled It seemed like something Iíd want to rememberÖugh

      2 Dreams = 2 pts
      1 DF = .5

      Total = 2.5
    10. Comp Day 5

      by , 03-06-2023 at 04:17 PM
      3-6-23 Comp Day 5 (WBTB - Fail)

      4:00am dreams not recalled But one word was remembered: National

      D#1 = 6:24AM: - A beautiful large Blue hummingbird arrived early. Although I didnít see snow in the dream, it felt like it was still winter and too early for the hummingbirds to come back. I was looking out a window at a marsh area which had some very tall dried reeds or stalks with dried pods at the top. Not even a flower blooming, but this hummingbird went to the pod and acted as if it was getting some nectar. I knew it was a marsh/wetland area because I had the thought in the dream that I would need to go take care of those plants and would need to wear my galoshes.

      D#2 = 6:26AM: - I had a dream about walking down a paved path. And there was the cutest little dog, it was small but not really a puppy. It was a reddish auburn colored dog and it seemed so friendly and let me pet them as it layed down in a submissive way; and really seemed happy and wanted to walk with me. I had wondered if there was a leash around because a little further up in the direction I was heading was a busier road and I wanted to make sure it wouldnít run out into the road when we got there.

      D#3 = 6:26AM: - Stuck in the middle with them - I was in bed with two DCís. One male and the other female. I was in between them; stuck in the middle. The two of them seemed to want to fool around with each other, and kept reaching around me to each other, so I decided to do the right thing; I left them and got out of the bed and went to another room so they could do their thing.

      D#4 = 6:30AM: - I was standing next to a smallish lake and we were watching the top of the water. The water seemed to be changing in one spot like something was going on under the water in that spot. Then suddenly the water just drained, and disappeared leaving all these beautiful rocks exposed. There were a few kids that started to walk down and look at the rocks, but just as quick as it got sucked out, the water started coming back and filled back up. The kids had to quickly run back to the top edge of the lake. People were getting so excited when it went low and exposed the rocks. This happened several times. I had enough time to get my phone camera out and start a video recording of it, when one of my friends, went down and started hunting for rocks while the water had completely drained. I was telling her that she needed to hurry up as the water level had already started to rise again but she wasn't listening to me at first. She just kept looking at the rocks. In the end the water this last time didnít rise as fast as it had before and she was able to get out before the water filled back in.

      WBTB - Fail = 2
      4 dreams = 4

      total = 6
    11. Comp Day 4

      by , 03-05-2023 at 05:03 PM
      3-5-23 Comp Day 4 (WBTB - Failed) I think I tried too hard last night. I even wrote and filled up a full page of intent, that I would without doubt have a lucid dream. I wrote out exactly what I was going to do and wrote it with perhaps too much confidence. Hahahaha I know I had many other dreams and just couldnít grab onto them before falling back to sleep each time I woke up.

      DF#1 flying in circles in the air with another DC; we were connected to each other by some sort of straps that had a long enough lead on them and it allowed us to circle around in the air. First I would go, then they would go. It was a fun feeling; similar to flying but instead could only do circles.

