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    1. Comp Day 13 LUCID Twice Yippie

      by , 03-14-2023 at 02:20 PM
      3-14-23 (no exercise no vitamins)
      WBTB earlier attempts failed:
      OBE attempts WORKED TWICE (it really felt so easy - why can’t these happen every single time I try?)

      Lucid Dream #1 - After feeling the movement and seeing the binary images I slipped out of bed, landed on the floor with sheets wrapped around me (yes it felt so very real) I felt the floor as I got the sheet off of me, then started to rub my hands together telling myself to stay calm. I immediately went down the stairs, I was floating down, and didn't feel the floor under my feet. I went through the entry hall, feeling my way through the darkness and went into the bathroom. I turned the light on in the bathroom, the dream became a little lighter and I grabbed the piece of paper there. I've been wanting to see if I could read what my husband wrote on the back of this paper for a while now. I picked up the paper and felt it in my hands. I looked at the back of it, and while it was a little light in the room, I couldn’t see the writing on it. So I moved into the laundry room which seemed a little brighter. I was telling my dream to get lighter. I said it several times, then the last time, I said it very strongly and with more force I felt like I really said it outloud. I could see something on the paper, but I just couldn’t make out any of the letters or see what it really said. I held the paper up to the window and still couldn’t make out the text. It was almost like I was looking at the text backwards through the paper and upside down. Husbands Alarm went off! I woke up. Just for a moment, I tried not to move and I gave it a second try…

      Lucid Dream # 2 - I was still on my back and knew I wouldn’t have much time, his alarm would be going off again soon. I waited and then I felt the movement again and I seemed to see the binary visual again. Same thing happened. I slid out of bed again with the covers still wrapped around me. I had to unwrap myself from the sheets. Then I started down the stairs again, this time I felt my feet on the floor and I felt the edges of the stairs under my feet. Made it down to the landing, turned left two more stairs I counted. Then through the entry way and into the bathroom again. I grabbed the piece of paper and this time went straight into the laundry room as I saw through the window it was much lighter out more windows in the laundry room. I looked at the paper and this time I thought it looked like Chinese characters. I found a piece of cardboard which was white and it felt like where the words were was sort of translucent and I thought if I held the paper up in front of the cardboard I might be able to make it out. NOPE - I Could not read the writing on the paper.

      So I decided I gave that enough time, it was time to translocate so I opened the regular garage door to walk into the garage and the big garage door opened up by itself. I didn’t state where I wanted to be; I just knew the dream would change as soon as I got out of the house. To my wonderful surprise, it was warm, and there was NO SNOW Anywhere. I walked out and noticed I was on a different driveway, there seemed to be two big vehicles, maybe one was a motorhome. It was big. I was in a neighborhood, not the country. The tree’s had leaves. YEAH. It was warm, I know I said that already, but man that felt good. I took off flying down the road and just enjoyed the feeling of just calmly moving along. I wasn’t flying high nor fast; and I was just flying above the road about the level of the tree line. My next thought was to find something to eat. OH and not one single DC was around. What the heck, I saw nobody! Anyhow then suddenly after I thought of the food; a rack full of donuts appeared out of nowhere, just out in the openness of my dream. I picked up one of the chocolate cake donuts with chocolate frosting. It didn’t exactly feel real while I ate it.. I was able to go through the motions of taking a bite, but the chewing, swallowing and texture didn’t exactly feel real. And unfortunately the taste wasn’t as I was expecting. But I seemed to get some crumbs on my finders because I do remember licking my fingers afterwards. 🙂 After that I wanted to fly up high into the sky. So I tried to push off from the ground, I gained some height, but the dream scene showed me some type of dark colored netting that was acting as a barrier. I knew I could blow right through it, but I couldn’t push off well enough to get going up like a rocket. Two or three attempts later, the alarm went off again and I woke up. Feeling pretty happy as I knew it wouldn’t be a long lived dream, I knew the alarm was going to wake me up soon. I felt pleased with the amount of ‘stuff’ I could do in that short period of time.

      DF #1 Had a dream about my hair
      DF #2 Had a dream with other DC’s and we were shopping for clothes. This one rather large and tall DC seemed to be male but was dressed and looking for female clothes. Never saw facial details on these DC’s that I recall.


      3-Step Task (got all three done)
      Step 1 eat - 5
      Step 2 teleport (changing dreamscenes by walking out of the house) - 10
      Step 3 fly - 15

      Personal Goal
      Perform OBE Experiment (attempt to read that paper) = 15

      WBTB Fail = 2
      2 Dream Frags = 1

      Total Points 48