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    Comp Day 11

    by , 03-13-2023 at 02:08 PM (120 Views)
    3-12-23 (2 miles, B6 and Zinc) WBTB Failed. I canít seem to be able to fall back to sleep while on my back, so I turn to my side and end up falling asleep. Need to figure out a better way for this to work out!!!!

    Stairs: Ladders wanting to go down but the ladder fell and they couldnít get it back up for me to use to get down. I was stuck up in a loft area.

    Later there were stairs going down (two different sets)

    Stuck up in a loft, The ladder fell and they couldnít get it back up; I could not get down. Before the ladder fell, I was feeling a bit afraid that the ladder would slide out underneath me if I had attempted to get on it to go down..It did end up falling.

    That ladder that fell as I was almost ready to go down, then they were trying to get it back up but it was not stable, then it sort of moved animated like but down below. Rolling hills motion while someone else was trying to stay on it.

    Stairs - two sets of stairs were on the other side of the loft I was stuck on that I wasnít aware of. I didnít go over to the other side to explore. The people came up that way and they are the ones who had a bouquet of those plant clippings.

    The plant clippings that had a water pod at the end to help keep it alive. I wanted to take home the one that hadnít fully opened out yet. I wanted it because when the leaves opened up they would be the more tender to eat vs the ones that had already fully leafed out.

    The Stairs were very sketchy. Like no others ever seen in real life. Misshapen, boards not strong, boards with uneven edges, different sizes, colors, etc. I attempted to go down, but was not able to make it to the bottom.

    Some girl was supposed to go help me find the stairs, but she ended up going off with a bunch of her friends instead on bikes. Later, as I explored myself I found more stairs.

    The door opened up to another set of stairs, this door had a towel at the bottom of it so it wouldnít fully close, but would close enough to perhaps keep the cats from going through? A few steps down and there was a box lid with a cat and all her kittens. They were all curled up and just laying in this box lid all snuggled up with each other next to mom kitty. I didnít go past the point of the cats.


    The men who sort of Ďkept usí to help them do something? I donít think it was a good thing.

    There was a fire - On an upper balcony of some sort.

    There was a large container of some sort of beer they wanted me to drink; I didnít want to drink it. Some other FDC was helping me drink it.


    FDC and MDC they were a better fit than the other F he is seeing; eventually she walked over to him.

    WBTB Fail = 2
    1 Dream = 1
    2 Dream Frags = 1

    Total 4

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