      D#2 I was walking next to a big rig which was backing up into a sandy area. He got stuck and his tires were horizontal, not vertical and were buried under the sand. I was next to it and pushed up against some dense juniper trees. I had the feeling if the truck moved again I'd be squashed. But I got out of there before he started moving again. I was making my way to a place I could sit and write. I wandered into an old hotel. Nobody was around so I opened one of the doors to a room. Nothing was in the room; it had carpet and no furniture and one window. It had a hole in the wall and a striped cat came out of the hole then walked across the room to the back wall where it went out a small gap space under the wall to the outside. I had a book with me and I was writing something. At one point I saw some paper fliers, on these paper fliers were animated women in red. The woman in red was modeling and she would open up her red dress or coat as if to flash herself, but she had other clothes on. She turned and did the flash again and again, each time a new outfit. I thought it was a great idea for an animated paper photo and thought about how or what kind of technology did that. As it was not connected to any computer device. I continued to write. Too bad I canít remember what I was writing; it seemed profound in some way. I tore each sentence from the paper and ended up with strips of paper. I was gathering stuff to get ready to do and I had more there than I thought. I had this book which had a dust cover. The dust cover was 5 times larger than it should have been. I have to fold and fold and fold it till I could get it small enough to fit the book. I had all those torn pieces of paper I had to include and closed the book. I was looking around in the room and I had my IRL green rocker recliner chair there. UghÖhow did that even get there I thought. There was no way I could take that out with me. I left it behind. Before I left, that cat came back in. It walked back over to the hole in the wall. I didnít interact with it. I opened the door and walked out. There was a lady in light blue and she was standing behind a desk right next to the door I came out of. I looked at her face but just for a moment and then kept walking out of the lobby then out the front door. I was now walking fast across a huge parking area with no cars. Further out there was another parking area. I didnít remember coming in a car, but I was heading that direction as if my car was over there. The ground was sandy, I got far enough away from the building that I knew I couldnít see it anymore, so I turned around and saw the lady in blue following me. She had a camera and was trying to get me on video. I put my book up to cover my face and told her to stop videotaping me. Then I thought Iíd just tell her I was there just writing. She didnít want to hear about why I was there. She just wanted to capture my face on video so that they would be able to perform face recognition and know who I was. I was sort of afraid of getting into trouble; but I also thought, well how much trouble could get into, I was only writing in that room but then I thought, Oh but I did leave behind that chair. I turned again to run away fast from her and attempt to hide behind a big old dumpster, I went around it and was hoping to lose her. But she was smart enough to know what I was doing and met me right there at the other side of the dumpster. She had the camera up in my face and said, there, I got you. She got me on video and she turned away and walked back.

      WBTB = 2
      1DF = .5
      1D =1
    12. Comp Day 3

      by , 03-04-2023 at 05:07 PM
      3-4-23 Comp Day 3 (WBTB - Failed Saying mantras before falling back to sleep and also trying to hitch a ride on the movements of my own visions or the hypnagogic visions got close but failed)

      DF#1 4:08AM - Saw Joseph walking in the dream space with nothing around and he was walking with a limp

      DF#2 4:09AM - There was a feather, but perhaps it was more like a seed. That when dropped it would spin and fluffed out a bit and very slowly it would fall. I remember the presence of a male but there was also a very large tree and the ground seemed like old forest with some very large roots and green moss.

      D#3 4:10AM - I was with two other people, and we were preparing to paint part of the road white. It was a busy road with cars and multi lanes, perhaps an interchange of some sort. We seemed to be under a bridge at an intersection right after the area where cars would merge into the lane from the onramp. There was one orange cone for us to use to keep the cars out of the one lane by the curb. But I needed to go find another one so the cars coming out of the onramp wouldn’t come into the painted area. I wandered across towards what looked like a city but on the way to the city I found two FDC just standing around in the center of another cloverleaf ramp. I approached them and then started to tell them that if they needed to do something that they should go do whatever they were planning on doing soon, because rain was coming. They looked at me with disbelief, but I said look. We looked up into the sky and it was all blue sky, but then I turned and looked behind and pointed over in that other direction: see, over there, the dark clouds mixed in with some other clouds are coming this way. And then there were dark clouds in that direction.

      D#4 - I was at my mom’s house, looking out into the back yard. I was with a MDC and we were watching this cat slowly coming up towards the house sniffing stuff along the way. It has long hair and had the same coloring as my RL cat. It was a stray cat and I said to the MDC that it was probably going towards the garage to get some kibbles I left out there for it to find. Then soon after the cat disappeared we saw this guy sneaking around in the back, coming close to the house attempting to break in. We ran out into the back yard and chased him away to the back and he jumped over the fence. It was then that I saw two others that were with him. I tried yelling at them from the fence, but I couldn’t get any voice out of me. I wanted to yell and scream at them and I couldn't. I saw where the other two went, there was like a smaller house with a covered and inset porch where the two others disappeared. At first I was thinking there just tucked into that spot to hide, but turns out they might have lived there. I wanted to tell them I see where you are and yell to them they better never come back..blah…blah…blah but I couldn’t get anything out. Ugh I really wanted to give them shit and I couldn't talk. It was frustrating. Then as me and the MDC were walking back to the house through the yard, I was able to say (or perhaps I said it telepathically to him) that we needed to get some security motion censored lights out there.

