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    1. Comp Day 2

      by , 03-03-2023 at 05:03 PM
      3-3-23 Comp Day 2 (practicing the affirmations before falling asleep but all attempts failed, I wake up and think about doing a visual technique, but then instead I spend the time trying to remember dreams instead, then as I fall asleep again, I do it without staying aware)

      D#1 - I ate chocolate. There was a tray full of these chocolate balls which were about half circles and open in the centers. The tops had been cracked open and I think the Ďstuffí that was supposed to be inside has oozed out. I remember eating some of it, but donít recall any taste. I needed to pay for this, or I was also ordering a drink, and I handed the lady a $5 and a $10 dollar bill. She took my money, but then when she came back she gave me change as if I had given her a $20 dollar bill. I told her this change was not right and that she had given me too much money back.

      D#2 - Maud was selling several items; I was interested in the bread cutting board which came with a nice bread knife. I had called her on the phone to discuss that item and while we were on the phone together I ended up seeing her on the phone with me down the dreamscape area we were in. There were many other people walking around between us so it must have been some type of artist market area.

      D#3 - There was a huge hilly area, pretty much just grass and hill and trails, that had an incredible trail carved into the hillside. I was on the back of a snowmobile and while the trail was not covered in snow, we used the snowmobile on this trail. The trail was just about the same width as the snowmobile. So it was fun and exciting and the trail got so steep in a few places it felt as if we were going straight down. We were going fast too. It was really fun. Almost felt like a roller coaster ride. We rode on this trail for a while just enjoying the beauty of the landscape and the thrill of the speed and tight turns, the ups and downs of it all. One spot along the edge of a very steep area, I remembered pointing out to the driver to just watch out there as the trail looked cracked at the edge.

      DF#4 - I was sleeping, then I got up and went over to my mom and snuggled up against her side as she was sitting on a couch, I rested my head on her shoulder and we just enjoyed that moment.

      D#5 - I was on the road looking into a chain linked fenced area of what looked like a huge flea market. I saw all these molds. Like silicon molds of different shapes. All the molds were colored. I really wanted to get some so that I could use the molds for clay projects. I had to pay $10 to get in. I pulled out several wads of cash. I had a lot of cash on me for whatever reason. And I handed over $10. But then after we paid, we had to stand in line to be searched/questioned at the security area. I was next in line and there was a male and a female security guard. I kind of wanted the female, but the male guard opened up first. He kept me there for a long while and all he was doing was talking to me. I have no idea about what, but all I kept thinking was dude, youíre too close to my face, I can feel your breath on my face. I felt way too close to him and finally said, Iím going in and left him. I donít remember going over to look at those molds, but a little bit later in a dream I was walking outside this area again and wanted to go back and look at those same molds. I never got to the molds.

      D#6 - I found myself walking down a sidewalk. I came to an opening to a ramp that went up to a higher level. As I took the right turn to start up the ramp, I lightly bumped into a guy who had his eyes closed and was sitting in a wheelchair. I noticed his eyes opened slowly from my bump but I didnít say anything to him. I just walked behind him and up the ramp. At the top of the ramp was a very large opening looked like a campus of some sort as there were building at the edges of the open area. Suddenly a ton of people all came out from building and were walking through the open campus area. I kept on going through, not talking to anyone. I crossed through it and ended up on the other side. I turned right again and found a construction crew working on the side between two building where the sidewalk was I wanted to take. I started to walk through it and they didnít want me to get my feet dirty or muddy as there was also some water and mud in the area. So I carefully jumped to the left side of this area and managed to get through and to the bottom of where they were working. But once at the bottom there was more water and it was deeper. They had these large foam blocks that sort of floated that I could use as stepping stones, even though they were not secure, I managed to hop from one to another till I got through this area. Then I ended up on one of the construction trucks. I was on the side of it barely holding on to something and hanging on the side. I donít know why I was hanging on the side of the truck. I looked up from the truck and saw a rooftop where more people were coming across and down from the top of it. A few ladies reached the roof's edge. I felt that they were too close to the edge, as it was a high building. But they didnít fall off the edge. Just then, a guy was getting into the truck to start it up. He was getting ready to leave, while I was still hanging on. Then a few more of the construction guys came over to my side of the truck, I asked if they were leaving and where they were going? They said they were going to end up in Canada and were going to attend a huge party of some sort where there would be champagne. I said slightly disappointed that I didnít want to go, that is would not be fun for me there as I had quit drinking alcohol.

      DF#7 - The ice skating rink. The ice on this rink was so full of different colors it was really pretty. There was a female ice skater who was performing and did a beautiful move and turned right at the very edge of the rink. I wondered how they got the colors into the ice like that.

      D#8 - I was in a boat fishing with someone and the water we were on looked really muddy, dark brown muddy water. The boat was just floating as we were casting into the water in front of us. Suddenly a full sized deer jumped out of the water from the general area we were casting, and it ran towards us then passed us to the right, and it seemed to run right across the top of the water. I thought how the heck did it do that? I was watching the water and could tell there at that spot there was a sandbar. The water level in that specific spot where the deer ran was just barely covering a sandbar so thatís why the deer was able to run on top of the water. The boat suddenly was banked on top of the sandbar. So I kind of did a wiggle to rock the boat until I felt us move off and were free floating again and continued to fish.

      Total Points 9

      WBTB = 2 (even though they failed)

      6 dreams plus two dream fragments = 7

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