      D#5 8:15AM - I was with a FDC who seemed to be from India. We were in a dirt parking lot where there were a few sketchy looking storefronts. They had openings in the first part but the back of the store fronts were closed off by all these curtains and sheets and colored partitions to keep people from seeing behind the curtained area. We had just arrived, but then suddenly several others showed up. Some of the guys working in the store fronts were moving about and welcoming some other people. The FDC I was with got a bit annoyed and said to them they were not welcoming her because she was from India. Then she had the idea of stealing stuff. Batteries are what I could make them out to be. She ended up putting something in my purse, but I found it and took it out. I told her I didn’t want any part in her stealing stuff. So she started to stuff these batteries under the back of her shirt which was an elastic material and she was able to get them tucked under and they stayed. While she kept at this, I noticed another spot on the other side of this parking lot that seemed to have telescopes. I went over there to check out the telescopes. After I walked back to that area, I had to go through an opening then walk behind the parking lot till I came out in a different store front. In the front of this store there was another paved parking lot. I asked the guy if these telescopes would help me see Pluto and Mars as I had just heard IRL that they were conjunctioning and I really wanted to see them and see for myself how bright they were. We walked out to the parking lot and looked up into the sky. There was only one small area where we could see lots and lots of stars which appeared as a cool looking pattern in the sky, but it was in the wrong direction. To the right was where we needed to look and that area was covered in clouds. So looking back at the area where we did see stars I noticed something flying high up in the sky. It seemed to be coming our way. I said to some other people out there, do you guys see that? What is that? It began coming closer and getting larger. Finally they saw it too. It was such a strange white-ish in color space craft. Not like anything I’ve ever seen or could even imagine. One of the guys said it was some sort of government space craft and just as it was approaching right above us we started to run. It was spraying some type of liquid which when it landed on me felt like a very light rain. We’d been sprayed! I’m all, what the heck is this stuff? They said it was some sort of chemical and now that it was on me I would be able to be tracked. Wherever I went they would always be able to find me. Whatever was mixed into the chemical agent was able to get into my body and interact with my DNA. I wanted so badly to go wash my hair, because most of it landed on my head. I was thinking if I could wash it out maybe it wouldn't have time to get into my body.

      DF#6 - there was a FDC and she didn’t have any work experience and she had to take this one job. Her job was to just stand there. I can’t recall what she was supposed to be doing, but I felt bad for her. I ended up giving her my purse so she could put it over her shoulder and have something to hold onto with her hand (rest her hand) around the strap while she just stood there. There seems to be more but I can't recall more.

      DF#7 - There was a FDC that ran down a sandy beach and dove into a whole or tunnel at the very edge of where the water and sandy shore met. She ended up swimming into the lake from that strange entry point. She had a blue shirt on. I ended up going into the lake afterwards, but I just walked out and waded in the water which was clear and warm.

      WBTB Failed = 2
      4DF = 2
      3D = 3

      Total 7

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    13. Comp Day 2

      by , 03-03-2023 at 05:03 PM
      3-3-23 Comp Day 2 (practicing the affirmations before falling asleep but all attempts failed, I wake up and think about doing a visual technique, but then instead I spend the time trying to remember dreams instead, then as I fall asleep again, I do it without staying aware)

      D#1 - I ate chocolate. There was a tray full of these chocolate balls which were about half circles and open in the centers. The tops had been cracked open and I think the Ďstuffí that was supposed to be inside has oozed out. I remember eating some of it, but donít recall any taste. I needed to pay for this, or I was also ordering a drink, and I handed the lady a $5 and a $10 dollar bill. She took my money, but then when she came back she gave me change as if I had given her a $20 dollar bill. I told her this change was not right and that she had given me too much money back.

      D#2 - Maud was selling several items; I was interested in the bread cutting board which came with a nice bread knife. I had called her on the phone to discuss that item and while we were on the phone together I ended up seeing her on the phone with me down the dreamscape area we were in. There were many other people walking around between us so it must have been some type of artist market area.

      D#3 - There was a huge hilly area, pretty much just grass and hill and trails, that had an incredible trail carved into the hillside. I was on the back of a snowmobile and while the trail was not covered in snow, we used the snowmobile on this trail. The trail was just about the same width as the snowmobile. So it was fun and exciting and the trail got so steep in a few places it felt as if we were going straight down. We were going fast too. It was really fun. Almost felt like a roller coaster ride. We rode on this trail for a while just enjoying the beauty of the landscape and the thrill of the speed and tight turns, the ups and downs of it all. One spot along the edge of a very steep area, I remembered pointing out to the driver to just watch out there as the trail looked cracked at the edge.

      DF#4 - I was sleeping, then I got up and went over to my mom and snuggled up against her side as she was sitting on a couch, I rested my head on her shoulder and we just enjoyed that moment.

      D#5 - I was on the road looking into a chain linked fenced area of what looked like a huge flea market. I saw all these molds. Like silicon molds of different shapes. All the molds were colored. I really wanted to get some so that I could use the molds for clay projects. I had to pay $10 to get in. I pulled out several wads of cash. I had a lot of cash on me for whatever reason. And I handed over $10. But then after we paid, we had to stand in line to be searched/questioned at the security area. I was next in line and there was a male and a female security guard. I kind of wanted the female, but the male guard opened up first. He kept me there for a long while and all he was doing was talking to me. I have no idea about what, but all I kept thinking was dude, youíre too close to my face, I can feel your breath on my face. I felt way too close to him and finally said, Iím going in and left him. I donít remember going over to look at those molds, but a little bit later in a dream I was walking outside this area again and wanted to go back and look at those same molds. I never got to the molds.

      D#6 - I found myself walking down a sidewalk. I came to an opening to a ramp that went up to a higher level. As I took the right turn to start up the ramp, I lightly bumped into a guy who had his eyes closed and was sitting in a wheelchair. I noticed his eyes opened slowly from my bump but I didnít say anything to him. I just walked behind him and up the ramp. At the top of the ramp was a very large opening looked like a campus of some sort as there were building at the edges of the open area. Suddenly a ton of people all came out from building and were walking through the open campus area. I kept on going through, not talking to anyone. I crossed through it and ended up on the other side. I turned right again and found a construction crew working on the side between two building where the sidewalk was I wanted to take. I started to walk through it and they didnít want me to get my feet dirty or muddy as there was also some water and mud in the area. So I carefully jumped to the left side of this area and managed to get through and to the bottom of where they were working. But once at the bottom there was more water and it was deeper. They had these large foam blocks that sort of floated that I could use as stepping stones, even though they were not secure, I managed to hop from one to another till I got through this area. Then I ended up on one of the construction trucks. I was on the side of it barely holding on to something and hanging on the side. I donít know why I was hanging on the side of the truck. I looked up from the truck and saw a rooftop where more people were coming across and down from the top of it. A few ladies reached the roof's edge. I felt that they were too close to the edge, as it was a high building. But they didnít fall off the edge. Just then, a guy was getting into the truck to start it up. He was getting ready to leave, while I was still hanging on. Then a few more of the construction guys came over to my side of the truck, I asked if they were leaving and where they were going? They said they were going to end up in Canada and were going to attend a huge party of some sort where there would be champagne. I said slightly disappointed that I didnít want to go, that is would not be fun for me there as I had quit drinking alcohol.

      DF#7 - The ice skating rink. The ice on this rink was so full of different colors it was really pretty. There was a female ice skater who was performing and did a beautiful move and turned right at the very edge of the rink. I wondered how they got the colors into the ice like that.

      D#8 - I was in a boat fishing with someone and the water we were on looked really muddy, dark brown muddy water. The boat was just floating as we were casting into the water in front of us. Suddenly a full sized deer jumped out of the water from the general area we were casting, and it ran towards us then passed us to the right, and it seemed to run right across the top of the water. I thought how the heck did it do that? I was watching the water and could tell there at that spot there was a sandbar. The water level in that specific spot where the deer ran was just barely covering a sandbar so thatís why the deer was able to run on top of the water. The boat suddenly was banked on top of the sandbar. So I kind of did a wiggle to rock the boat until I felt us move off and were free floating again and continued to fish.

      Total Points 9

      WBTB = 2 (even though they failed)

      6 dreams plus two dream fragments = 7

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    14. Comp Day 1

      by , 03-02-2023 at 05:13 PM
      3-2-23 Comp Day 1 (attempted MILD, WBTB and Visualization while falling asleep)
      Dream Snippets

      2 points
      (WBTB Almost but Fail) As the vision of a first dream came to me I was still aware that I was soon to be falling asleep again. I was wading in water and I was able to see through the water and see that there was a paved path I was following. I was about waist deep looking down and watching my feet and then I saw some tiny minnows. I decided to swim and go under water because I knew that if I went under the water and noticed that I was breathing, Iíd become lucid. Well I did go under water, and I was able to breathe, but I didnít really go lucid. I was still aware that I was dreaming and I felt the feeling of swimming and even dove down and went deeper feeling that feeling of free falling even, but I lost awareness of it and any other memory past this.

      1 point
      There was an outdoor drainpipe at the bottom of a slight hill, someone was draining water from somewhere above on the hill into this drainpipe. Then it seemed like a storm came and a ton of water came down the hill and brought with it loose dirt and some smaller debris then ended up clogging the drain opening. There was another MDC that was trying to unclog the drain with some type of plunger as more and more water kept coming down.

      1/2 point
      (fragment lots more I can't remember) Another dream I had was about garbage everywhere and I was feeling annoyed because nobody had been cleaning up after themselves. The garbage which was like wrappers from food packaging and just crumpled up papers were piled behind stuff on counters. Nobody was throwing stuff away into the garbage cans and just left it all over the counters and behind stuff.

      1 point
      I came down these stairs, really old looking stairs, probably old cement and there was a sheet that was dropped from the ceiling to sort of shield the room and the stairwell. I walked down and peeked through an opening and saw some type of warehouse. There was a MDC and he seemed to be in a uniform, maybe military. I had coins in my hand, a few dimes, a couple quarters and nickels, maybe some pennies too, but the dimes were different. They seemed different from the US coin and seemed special. They had a straight edge design around the outsides. I went over to a large bag, it was made of a thick cotton off white color and I ended up dumping the coins into this bag. The opening was kind of small and seemed fuzzy with fluffed material so I couldn't see inside and I dropped one of the dimes. The MDC was just standing there watching me saying nothing and doing nothing. I got down and ran my hands along the floor till I felt that dime at the edge of the carpet remnant, and picked it up and dumped it into the bag.

      1 point
      I was in some kind of a vehicle and a MDC was driving, I was the passenger. The guy who was driving it was slowly approaching the edge of a very high cliff. I was expecting that he was going to stop before reaching the edge. But he didnít stop. He kept on going till the vehicle fell off the edge and started falling, but suddenly transformed into a helicopter and we started flying. I was mad and wasnít enjoying the Ďflight or rideí or whatever it was supposed to be because it scared me too much at first and I stayed mad even after I knew we were safe and under control. It was like he did that on purpose had I known we would continue over the edge and then fly; I might have enjoyed the dream more. hahaha

      1 point
      I was out doors when I noticed a swarm of wasps flying towards me so I started to run away from them. I couldnít run fast enough, but I made it into a garage which had open ends anyhow. As I got into the garage and all the wasps followed me in as well. There was a long counter on the left wall of the garage and it had a ton of stuff on it, but the thing I was looking for was a blue and white cooler. I opened the cooler and it too was full of stuff. I seemed to be looking for a container of worms. But for what purpose I do not know. (fishing did not enter my mind and thatís the only thing Iíd use worms for) At this time, I noticed that they were not landing on me and I did not get stung. They were landing on the ground. And the swarm seemed to have thinned out a lot. I attempted to swat a few in the air with a fly swatter but seemed to miss them. Then I ended up smashing a few that were on the ground. Suddenly I stopped killing them and I felt really bad because they were not attacking me.

      Total Points: 6.5[LINK_TO_ANCHOR][/LINK_TO_ANCHOR]

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    15. Warm up to start of the Comp

      by , 03-01-2023 at 04:16 PM
      March 1st AM dreams (not counting for Comp since Comp doesn't start till 8PM but thought I'd see how this DJ entry works)

      3-1-23 am dreams snippets (MILD a moment of a LUCID DREAM Short lived)

      Just before 6am - I was at work, a combo of S.L. and an office job. I was at a table trying to enter the SRA data to the computer. Nothing was working right and my computer kept moving to the edge of the back of the table. I moved it back to the middle a few times, then I was just feeling weird like something was definitely not right. I turned to look at the office setting and thought about starting to say something is wrong with me when it dawned on me that I was dreaming! Turned Lucid right then. The first thing I thought about was to spin to relocate myself to another scene. I started to spin and while I was spinning I was saying and when I stop spinning Iíll be in the museum and will see (then I couldn't think of the name of the painting I wanted to see. I kept stumbling on names. While spinning for way too long now) Finally mona lisa came to me and when I stopped spinning; it appeared like nothing was there and soon after, I lost all memory of a dream. (NOTE TO SELF: remember to remain calm and touch something to get a stronger lucidity level first before rushing to do your task)

      Fox Puppie, he was so cute and friendly. I found him on the ground and picked him up. He let me hold him and cuddle with him. I ended up at a bar of some sort. There were a lot of people at this bar and I let someone else take the puppy from me. He was adorable.

      I entered an ice cream competition; vanilla with cheesecake; As everyone's bucket was moving to the voters area they were all stacking up in order. I felt I was in fourth place; they only announced the first three winners. There were handing out cups of all the ice-cream but I didnít take or taste any of it.

      We were staying in this really expensive super wealthy looking and feeling mansion. There was a piano that was covered in a black silky cover which I bumped into the back of. The person I was with seemed to have gone over to the front of it to take a look under the cover.
      I was walking on a road and there was a large truck ahead of me but it was backing up. There were two items in the middle of the road that I needed to go move out of the way so he wouldnít run them over,

      There was a table of 6 or 8 people. They all suddenly got up and left.

      There were two kids and someone had given them some type of candy. I had not got them candy this time, I was starting to feel bad about it because I did get them something last time I saw them. Later I went into an office where a FDC was behind her desk. She seemed annoyed by the kids. The little boy ended up running in through her door and tripped and fell flat on his belly. But he broke or split into two pieces. His head was several feet from his bottom half. He was tiny but I picked up his head and arms and found his other half and kind of pressed his body back together. The FDC came over and was right there with me when I reattached his body, we both looked at each other and wondered, how is he not dead? Why isnít there blood running everywhere?

      I was telling a FDC about my lucid dream from earlier and she wasn't listening to me. Itís like she didnít care and really didnít want to hear about it at all. I ended up storming out yelling with frustration that nobody ever wants to hear about my dreams. (POS I and read something about someone yelling in their dreams on DV the night before)

      POS = power of suggestion